Guild members in Fairy Tail gathered to hear the announcement of the S-Class Exam, to hear whose going to participate. The Master came up on the stage and announced the names of the participants. After the names were announced, the participants quickly found their partners. Except at that time, Cana hadn't choose Lucy as her partner. She had chosen the girl that had short, purple hair and wore a green dress.

After a few days, the participants left to the location of the exam, Tenrou Island. Lucy told them 'Good Luck's and 'Bye's. Days later, the news went out about Tenrou Island being annihilated by Acnologia. Everyone was really shocked about it.

After a while, other members started leaving because some had accepted the loss and thought that there was no more use if they weren't present.

Lucy thought of wanting to become stronger since she wanted to impress the other members that were in Tenrou Island, especially her teammates, that she hasn't lost hope. She told Bisca and Alzack that she would have a journey for a long time to get stronger and they agreed.

She went back to her apartment and started packing. She had the melancholy aura around her. The landlady in her apartment came in and asked for her rent payment. Lucy gave the landlady a thick envelope and said that inside was 10 years worth of payment since she doesn't know how long will she be gone.

Lucy travelled in the train for a long time, she already missed the moments of her team in the train. After hours of travel, she stopped by at a village and took a boat. Shipmen told her that there's an island that's ahead that's been deserted for a long time so it's the best place to train any kind of powerful moves. Lucy thought that she might go to that island and try to strengthen her magic with Capricorn.

Lucy had arrived at the island. It was full of trees. She wondered around and found a small clearing. She decided to train there but before she could summon her spirit, Capricorn, the trees around started to wilt.

A man stepped out of the woods. That's where it started everything.