Chapter 1: Return

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Loud cheers are heard inside a small guild, Fairy Tail. They were celebrating the return of the other members. Though they seem happy, inside they felt sad since one of their members are missing. Their dear Lucy.

Shortly after the people from the Tenrou Island returned, they heard about Lucy missing for 7 years. They were sad especially Team Natsu. Hearing about this, they thought that they should be happy or Lucy would felt bad if she saw them sad when she return, hopefully.

Just then, a person appeared at the guild doors. The person was wearing a dark hooded cloak and had an eerily presence yet somehow nostalgic. The others were silent and cautious of the person.

"Who are you?!" Demanded Erza. The cloaked person looked at Erza and whimpered.

"E-Erza?" the cloaked person sobbed. The spoken girl looked at the other person with shock face yet her voice is close to tearing up.

"C-could you be?" Erza stammered. The cloaked person took off her hood and smiled.

"It's me, Lucy," She said and tears were streaming down her face.

"LUCY!" Erza shouted and hugged Lucy. Soon other people joined in and hugged her too.

"Lucy-san, we thought we won't see you again," Wendy sobbed.

"Wendy, you guys didn't change," Lucy hugged Wendy with tears in her eyes and she wiped it off. She looked at the others and said, "I'm home."

They nodded and said,

"Welcome home."

Soon after they went back to what they were doing before and that was...partying.

Lucy remained standing at her spot while smiling. She felt a tug behind her and she looked down.

"Oh, I'm sorry I forgot about you," Lucy said and picked it up. It was a child, to be more exact a boy, around 4 years old.

"Mama! Mama!" the child said happily with its high pitch cute voice.

The guild was frozen as they tried to take what just happened. After a moment of silence,


"Yup it's my child, Zane."

Silence, again.

"Who's the father?" was the first thing said by the one and only, Natsu Dragneel.

"Good job on breaking the silence, fire brain." said Gray.

"Whaddya say, ice princess?!" shouted Natsu.

"I said IDIOT, you squinty eyes!"


And so, Natsu and Gray started fighting while the others sweat dropped.

"So who is the father?" repeated Levy.

"Really? That's the first thing you have to ask?" said Lucy.

"Well, it was brought up."

"The father is..." Everyone's ear perched up. "A secret!" They fell down anime-style.

"Why don't you tell us, Lucy," said Levy.

"I told you it's a secret."

Levy whined. The others also tried to make Lucy tell the father, by annoying her.

"Argh! Sop it!" Lucy shouted, "I told you guys it's a secret, so I won't tell you and annoying me is not helping."

"Mama, I'm tired." Said Zane in Lucy's arms.

"Okay sweetheart," said Lucy, "let's go home." Lucy told the members they're leaving and walked off the guild.

Lucy was outside her apartment. She took a deep breath and went inside.

Inside was still the same as it was 7 years ago.

She put Zane down on the bed and covered him with a blanket since he was already asleep. She looked at Zane lovingly.

"Hmm, the father?" Lucy whispered, "Zeref..."


Lucy was scared. If the person in front of her is the one that wilted the trees around then his magic is dangerous.

"Who are you?" asked Lucy seriously, trying not to show her fear.

This person is dangerous. I need to be careful, she thought. She saw that the man in front of her was shaking. That guy, why is he shaking?

Due to her kind nature, she was worried about the young man so she walked towards the man.

The man saw her walk towards him. "N-No. Don't come close." he muttered and put his arms in front of him as sign for her not to get close but Lucy didn't hear it and kept walking.

Lucy was so close to him and her hand was so close his face. It'll be over. This girl will die because of me. he thought. He closed his eyes, scared of what's going to happen to the girl.

A hand touched his face gently. He flinched with the contact and slowly opened his eyes. It's warm, he thought.

In front of him was the girl with a worry face that seemed to have brighten his surroundings. "Are you alright?" she asked. He never had someone asked him that ever since he became the dark realised that his magic didn't affect her.

"H-how?" he asked, "Why didn't it affect you?" He looked at the ground with his eyes wide.

Lucy was confused. She doesn't know what the person was talking about, "What are you talking about?"

"My magic. It's a dangerous magic that can kill living things. It can kill what surrounds me," he looked at her, "you shouldn't be near me."

"I touched you, didn't I?" the person was shocked and Lucy smiled at him, "besides I've been with you long enough and nothing happened."

He was shocked at what Lucy said was true and that amazed him more. He felt so happy that he hugged her tightly and that shocked Lucy. She was blushing because of the unexpected gesture. She tried to gently push him away,

"Um, you're too close."

He looked up and saw her blushing face, he quickly let go and moved steps back. He was also blushing.

"S-sorry..." he apologised, "I forgot to ask you this but what's your name?"

"Oh," Lucy took out her hand to him, "my name is Lucy, Lucy Heartifilia."

He took out his hand slowly but as soon as it touched, he pulled it back.

Would she accept me? Knowing who I am, would she? he thought.

"You probably won't believe who I am, and will come to hate me," he looked at her with saddened eyes, "My name is Zeref."

Lucy wouldn't believe it. The person right in front of her is the famous Zeref! She's afraid of what's going to happen next. But the way he introduced himself... somehow it made Lucy felt sad.

Why, why is he sad? Lucy doesn't like it.

She doesn't know why but for some reason she's attracted to him.

"I see so your name is Zeref," Lucy gave a smile, a smile from the bottom of her heart, "Nice to meet you Zeref."

It's really a mystery to her. She haven't, for along time, smiled from the bottom of her heart. It really is a nice feeling.

Zeref too felt the same way. There was something that made him attracted to Lucy. Probably her kindness, and that smile!

That smile was really warm, Zeref felt her feelings through that smile. It's feeling of happiness.

Lucy smiled at the flashback. She thought things have developed from that time and now here was Zane.