Did I scare you?
This is sort of a little... headcanon sequal to Les Mis, just the musical/movie because I haven't read the book. It's sort of a ship, sort of not. It's what might've happened had Eponine and Enjolras not died.
This is my first Les Mis fanfiction, so I'm sorry if anything's awful.
I'm going to write a chapter from the POV of each character in the story.
It'll probably be a little random in some points.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Les Mis. I wish I did, just so I could say that I owned something so awesome. But I don't. So... all rights go to whoever owns what.
Okay, uhm... I'll just let you read the story.

**Eponine's POV**

It's never going to happen, Eponine.
Unless it does.
My conversation with Enjolras.
He'd said that Marius wouldn't love me back. He was too head-over-heels for Cosette.
I'd known that. Yet there was some hope, wasn't there? I couldn't just give up hope!
Yet as I watched him glide around the living room, her in his arms, I knew E had been right. There was no way he'd like me. The way he looked at her...
How could I compete with that?
I looked down at my hand, bandaged thoroughly. It hadn't hit my heart; just grazed my neck. Mum had come, me protesting violently, pulling me back to the house.
The lash of the rope on my back... It still ached violently.
I mustered every bit of courage as Cosette left the living room.
My uninjured hand hit the door three times.
Marius walked up to it, curious as to who would be there.
"Ponine." he whispered at my small form that stood next to the door.
"Marius." I smiled. Just to see him again...
"Ponine, I thought..."
"You thought wrong." The side of my mouth turned up. "Enjolras told me you were getting married."
"Marius, who's at the door?" A voice called.
"A friend."
"Which friend? Haven't all your friends died?" I frowned at that.
"Insensitive, isn't it?" I whispered to him.
"Cosette is wonderful." he whispered back at me. "Come see for yourself!" He called back, a musical tone in his voice.
"Coming!" She walked back down the hallway, the light blue dress that flattered her pale skin. I hated it. "Oh, Eponine!" she exclaimed. "Marius, welcome her in! It wouldn't do to leave her out in the cold like that!" I felt him take my hand and lead me into the front room.
"Marius, I left what I meant to get in the kitchen. There's plenty for three. Would you mind getting it?" she smiled at him.
Great. Left in the room with her.
"Oh, I'll get it." I offered, starting to rise.
"No, stay. Warm yourself here. I will." Marius softly draped a thick blanket across my shoulders and led me to a chair, in which I sat. He walked out, leaving me with the absolute last person that I wanted to be stuck in an empty room with, although my father was a close second.
"If it isn't Eponine Thenardier." she sneered. "How long I have waited for this moment. To confront someone about my childhood.
"I don't remember much. But I remember you. And your parents. You sat back and ordered me about while I was working my fingers to the bone, just to be hit with the same rope I guarantee you were hit with later on in life.
"And now my father is gone, the same place my mother is, and-"
"I will scream and warn Marius." I whispered at her.
"At least allow me to finish. "
"You, Eponine, sat back and taunted me. And now you show up at my front door, expecting to take-"
"Cosette, do you think I'm not sorry for all I did to you? Do you think I haven't regretted that day ever since I saw you for the first time your father took you from my parents? Do you think I haven't spent every night I walk alone praying for you to understand how I feel, how I wish I could take those years back?" I wiped the tears off my face with my uninjured hand. "And do you think that I haven't come here to apologize for all that?"
"To answer the last question, I think that you came here to see Marius."
"Well, Cosette-"
"I am not Cosette any longer. I am Mrs. Marius Pontmercy." she sneered. I felt the world crash down around me.
It's never going to happen. My conversation with Enjolras came back to me.
I looked over in the doorway and saw Marius. I almost smiled.
"Cosette?" he whispered.
"Oh! Marius! I was just... sharing girl secrets with Eponine." I finally dared to smile at Marius, who stared at Cosette.
"Eponine, is that true?"
I frown. How long had he been there?
"Yes, Marius. It is. But," I hurry along, trying my hardest to show him how badly I felt about it. I rose, brushing away from Cosette and walking up to him. "But I'm sorry. And I have spent every day since the day you first... saw... her..." I pause and swallow. "Ever since you first saw Cosette, I have spent that time trying to..." I swallow again. This isn't supposed to be like this. "Trying to take those years back. And I've paid for those years many times over. And I'm as sorry as ever. There's no way I can show how sorry I am for that. It was inexcusable." I turn to Cosette. "And I am sorry, Cosette."
"Marius... Marius, there's no way you can believe her!"
"I do believe her, Cosette. She wouldn't lie." Then Enjolras came walking in.
It's never going to happen. The words seemed to be written on his face.
I love him, Enjolras.
I know that. And so does he, thanks to your foolish little dying confession.
Well, Do you think...
It's never going to happen.
Unless it does.
**Enjolras threw his head back laughing.**
"You weren't dead, either?"
"No. Funny, they aren't as well aimed as is often rumored."
I nod, looking down at my injured hand. The shadows that flickered across it made it even worse.
"It's never going to happen, Eponine." Enjolras said, staring at me.
I just nod.
I am an awful lot smarter than I used to be. Marius is a married man now, and there's no way it'll happen.
"It's never going to happen." I repeat, nodding.
"Unless it does." someone whispered. I turned. Cosette was glaring at Marius.
"No, Marius. It won't. I'm not in love anymore." Marius sighed.
"Thank you." Cosette whispered, slipping an arm around his waist.
"You didn't let me finish. I'm not in love... with you." I turned around and looked at Enjolras. "I'm in love with someone else."