This is Chapter two, told from Enjolras's POV.
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**Enjolras's POV**

It's never going to happen, Ponine.
Unless it does.
I had laughed at that... Then realized that it was something I'd never felt before that I felt about Ponine.
I loved her. But... but she loved Marius. She was wonderful.
When she was dragged off by the horrid lady, I watched her. She shrieked for me. "ENJOLRAS!" she screamed. "ENJOLRAS!" Our eyes met, and she cried my name a final time before a man emerged from the shadows. He pushed her down and beat her with a rope, lashing it across her back. He hit her again. And again. And again. And again. Blood coated the back of the coat she was wearing. She started sobbing as they jerked her up by her hair. "ENJOLRAS!" another scream of my name as they dragged her off.
When I saw her walking out of the horrible inn, I knew exactly where she was going and took the short route to Marius's house. When I arrived, I hid in a shadow. She was welcomed in by Marius. I walked up and hid near the window. Cosette was standing in front of Eponine, who looked like she was about to explode with anger. She was making a big speech about her being sorry about something. Then I saw Marius in the hallway.
"Eponine, is that true?" Why would Eponine lie? Cosette is making him stupid. Just like I thought. I touch the bullet wound in my shoulder and decide that it's time to make my appearance.
I walk to the door and knock, my left hand hitting the door three times. When no one answers, I just enter, apologizing to Cosette.
"You weren't dead, either?" Marius says.
Obviously. Cosette makes him more stupid than I thought.
"No, their aim's not as good as is rumored." I reply, then turn to Eponine.
"It's never going to happen, Eponine." She nods, then repeats it.
"It's never going to happen."
"Unless it does." Marius says, stepping forward next to Cosette. She turned and glared at him. I just stand off to the side, wondering what sort of a catfight is going to happen between them.
"No, Marius. It won't." I hear her say. Marius sighed and Cosette thanked Eponine, sliding an arm around his waist. What did she thank her for? For her husband? I'll never understand women.
"You didn't let me finish." Eponine said. What? "I'm not in love... with you." She turns to look at me. "I'm in love with someone else."
Eponine walked over and put her arms around me.
"What just happened?" I whispered. Eponine released me from her hold and blinked at me. "Oh!" I exclaimed. "Sorry!" Then I understood it.
It's never going to happen.
Unless it does.