Chapter Six!
Okay, this'un's gonna be from Enjolras's POV. It's hard, but I like the idea.
This should probably be rated T, but oh well. Grantaire's drunk, so...
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I'll allow you to read, now.

When I ran from Javert, I found Ponine sitting next to Gavroche, holding him close and sobbing. I whispered to her, how brave and heroic and happy he was. "He heard the people sing." We all did, of course, but no more than he did. I knew that.

I closed my eyes as I held her and remembered when I first met Gavroche.
I'd been walking with Grantaire and a couple other members of the Amis when Grantaire (Drunk, as usual...) Tripped over a body and spilled his wine. "Whoa, he's been shot!" The boy, covered in wine, sat up, shivering. "I have not! You spilled whatever that is all over me!" I frowned and stepped up to him. "Hey, kid. Who are you, anyway?" Seeing that the kid was cold and looked scared, I knelt down next to him. "Hey, it's okay. I'm here to help you." The boy looked at me. "I'm Gavroche." he'd said, shivering and drawing his blanket about himself. "And I don't need any help." I'd looked at him, his small, thin body looking younger than he really was, his fingers and lips blue from the cold, and I'd felt pity on the boy.
"Come here." I'd helped him up gently and introduced all us. "I'm Enjolras. That's Grantaire-"
"And the monkey dashed along, hitting the coconut tree-"
"GRANTAIRE! Not in front of the kid!" Joly had scolded.
"That's Joly, and Combeferre." Combeferre and Joly were now trying to help Grantaire away from the sight of people in general (He was really drunk, now) and he just shouted something about a monkey and sat down, still singing the song about a monkey and the coconut tree.
"What's wrong with him?" Gavroche asked, pointing at Grantaire.
"Nothing." I replied quickly, then whispered to him "Watch this."
"Grantaire, want to see a monkey?"
"Where?" he'd yelled, stumbling over to me. I'd shoved him away, muttering something about "Keep away from me or I'll make you regret it." He was then tugged away from the people of France by Joly and Combeferre. "Thank goodness." I muttered. "Come on, kid. I'll take you somewhere warm." We'd walked off, Grantaire singing the monkey song repeatedly.

There we go! XD Grantaire. I love this chapter!