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Guadalupe: *sniker* dumbass.

Momo: Shut up. Or I will write a fic. that involve you, alcohol, and a maid dress.

Guadalupe: Oh. sounds fun!~

Momo: Should've seen this coming.

Romano: Woah no one is wearing a maid dress.

Momo & Lupe: Shut up.

"Come on Sorella! I already said I was sorry!" Romano called to his younger sister, Mexico.

"No. I'm fucking pissed at you asshole. How could you say something like that to Ireland? Why were you at the bar anyway? If you do shit like this again I will send a horde of fucking turtles in your ass." Mexico replied continuing her walk to her house.

Romano paled and tried to catch up to his sister. "Come on Guadalupe don't be a so cruel. Forgive your hermano."

"CRUEL?! I'm not the one who said his sister was dating her drinking friend? Do you know how long it took for Ireland to even talk to me?!" Mexico yelled behind her.

"What's so great about that ginger bastard anyway? Just go drinking with Spain or Rio." Romano yelled after her. Mexico just kicked a can at his head and grinned at the satisfying thump it made when it achieved contact at her target. "No one can hold their liquor in my family better than me. Leaving me with the potato bastard, Russia, and Ireland, or that annoying prick Scotland , who I ,frankly, do not like very much." she said after Romano , finally, stopped glaring at the back of her head in annoyance.

"WIll you forgive me f I get you tacos." Romano asked. "Dumb ass, I'm not cheap when I comes to god damned bribes." Mexico Replied. "How about enchiladas?" he continued. "Bitch please I had those for breakfast." Mexico continued, walking around the corner to her house. "I can make you a cake or tomato pie!" Romano said getting desperate. "Please I can get France to make me that food." she replied getting a tad bit annoyed with him.

"How about... damn.. the fuck is it called... oh yeah. WHat if I get you some pictures of yaoi?" Romano said blushing at the thought. "Hmm... tempting but no I already have some of those from Elizaveta and Kiku." was all Mexico said. "WHat about crack from my mafia?" Romano said abashed he would even offer such a thing. "N-...wait why the hell would I want that? And why the hell are YOU with the fucking MAFIA?!" Mexico yelled at her now cowering brother.

THen, her glare was replaced with a sickly sweet smile. "Oh I know what I want!" ,she said, "I want you to shut up right now. and be nice to Rio de Janiero, Ireland, ENGLAND, and not call anyone bastard or cuss for an entire day. No wait week! Can you do that Ro~ma~no~?" Mexico said with a sickly sweet 'innocent' smile on her face.

Romano nearly had a heart attack and said "La mia sorella is trying to kill me!" while falling to his knees.

Hehehe. I know it's not long. I got the idea when my friend made me mad. But she promissed me cake (i doubt I'll ever get that cake) and gave me an idea for this story right here [Shea if you are reading this, you are forgiven. Even if I don't get cake, it would be nice though.] So yeah. R&R

Guadalupe:Ah the sounds of random crap being written.

Momo: So my stories are crap? *goes and sulks in an emo circle*

Guadalupe: N-no not at all.

Momo: Sure. I'll keep telling myself that. *Dies inside*

Guadalupe: *sweatdrops* Umm. What do I do?

Romano: Dunno. It's your fault she died.

Momo: 'tis true. You killed me.

Lupe: The fuck are you doing here hermano? And you *points at Momo* are supposed to be dead!

Romano & Momo: Hehehe... um... oops?