Loonakids: Return of the Unknown Villain

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Chapter 1

Kelly Coyote was crying. She sat on a bench in Acme Park. Suddenly, someone came up behind her. She stopped crying and looked up to find her lover, Austin Wolfe. She smiled. "How did you know I was here?"

"I could find you if we were both blind. We're in love. That's how it works. I'll never leave you." They hugged. "Not even if you killed me."

Kelly stopped smiling. She started crying again.

Kelly woke up. She started crying for real. It had been three years and she still wasn't over the loss of her first and only love. She looked around. The clock by her bed said it was 6:57 am. Her brother, Ryan, was in the room, waiting for her to wake up. "You OK?"

"I'm fine, Kelly, I'm just tired," said Ryan, "You would be, too, after last night."

"I had to stay home and look after Gabby, TJ, and Polly with Mom and Dad."

"Whoa, calm down there. Are you OK?"

Kelly said nothing. She plopped her head back on her pillow.

"Dreaming about Austin again?"

Kelly closed her eyes and started to cry again. "I think I know how Dad felt when he thought he had lost Mom."

"Speaking of Mom and Dad," said Ryan, getting out of bed, "we have to go get something to eat eventually and they're probably waiting on us."

Kelly started to get out of bed. She stopped and looked out the window. The curtains were closed. She hadn't let in any sunlight to the room ever since she lost Austin. It was too heart-breaking for her. Suddenly, she couldn't see anything at all. Everything faded from sight.

In her vision, someone saw her and Austin kissing.

Kelly blinked a few times. Austin was dead. How was it possible for that vision to come true?

"Kelly?" Ryan snapped his fingers. "Kelly!"

Kelly blinked some more. "Sorry, Ryan." She got out of bed and followed her brother to the kitchen to meet the rest of her family. "Hey, guys."

"Uh…hey?" said Danger Duck, her mother's sister's husband.

"Are you OK?" asked Wendy, Duck's wife.

"Kind of," Kelly sighed.

"Dreaming about Austin again?" asked Daniella, Wendy's sister.

Kelly nodded. While everyone went about doing their own thing, she sat at the table thinking about all she'd been through. Suddenly, she noticed the spell book on the table. She picked it up and looked through it. She saw the soul restoration spell. She almost smiled at the memory of the time they used that spell. Too bad it hadn't worked in time. She sighed and slammed the book shut, pushing it away. She went off to her room to get ready, she had morning patrol.

Nearly an hour later, she was walking along, looking around for any sign of trouble…when she came to Crawford Street. The old building on Crawford was where that horrible day took place. She never wanted to remember it, yet she thought of it every second of every day. So now she found herself walking to the scene of the crime, so to speak, and hiding away inside it. She came to the building. She hadn't been there in a year (and even then, it had only been to say one last goodbye—even that much took all the strength she had). It was so painful, she felt she'd never love again.

In fact, so far, that had proven true.

She sighed. She walked into the building, forcing the door open and feeling as if the weight of the whole building was coming down on her every footstep. She looked around at the rooms. She finally came to the room with the fireplace where Acathla had rested when the big battle took place.

That's when something caught her eyes.

The ring was gone.

Suddenly, a noise caught her attention. A crashing noise coming from the greenhouse. She thought she heard a squeaking like a rat, which suddenly grew frightened and was shorted out by a savage growling.

A growling like a Vampire.

She thought fast. She reached into her boots, pulling out her wand in one hand and a stake in the other. She cautiously crept towards the noise.

But it couldn't be a Vampire. It was coming from the greenhouse and the sun was up.

Yet there was no other explanation. All the sounds coming from there were Vampiric in nature and the greenhouse was where they were coming from.

So she followed the noise slowly and cautiously. Finally, she came close enough and swung around the corner.

What she saw shocked her so fiercely that she froze. The very moment her eyes met the sight, she dropped the wand and stake to the ground and fell to her knees, staring in shock… "…Austin?"

The grey and white wolf anthro glared at her, showing his Vamp form (darkened fur, golden eyes with red slits for pupils, extremely sharpened teeth). It was really him. Only it wasn't. He was fierce and deadly.

And frightened.

But, though this was not unnoticed, she also caught sight of one thing…

He was wearing the ring. He was still in there.

But there was one thing that caught her attention most of all. He was in the sunlight. And he wasn't catching flames. He had been transformed from that time spent in the demon realm. He was a Halfling now.

Like her.

She, on her hands and knees, approached him, slowly but with all the love she could show. "Austin, it's me. You're back…" She reached out.

Suddenly, he lashed out. He hit her hard enough that she fell backwards against the stone floor.

She gathered herself, breathing heavily and broken. She looked at him in shock, her eyes glistening with tears.

Then he caught it. The scent of her blood. He knew that smell. After all, it was the last scent he'd caught before he fell through to the darkness.

He gazed at her, slowly returning. Finally, he approached her slowly. And reverted to his human guise. He looked at her and carefully took her hand in his. "…Kelly?" He then collapsed. He fell against her and let out all the emotions that had collapsed since he'd regained his soul.

And she fell to them, too. She held him close and cried against him, not willing to let go for the world.

Not again.


In a different part of Acmetropolis, something was going on. A man in a dark cloak with a hood that concealed his facial features and a woman in the same kind of covering were in a dark room in a castle together. They were plotting something.

"The Loonatics and their pesky children will get in our way, brother," said the woman.

"Peace, dear sister, our time will come," said the man, "I know what we have to do. The Loonatics will do anything for their children, even give up their lives and powers. We must force them to do that and then destroy them all and no one can stand in our way. If no one is able to stop us, we will be all-powerful in every realm of this land. The time will come for their families to fall apart, and, when it does, the two of us shall rule over Acmetropolis and all of its dimensions."