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Chapter 1

A Chance Encounter

The sun shone brightly on a clear spring day, the windows of Saffron city's many buildings glowed in the morning light, the hustle and bustle of its inhabitants immune to the peaceful effects of the dawning day. They walked through the streets, going to work, visiting friends, walking along side their Pokemon. But to a one, all were busy and had places to be, things to do, people to see and very few had the time to just sit back and enjoy the new found warmth, to enjoy the sun shining from high in the sky. Few noticed the trees reaching up, the newly sprouted green breaking from their buds or the bird Pokemon flying in the skies, dancing upon the wind in enjoyment. But far fewer noticed the young man that sat on his back in one of the small parks that littered Kanto's largest city, and those that did notice where quick to forget his ragged form, and that of his equally ragged companion.

The young orphan watched the clouds go by, ignoring the subtle sounds his stomach made knowing full well he was unable to answer its call just at the moment. He wanted to enjoy the first warm morning of the year before he got around to getting food. He felt a small form nuzzle his side and glanced down with a small smile at the tiny dog Pokemon that had become his constant companion. With a grin he wrapped his arm around the young Eevee and felt her curl into a ball against him, a slight hum coming from her opened mouth as she breathed in the warm spring air. Together they simply enjoyed the silence and the peace.

The winters were always harsh for the two of them, they had no home, no place to stay. They simply found the safest and coziest hole to sleep in. They stayed in the city during the winters since it is usually warmer there and they could sometimes live off the generosity of the city's inhabitants. But now that it might be warming up they can move back out into the forests and go back to their original campsite. But for now, they would enjoy this rare time...


He glanced down at his stomach, and watched as Eevee's head shoots up and stares at it as well. They turn to look at each other and laugh, his voice weak but a simple joy filtered through, the same for the young Eevee's yips. He slowly sits up and grins, slowly running a hand through his light purple hair.

"Looks like its time to go rustle up some grub, eh Eve?" The young Eevee yips in agreement and he stands, the little Pokemon jumping up on his shoulder. Together they head out if the park and stand at the edge of the sidewalk, watching people go by. Their mission was simple, pickpocket enough money to buy them enough food for a couple of days. They had their technique down pat. Eevee would distract a good looking target and he would duck in and bump into the person, pretending not to see them stop and with a deft movement steal their wallet or anything valuable off the person. Then he would kindly apologize and skip off. To keep things varied he would be the distraction and Eevee would use one of the few moves it knew, Thief. This method had kept them fed for the couple of years they had been partners, both surviving in a world that neither wanted them nor needed them.

The two spent the day working the streets, slowly making the money they needed to survive. Just over 5000 P, which was more than enough to buy a few days worth of food. So with their hard earned cash they set back out for the park to watch the sunset and then to spend the night under the small bridge in the center of the park. They stop at a vendor and bought a couple of hot dogs and a bag of chips to share. They snacked on their hard won meal with a gusto, both of them remaining silent as they always did, finishing just as they returned to the park.

When they arrived they started to head towards the small hill that had a perfect view of the sunset within a gap between to of the skyscrapers. But to their surprise the usually empty park had a visitor, walking down the simple pebble pathway was a study looking man. He had black hair, cut short and well trimmed, he was stout but not overly short, his blocky broad shoulders gave him the appearance of slumping, but it was obvious he had a muscular and large physique. He wore expensive looking clothing, a dark suit that hugged his form, giving him a slightly threatening appearance. Each step he took was careful and secured, his chin held slightly up as he smiled ever so slightly that the young orphan barely noticed it.

That was when the young orphan made the most interesting and potentially fatal decision of his life, he would steal from this obviously wealthy man. With the money this rich guy so obviously had, they could live for weeks, possibly even months! With a nod to his faithful companion the seven year old sent them into action. The little Eevee began to play loudly as the young orphan chased after him laughing. They both watched the man out of the corner of their eyes and saw that the man had shifted his gaze from the park to the two trouble makers coming up behind them.

They ran in circles, obviously not noticing the man was not there and finally the Eevee shot forward and scampered between the man's legs. The man watched with amusement as the Eevee hid in front of him, the young man crashing into him from behind. Both were surprised when the man didn't even offer a grunt, but merely stood there, his hands in his pockets. The young orphan, had already made his move and moved in front of the man, Eevee sitting down in front of him. With a hand behind his head and a light laugh he quickly apologized.

"I'm sorry sir, me and my buddy here didn't mean to bump into you" He closed his eyes and made to move away, briefly looking over the man, noticing a embroidered R on the man's breast pocket. But before he could go any further the man's hand shot out quicker than he could see and grabbed his forearm, his hand still behind his head.

"No need to apologize for doing something you fully intended to do..." The young orphan looked at the man in shook, the words just barely registering.

"I must admit, I am very impressed. I am sure you have made quite the living doing that little scheme of yours. I am very impressed." The man continued, his eyes never wavering from the boys even ignoring the growls of the little Eevee still at their feet.

"I.. I.. What are you going to do to me?!" The boy asked fearfully, he hadn't been caught in a long time but he knew that getting caught was the worst thing possible, he didn't want to escape from the police again and it was nearly impossible to rescue his best friend from the Poke-center where she would be kept until released into the wild.

"That is a good question. Normally I would take my wallet back and send a kid like you packing. But since you are the first to ever successfully remove my wallet from my possession... I am well and truly impressed." The man looks him and the Eevee over carefully, causing the two to shiver in fear, never knowing the look of an adult as a good one. Though this look held no malice, merely amusement and more than a little interest. Finally the man seemed to come to a decision.

"First I wish to have my wallet returned." The man holds out his other hand and the young boy slowly takes the wallet from his captured hand and returns it, his hands shaking just slightly.

"Very good, now... What is your name, I can't very well call you boy?" The young orphan was more than a little confused as to what was happening, no one ever asked his name. His lower lip quivered before finally answering, his voice raspy from disuse.

"M-My name is... Hunt.. Victor Hunt." The man nods and offers a small smile, though his grip never decreases for a second. He replies gently.

"How would you like to get off the streets?" Victor stares up in shock, the words barely registering with him. The boy nods slowly, it was his greatest desire actually. To find a warm place to live in, food and a bed and a place that Eve would be safe and with him.

"Well then, if you come with me you will be housed and fed, taught and trained. I will only offer this once and it might be the only offer of this sort you will ever get, Mr. Hunt." The man spoke firmly yet gently, his smile growing and his eyes twinkling in a fatherly way. The young man hesitated before he agreed, his years on the streets making him cautious.

"What do I have to do for all of this? Why?" The boys brows furrowed in confusion and worry. The man merely chuckled and smiled in response.

"You must merely serve me, I am the head of a very interesting organization. But we are small at the moment and I am in need of capable servants in my endeavors. And as for the why, it is because you show much potential. Very much potential." The boy thinks for a moment, not truly understanding but knowing that this is a one time deal. He didn't feel any deceit from the man and Eve was no logger growling. Slowly he nods.

"Ok, I think I can do that... Sir?" He asks quietly and the man smiles and nods.

"Good, that is one way you can address me. But when we are alone, merely call me Giovanni." Victor nods and smiles in return, feeling the grip on his arm change and felt the man take his hand.

"Now that this has been settled, come with me Victor. There is a whole world out there for you too see, Pokemon to capture and people to meet." And as the sun set upon the the young orphan's first chapter in life, the newest one just beginning he couldn't help but feel hopeful for what the future might bring at Giovanni's side.

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