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Chapter 3 Green To Red

The midday light filtered through the green canopy at just the right angles to see the dust floating lazily in the spring time air. Caterpies crawled along the trunks, hiding from the bird Pokemon that frequented the skies. The Weedles worked in massive hives, as Beedrills flew in massive swarms, collecting pollen and other substances to feed the next generation. As these scenes of natural beauty went upon their natural corse, one being in the legendary Viridian Forest was not so happy or carefree. In fact he was far from it, he was down right annoyed and more than a little peeved. The young man that made his way down a Pokemon trail wore loose fitting clothing, a pair of black jeans and a black coat hung from his shoulders, a simple black messenger bag sat lightly against his back. A small Eevee rode upon his shoulders, it's tail playing with his light purple hair which hung down around his ears. Upon his collar glittered a deep red R shaped pin.

Victor could not say that he wasn't excited he was on his first mission, but he would admit that he was not happy to be lost. It had been two days since he entered the forest and three since he was given his marching orders.


"This is where you come in Agent Hunt. We need someone to infiltrate Mt. Moon." Giovanni opened a file and looked it over briefly.

"We sent a small squad of Grunts into Mt. Moon to secure some of the local Pokemon and a rare evolution stone. Sadly they were repelled by a trio of trainers who used higher level water Pokemon. Your mission has three objectives. You are too secure a Clefairy, one of the indigenous Pokemon of that area. Secondly you are to secure a Moon Stone, not the main stone in the center of the mountain but a single piece of it. The third objective is for you to capture a third party member for your Pokemon team. Understood?" Giovanni looked at Victor sternly.

Victor nodded, a brief smile upon his lips. He was finally going on a mission and while those water Pokemon trainers sounded tough, he felt up to the occasion. Plus the chance to gain a new Pokemon for himself.

"Yes, Sir. I believe I can handle this but I do have a question." Giovanni raised an eyebrow, his expression softening somewhat as he motioned him to continue.

"If I am merely a Grunt, why am I allowed to keep my own Pokemon? Rather than using the organizations?" Victor came off confident but on the inside he was rather afraid of what the answer would be. The silence stretched for a moment before Giovanni finally broke it.

"At the moment you are merely a Grunt yes but I didn't bring you here to be another pawn in my game. No, you will be one of my Agents. This is your test to see if you deserve the Title." Victor's eyes widened slightly, as he tried to maintain his composure. There were several ranks in the Organization, but there was one that was outside of the normal ranks of Grunt, Elite, Special and Executive. And that was the Rank of Agent. The Agents of Team Rocket were the Shadows of the organization. They typically worked alone or in small groups, spear heading new endeavors or taking important missions that a army of grunts had no place in dealing with. They were trainers loyal only to Giovanni and answered directly too him. They were true trainers in every sense of the word as well, they each had their own style of doing things and unlike the regular ranks, they captured Pokemon for their own use and created their own teams rather than sticking to the uniform Pokemon.

"An A-Agent, Sir?!" His voice cracking slightly, this was a dream come true. He knew that he wasn't meant to be another foot soldier and this explained why so many in the organization treated him with respect. He was a perspective Agent. Giovanni smiled slightly, just barely reaching his eyes before he nods.

"Yes, I have had you trained so you can take up the role of one of my personal Agents. This mission is too see if you can achieve the three objectives by yourself and without the guidance most members have. An Agent must be able to achieve tough, ambitious mission objectives without the help of anyone but their Pokemon and their wits. That is why there are no orders to deal with the trainer trio. You are to accomplish this mission on your own terms. Are you capable of doing this, Victor?" He asked confidently, causing Victor's chest to swell with pride. Giovanni believe in him and he would not let the man down. After a moment, Victor slammed his fist to his heart and nodded vigorously.

"Yes, Sir I most certainly can!" Giovanni smiled, one of his rare proud smiles, the one that made Victor feel like a million P. If Giovanni believed in him he could do it, hands down.

"Good, an Agent needs confidence to achieve victory. You have two months from tomorrow to accomplish all three objectives. Here is a town map to help you reach your destination. It should take about a week and a half to get to Mt. Moon. That gives you a couple of weeks to secure the objectives." Giovanni pulls out a small data pad and then reaches into a draw and pulls out a black pokeball with a red R on it.

"This is a Rocket ball, catch the Clefairy in this. These make sure the Pokemon is loyal to the organization, and not he trainer catching it. You have extra normal pokeballs correct?" Victor took both before nodding and securing them in his jacket. Giovanni gave him a piercing glance before nodding.

"Good, now get some rest and prepare to leave in the morning. Dismissed."

::Flashback Ends::

He had been initially been excited for the mission, had packed everything and even had a rousing late night spar with his Pokemon. But now he was just plain annoyed. He had been lost in the Forest for the past day after getting chased off the main path by a swarm of Beedrill. Luckily no one was injured, he had lost them by hiding in a tree hollow and spent the night in there, using Eevee for warmth. When they had awoken the next morning they didn't have a clue were they where. So Eevee had jumped on his shoulders and he tried to find his way back.

That was late this morning and now it was in the afternoon heading toward another evening. He had just barely avoided two hives and was now hoping just to find the main road. He had been pretty sure he had run due west, and thus thought going east would bring him to the main road but even are hours of walking he realized he must have gotten turned around since it was so hard to see the sun under the green canopy.

He walked down the small Pokemon worn path until he once again heard the tell tale sound of a hive. With a soft curse he jumped off the path and began moving through the underbrush away from the buzzing noise only to hear a clicking sound near by. With a small shiver of fear he looked up and saw a tree filled with Kakuna. He could feel Eevee freeze on his shoulder, this was the third time he had run into a hive and if he was lucky he might very well be able to get away without alerting them. That was when he heard a light buzz behind him. Fearing the worst he slowly turned around, his hand reaching for the pokeball holstered on his belt.

Behind him sat a lone Weedle, to his relief, that was until it began to buzz more loudly. With a instinctive movement he activated the ball and silently released Ghastly. The Gas Pokemon hovered for a moment, taking in the situation and let out a low sad laugh before turning to its master.

"Ghast, if you could shut the little thing up for me. Silently please..." The slight plead in his voice became apparent towards the end of his order. Ghastly bobbed up and down before glaring at the little Weedle, which froze on the spot. Victor smiled, that was such a useful move, he watched as Ghastly then let out a Smog attack, the purple gas drifting down over the paralyzed Weedle and hanging over it for about thirty seconds before fading away. Ghastly turned back to its master with a grin, Victor smiled back at the sight of the knocked out Weedle. That was when a thought struck like lightning. How often over the last two days has he run from a swarm of Beedrills? With a smirk he reached slowly, his sense of preservation from years on the streets keeping him silent in the mists of the danger that the tree behind him represented. He pulled out one of his empty pokeballs and with a toss sent it flying to capture the Weedle. He quickly called Ghasty back and picked up the now still pokeball and slowly made his way out of the area.

An hour later he was in a small clearing, setting up camp. Eevee was helping him by digging a fire pit and Ghastly was on patrol above them, keeping an eye out for swarms. The little Weedle he had caught earlier was passed out cold on his bag, while a paralyze heal worked its magic on him. He had been struck with the brilliant idea that the Weedle might very well know its way around the forest but that he couldn't do anything being in the shape it was when it had been caught by him. Victor hoped the little bug Pokemon would be awake by the time they finished setting up camp. Then he could grill it for information and then see how good it was against his other Pokemon.

The sun was setting on his second day out before the Weedle awoke atop his backpack, the small camp had been fully set up, a small fire going in the fire pit. Victor sat nearby, with Eve curled up net to him. Ghastly still patrolled around the camp, his near invisible figure a mere wisp upon the wind, its powerful gaze fell upon the slightly withering Weedle. Victor and Eevee were drawn to the occurrence by a slight bit of alerting laughter. He slowly stood, and walked over to the small mound and smiled as Weedle turned it head towards him and made a questioning buzz.

"Glad you could join us Weedle! How do you feel?" Victor knelt down over the little Weedle, whose body shook slightly as it stretched and buzzed its answer, which seemed to be a happy one. Victor turned to Eevee who yippee happily. With a nod, Victor decided it was time to get down to business.

"Ok! Weedle lets see what you can do, feel up for it?" The bug Pokemon buzzed and jumped off the bag before winding its way through the grass, a grinning Victor following.

It wasn't until the next afternoon that they had found their way out of the forest, luckily with few incidents. While Victor hasn't been too impressed with Weedle's abilities, but he felt like after all his experiences gained in his time in Viridian Forest that the little bug would be a work in progress. He was just glad that he could see the sun again and that he had a proper path to follow. Eevee once again sat on his small shoulders, her tail swinging against his back. Victor couldn't help but wonder if this what it was like to be a real trainer, to travel and face down difficulties like the ones he faced in what appeared to be in a peaceful forest. Though those events lead to him completing one of his objectives, possibly making the rest of his mission easier. At least he hoped.

It took another day after that to finally come upon Pewter City. He stoop upon the road that over looked it, and found it to be far smaller and more homely than Viridian. It was built in the foothills leading up to Mt. Moon, the various buildings were set up on the levels of ridges and small valleys, the Pokemon gym was built off to the side, it's back to the forest. The museum was built on the highest ridge in the small city and it appeared from Victor's view that it seemed rather sleepy. He could see people moving through the streets but not in any of the activity that he had seen in Saffron or in Viridian. His first stop was the Pokecenter and its little Pokemart. His team needed the rest and the check up after their adventure in the forest. He quickly gave over the three Pokeballs to Nurse Joy and quickly grabbed a bite to eat and laid down in the large lobby.

He looked over his mission thus far, knowing he still had a few weeks to work with. It had taken him four days to get to Pewter City, and it would take another week to get to Mt. Moon proper. He took a bite out of the sandwich he had bought, his feet swinging beneath him like the child his was, but his eyes watched with a little more maturity. Over the last year he had had many things practically beat into him by the instructors he had been given. One of those things was to take account of all the things that he was doing and how that would effect his coming choices. That was a lesson taught by Giovanni himself, who had had him spend a single day out of every week following him around and learning from him. Victor was no stranger to pain, he had grown up on the streets and hadn't flinched when he had heard Giovanni speak about stealing and robbery. Nor did he mind when his master had spoken of bribery or ruthlessness. He was Victor's master and teacher, the man who had taken him off the streets and gave him a home and a purpose. Though as he really began to reflect in a way he hadn't been able to over the last year, a Chansey appeared with a tray holding his Pokeballs. He smiled and took them, giving the Chansey a slight bow.

Afterwards he made his way to the Rocket safe house that was located on the outskirts of the city. There he knew they would be safe for the night and would be able to take advantage of any information the organization had about the area. The safe houses were typically unmanned, at least in the smaller cities, and whenever a member stayed they were expected to update the house's intelligence files. Sadly he hadn't found anything much more than he already knew, the last members to use the house were the grunts who had scouted out Mt. Moon, leading to this mission in the first place. He had been told to expect that, since most of Team Rocket's efforts were focused on Southern Kanto but he was still disappointed. This was his first mission and he had very little useful information to come by. He had asked around the Pokecenter a little but most dodged around the mountain following the main road to the other cities in the East so there was very little said about the large mountain just a week's walk away. Victor would have been lying to himself if he said he wasn't more than a little nervous about not understanding what he was walking into. But the danger would be worth it if he pulled this off.

The next day came quickly and he once more set himself up to head out, he had bought his extra supplies the day before and he had updated the safe house intelligence files about the increased activity by the Beedill hives in Viridian Forest. He closed the door behind him, Eevee once more sitting upon his shoulder, he heard the door lock and headed towards the center of the city. While the safe house was on the East end of Pewter City, he still wanted to walk around the small market place and see if he could gain some more information, surely someone had come from the Mt. Moon area and would be speaking about it. That was one thing he learned from his times on the street, people always talked and rarely thought of how important the information they gave out was, no matter how innocuous it seemed.

The market place was small, nowhere near as large as Saffron City's nor as diverse as Viridian's. But the people were kind and the goods were cheap, he even managed to buy a map of the routes east of the city, something that Giovanni hadn't felt compelled to give him, only a large scale route map. This mission was a test after all, he thought to himself, before continuing. However as he chatted with random vendors he hadn't seen the fact that a young man had spotted the R emblem on his collar, he didn't notice that the young man, who might have been in his mid teens, was glaring with more hate than Victor ever would have seen in his life. Victor had just the map and had left the marketplace to head back towards the safe house to leave a create a copy to leave behind when he felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder, causing Eevee to jump off his shoulder and spin growling.

"You filthy Rocket Scum!" Victor stared in shock as he was spun around, so surprised he didn't even use any of the defensive techniques that have been taught to him over the course of the year. He looked up at the young trainer and gasped at the look of pure hatred he was receiving but before he could do anything else, he felt pain fill his jaw and that he was on the ground a little ways before the trainer who was now fingering a pokeball.

"I should just kick the crap out of you kid, just walking around with their stupid emblem but... I want to take it out of your weak ass Pokemon first." Each word was harsh and remorseless and something told him to crush the boy beneath his heel but he refrained and merely nodded at the challenge. He was eager to see just how far he has come. As he nodded to Eve to take her place in front of him he felt a lingering memory surface.

"Always crush your enemy, never meet them on common ground." Victor could almost see Giovanni standing over him, sneering down at him but he quickly pushed it away, confident in his abilities and in the training of his friends. The trainer smirked and summoned his Pokemon, a Mankey. Once again a feeling of warning overcame him but he felt Eve was more than ready to face a fighting type like this, a low level one at that.

"I will defeat you and discover where you bastards took my Ekans!" The trainer growled before signaling his Mankey to attack.

"Eve, sand-attack!" Eevee span around, using her tail to kick up a could of San in the charging Mankey's face and then with a burst of speed launched herself around the cloud, striking the Mankey from behind. The trainer growled in anger.

"Mankey! Leer!" The Mankey stumbled and used the momentum from the attack at its back to spin and grin tauntingly at the female Eevee. Eve growled and launched a tackle at the Mankey, catching it full on in the face, Victor grinned knowing it would be over shortly.

"Mankey, fighting combo!" Victor blinked at the call wondering what the hell that meant when suddenly the Mankey grabbed Eevee by the foot, who was still completing the tackle attack, and pulled her into its side following through with a karate chop to her back. Victor gasped as he heard Eve cry out in pain but before he could order her back, Mankey spun a powerful kick to her face and followed up with another kick to her torso, still holding onto her foot. Victor watched in horror at the blood that went flying and the look of agony on the young Eevee's face and to add injury to insult the Mankey finished her with a powerful head butt, which sent her flying towards him. He rushed forward, his eyes blurry as he picked up the broken Eevee before him.

"Now you know what it feels like to lose someone precious to you!" The young trainer snarled, but Victor didn't hear him, instead he heard Giovanni. He could see the man stare down at him impassively, saying the exact same words.

"Now you know what it feels like to lose someone precious to you... This is what my organization works towards, to find the strength to stop this from happening." Giovanni stared down at him, as Victor clutched the bleeding Eevee, a large wound in her side, his Nidorino cleaning the blood off its horn. They had left the city just a day ago when Giovanni challenged him to a Pokemon battle.

"You skill at reading you partner is commendable and is the reason why I am taking you in. But if you don't have the strength to protect her, or the ones you love, all you will ever fill is pain. All you will do is suffer and that is what Team Rocket fights to end. We will bring peace through our strength and power." Victor was so caught up in watching his Pokemon die in his hands that he didn't notice the break in Giovanni's generally impassive face. The slip lasted for a second but was soon replaced with ruthless determination.

"Crush your opponent, no matter how weak they appear, crush them beneath your heel so they will never be a threat again..."

Victor stared down at Eve, blood leaking out of her mouth and nose, her eyes closed as she labored to breath. His breath was shallow, his heart pounding in his ears, he had failed. He had let her get hurt again and this time she might die... Before he knew what he was doing Ghastly had appeared in a flash of red.

"Crush them." Victor ordered without emotion, his attention only on Eevee. Ghastly however was more than willing to show his trainer's anger and shot a powerful Glare at the dancing ape Pokemon, freezing it in place and with a growl it launched a powerful cloud of smog, covering the street, hiding them from the view of the few bystanders that had been watching. Ghastly's eyes flashed a deathly red and shot into the poisonous cloud where a loud cry rang out from a moment later. By the time the cloud faded away, Victor was long gone and the bodies of the trainer and his Pokemon lay on the ground barely breathing as the police arrived on scene.

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