hey I'm back and ready to get started on a new chapter as you can tell.

Disclaimer:I own none of the characters or worlds of star wars or assassins creed the people that are my creations i will put their names in bold like last time.

As we left off vader captured the assassins and tortured altiar and conner in vain please excuse my spelling Im not always perfect.

It had been three days since our capture and we had been tortured but as far as I know none of my fellow assassins have given any information to the dark man that after listening to guards talk had been I. as darth was sitting in his bunk with a random bunk mate that kept blabbing about how he was a gangster and that he was the toughest in the prison and how he'd take on any one on head on even if they had a shank."Hey man ya gonna be sittin there all day man c'mon man"."Shut up you fool" "Yo man nobody tells me what the heck to do and plus you can go jump off the edge of the prison cell block"."If you don't shut your mouth you'll never eat hard things again get it!".I told you man no evur tells me what to do or they all get beat the crap out of them".Altiar stood up still showing no sign of emotion and looked at his bunk mate "yo No one tells me what to do!"said altiars bunk mate as he swung at altiar missing him completely and got knocked into the bed frame and almost cried as altiar punched him continuously and as altiar got off his bunkmate a guard ran in stunning altiar with the stun batons every one hates so altiar hit the bed he heard the guard using his radio and calling in for a medical team just in case the inmate was in trouble.

Conner woke up differently he woke up to the bustling of a cart that was speeding by awfully fast and he saw a couple of medics from the look of their equipment and all the stuff he got a glimpse of "looks like something bad happened over in one of the cells."said the man that had been watching conner ever since the imp officers threw him in the purely on instinct conner turned around like an orange-colored whirl with his fist in the air looking like h was going to punch the intruder but slipped his feet behind the mans leg and pulled the mans feet out from under then quickly put his knee on the mans throught and held his fist in the air to finish off the man should he try anything but the man only stared at conner with a small glint of surprise in his eye."Wow i've never seen some one move so fast with that deadly of accuracy and pin me well done!" "Who are you and what do you want?"said conner with his fist still poised over the mans neck."First off said the man my names coal and second off I want nothing but to get free of this death trap."said the man which conner just got the appearance of this man he had white skin and dirty blonde hair that was cut short and a medium build."Really?"conner asked with a curious look"yes I was arrested because I beat up an imperial officer and his squad with a few others but when one of them got off a message to call in reinforcements me and the group ran when the imps caught up to us in an alley way I held them off just long enough for my friends to escape but as you see I couldn't"as "coal" continued his story he told of the rebellion and how they got into the war and are simply alive to resist the empire and liberate systems and how they have some people that have some strange talent to tell the intentions of people and that they could track a man all around the planet with the talent but that some people think its fake".After coal told his story conner stepped up to the plate and told how he got into prison and how he got pulled through the portal and killed the crew on the space station and how he ran into his apparent ancestors and descendent but the part that chilled coal the most was how the imperial officer conner killed smiled at him when he silenced the story coal and coal responded to all the cell doors opened at the same time as the two freedom fighters exited their cell they begun their search for the rest of the remaining assassins and asked around if they saw one of them or heard of one of them at nearly the one and the half mark of their search they ran into one of the men around altiars cell looking at the carnage of the earlier scrape leaving the bed broken in the middle along with the cracked mirror and the bent bed frame looking more creepy then a skeleton hand reaching for you in a grave yard at midnight."What happened here?"conner asked with a sense of pur amazement in his voice and on his face as he continued to stare at the carnage."A dangerouse man is what happened here"said the inmate "what do you mean?" "some new prisoner got thrown into the same cell as the top dog and I guess the new innie got angry and took venus down from what I heard in the cell next door was a nasty beat down I saw the medics carrying away venus in such a bad condition that he was bleeding from his ears and his leg even though theres no shank or any thing sharp enough"."Could you detail the man that was in this cell?" "sure said the inmate who was now looking at conner and coal with a shocked look on his face from the carnage inside.

after a fifteen minute description conner left with coal in hot pursuit."What do we do now conner?" "wait"said conner with an almost angry stare just as he was about to speak he got pushed by turning around to tell the man to watch out but froze as he saw it was desmond and ezio."Conner good to see you alive we thought for sure you where dead!" "I'm in perfect health but have either of you seen altiar?"asked conner but again just as ezio was going to speak coal saw a man that fit the description of the missing assassin up on the the second floor being escorted by a squad of riot troopers."Is that him" asked coal poking conner and pointing at the escort."Yes!" said ezio and desmond in perfect synchronization and the group ran up the stairs and started trailing the patrol until they stopped at the cell that the guards through altiar into but didn't bother to lock the cell or even close the door almost as if on cue he got up and and walked up to the area where his group of assassins that had followed the group of guards to the cell they threw him altiar walked up to the group of five he noticed the fifth person and asked"who is this?" and conner replied with a brisk history of coal and his name along with how he got caught and put into the the history altiar looked coal up and down and asked a few questions like what he fought for and if he would want to be put on the trial run for becoming an assassin and a possible asset and freedom fighter while they where on the planet.

After about five weeks of gaining more assets and planning the escape plan was almost complete all exectp how they where going to get every resistance fighter that they gained out but by having to completely take over the whole prison then they'd have to find out where in the galaxy they where but by the other prisoners they located themselves on the planet chackeara (my creation of coarse)