- Chapter Two: The Party -

After that encounter, Lucy rushed back home, being extremely careful not to bump into anyone else. Jamming her key into the door, she twisted it a bit before jiggling the knob and pushing open the creaking door. She threw off her shoes and kicked the door closed behind her. It was currently 4:57pm. No way she would be able to get ready in time, but she figured it'd be fine to go a little bit later.

She threw Fleuve D'etoiles on the bed and threw her clothes off, covering herself in a bathrobe before rushing into the shower. The hot streams of water hit her head as she thought about what dress and shoes to wear. She washed her hair and scrubbed her body, as if she were on auto pilot and stepped out of the shower, wrapping herself in a towel and proceeding to do her makeup.

The blonde threw on her outfit, and spritzed on a bit of her favourite perfume before looking in the mirror to make sure she remembered everything. She reattached her keys to the plum belt holding the black a-line skirt up, leaving the whip on the bed and putting on her ankle boots before making her way to Fairy Tail.

Upon entering the guild, she made her way to the table next to the bar where Natsu and Gray were. But before she could even reach them, Natsu had already spotted her.

"Yo, Lucy! What took you so long? Ice-stripper over here was just about to go look for ya!" He grinned.

"What did you just call me, Flame-brain?! Are you looking for a fight?" The ice-mage growled, bringing his head closer to the pinkette's.

"I called you ice stripper! You wanna go? I'll kick your ass!" Natsu snapped, banging his head against Gray's and lifting his fist up to land a punch.

"That is enough!"

Lucy giggled, it was always like this. The two would get into a fight from a small insult and Erza would come in and scare the living daylights out of the two. The re-quip mage was truly frightening when she wanted to be and you did not want to anger her.

The two froze, slowly turning their heads to see the red haired mage giving them death glares. Laughing nervously, the two rested their arms on each others shoulders, "U-uh, no, this is our way of showing friendship!…"

Erza smiled, "That's good. Friendship is the bes-" She froze, sensing a presence behind her.

"Aah, Erza-san, your parfum is smelling good as usual!" A smaller figure came up behind her, taking a big whiff of the air around her, making the red head shudder.

Although Lucy had always admired Erza, she was extremely glad that she wasn't the one that Ichiya was always doting on. She hadn't expected that he would be here, although if you'd thought about it, it shouldn't have been such a big surprise - After all, they were part of the alliance when they were defeating Oracian Seis. 'Which means that those three will be here too, huh?' She thought.

As predicted, the three came out beside Lucy, complimenting and flirting with her. 'So typical…' She thought, while stifling the smallest giggle. Wriggling her way out of the three, she made her way over to Levy, who was currently in between Jet and Droy, Gajeel standing protectively behind her. Seeing this, Lucy gave a small grin. It was so obvious that Gajeel liked Levy, and she knew that she felt the same way from all their late night talks from sleepovers they had and the way that she blushed whenever he called her 'squirt'.

'For now, it was just a matter of time; and maybe a few plans with Mirajane,' Lucy grinned, a glint evident in her eye as she thought about what to do. She pulled out the chair opposite Levy plopped herself down.

"Hi, Lu-chan!" The blunette grinned at her, she replied with a smile, striking a conversation about a new book she had gotten from Book Land. During the conversation, she hear a bit of Jet and Droy argument about the Grand Magic Games that Romeo had mentioned earlier that day and some guild called Sabertooth. She shrugged it off and continued her conversation with Levy.

Bringing her arms up, rested her head on her two hands, "So," She sang, "How are things between you and Gajeel, hm?" Jet and Droy suddenly stopped their conversation, Gajeel froze and Levy's mouth opened and closed, showing a blush on her face, "L-Lu-chan!" she cried.

Lucy giggled, "Not yet, huh?"

"Listen, Bunny girl…" Gajeel started.


Lucy yelped and jumped in her seat, while Gajeel whispered under his breath, "Karma.."

Lester laughed, "Fairy-san gets scared so easily!" She quickly stood up and brushed out the creases from her skirt, "Geez! A simple 'hello' would've been nicer." She huffed, before a she brought a smile to her face "But I'm glad you decided to come, Rogue!"

Behind Lucy, the blunette raised her eyebrows.

The brunette gave her a small smile and greeted her. Sting rose his eyebrows, "I'm here too, you know?"

The celestial mage stared at him blankly, before saying "Well I only invited you because you're his friend."

Rogue chuckled at this, "Well, glad to know I'm loved!" Sting answered, irritatedly.

The girl laughed before exclaiming, "I was joking, I was joking! Anyway, these are my friends, Levy, Droy, Gajeel and Jet! Guys, this is Rogue and Sting." She introduced, gesturing to each of them when she said their names. Jet and Droy sat there in astonishment, while Levy and Gajeel greeted them.

Rogue stared at the person she had just introduced as Gajeel. This was the person he had looked up before they disappeared. Funny how different he seemed to how he imagined. He had always heard rumours about 'The Iron Dragon Slayer' to be distant to his guild mates, even injure them. He didn't have high hopes to have met him here, or even have seen him socialising with the others.

"So, how do you guys know each other? Furthermore, how did you and Rogue meet? Dating perhaps?" Levy grinned mischievously. Revenge is sweet.

The blonde's face was tinted red, she knew what her best friend was up to, "Geez, Levy don't start this now!" she groaned.

She giggled in response, "It's true isn't it! You two are going out!"

"No!" The blonde quickly denied, "He just happened to save me from a bunch of guys. Now, I'm just going to go introduce them to everyone else, okay Levy? Bye!" Lucy said, pushing them away and over-jovially waving to Levy. Moving back towards Natsu, Lucy awkwardly laughed, "Er, yeah, she does that sometimes. Don't worry about it."

The two exceeds snickered in response, while the dragon slayers stayed silent.

"H-hey, Jet… Weren't those two from Sabertooth?"

"It can't be… Right? What would they be doing here anyway?"

Droy thought for a moment. Maybe his eyes were just playing tricks on him, but he swore he had seen the Sabertooth mark on the blonde's left shoulder. "I guess so…"

"Sabertooth? Is that a new guild?" Levy questioned.

"Ah, actually they've been around for a while. While you guys were gone a guild called Sabertooth became stronger after they gathered some really strong mages." Jet explained, "At the moment they're the number one guild in Fiore. Those two might be the twin dragon slayers of that guild, I've never seen them before, but judging from the facts that they had exceeds…" he trailed off.

"Gehe, interesting..." Gajeel smirked.


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