Takes place during 7x13 Snake Eyes

"I know I'm not a genius like Boy Wonder here, but poker is not black jack. It's about bluffing, reading human nature, head games. It's not math. I mean, I'd figure you'd be great in Roulette, but.." Rossi trailed off when Reid suddenly stood, looking ill.

"I get the point. You play," Reid said shortly and disappeared down the hall to the bathroom.

Hotch gave an almost-sigh that was more weary than annoyed. "I'll go after him," he said and disappeared in the same direction as Reid had.

Rossi looked at the other members of the team. "Did I say something wrong?"

The team exchanged looks. After a moment, JJ spoke. "Spence doesn't like Roulette."

That was a huge underestimation, but Rossi didn't push further – although he desperately wanted to.


Outside the bathroom, Hotch could hear vomiting coming from one of the stalls. Hotch decided to give the younger man some privacy and didn't enter the bathroom.

When Reid came out of the stall, a few minutes later, and turned to wash his hands, Hotch stepped inside. "Are you alright?" he asked concerned.

Reid studied Hotch for a moment. Hotch held Reid's gaze steadily. "I thought I was," Reid admitted. Hotch noted Reid wasn't washing his hands anymore; he was just holding them under the tap. The water, judging by the steam, was hot – too hot, Hotch thought.

"Rossi doesn't know." Hotch stated. It was more of a observation than a statement.

"No," Reid replied. "He knows the general details, I think, and if he's a good a profiler as he appears to be he knows I was drugged against my will. But the Roulette never came up. Not with anyone, actually."

Hotch kept silent, waiting for Reid to say more.

Reid studied the tap. The water was still steaming hot.

"Do you know why I gave in?" Reid asked absently, as if not really noticing Hotch was there. Hotch kept silent. "I could see the bullet."

Hotch had to keep himself from showing his surprise. That was horrible.

"At first, I didn't even notice there was no bullet – it's not as I look into the barrel of a revolver every day. But with the fourth round, something changed in its appearance, and I realized it that now would be a good time to stop." Reid's eyes focused on Hotch. "I've never actually apologized."

Hotch's face softened. "There's no need to apologize. I didn't apologize after I kicked you in the ER with that L.S.D.K. either, remember?" Even though I was sorry, Hotch thought.

"No," Reid conceded, "but it was written all over your face."

Hotch held back a snort. "You say that as though your expression didn't convey your apologies."

Reid looked surprised, but gave a small smile. "I guess you're right."

They stood in silence for a while, but then Reid turned off the tap. His wrists were red, Hotch noted, likely from the heat.

"Let's go back," Reid spoke.

Hotch nodded and followed Reid out of the bathroom.