It was just one of the ways the team subconsciously and sometimes consciously accommodated each other. Hotch wouldn't go to the morgue when the bodies had stab wounds. They generally tried to avoid forcing Rossi to interview children. Morgan didn't usually interview or interrogate male rape victims and rapists, unless he requested it. (female rape victims were never interrogated by men anyway) That was just how things were.

At team dinners, they never cooked pork. That had started after the case at the pig farm in Canada. Although that wasn't so much about accommodating another as it was about accommodating oneself.

With Reid, it was no different.

When Reid was immersed in his reading, a team member would usually walk next to him and steer him correctly through doorways. That, too, was much for the team's benefit, because Reid usually read things that would be of later use.

Another thing was that they never went to fish restaurants.

Then Reid fell ill and the team flew out to Utah for a case. They solved it in four days. The last two of which Reid was on video conference from Garcia's office – that certainly sped things up.

Because they wouldn't leave until the next morning, the team decided to eat something different from take-out. When Ashley Seaver, who was new to the team, suggested they head to a fish restaurant she had seen near the hotel, the response was a unanimous "no". Seaver looked thrown aback for a moment.

Hotch looked at her, and said in a soft voice that wasn't condemning or angry, "We don't go to fish restaurants." He sounded as though he understood that Seaver didn't know that, but his tone also made it clear that it wasn't up for discussion and wouldn't be elaborated

Thus no other explanation was given. Then the team members, as one, looked around and noticed Reid wasn't there.

No one changed their minds about the fish restaurants.

A few days after they went back to Quantico, Seaver went to Reid to ask what that had been about. Reid looked startled for a moment. That quickly changed to thoughtful and then a small smile graced his features.

His reply was spoken with the same "not to be elaborated" tone of voice that Hotch had used, but it also sounded a little sad. "We accommodate each other. One of us has a good reason not to like fish, and therefore as a team, we don't go to fish restaurants. I guess you shouldn't invite anyone to a fish restaurant either when it's only part of the team, because it would remind us of the reasons why that one person doesn't like fish." Reid was silent for a moment. "In that same vein, we never go out for Superbowl parties. There are a few other things like that. We don't usually talk about the specifics that come with writing in blood, even though the agent in question left some years ago."

Seaver nodded, not really understanding the reasons behind it but understanding enough to know what to avoid, and left.

Reid, personally, had never had a problem with Superbowl parties, but the team saw it as the start of the Hankel case, and thus, everything that had happened during that case. And that party was just a reminder of what had followed. After Elle, no one wondered about different ways of using blood to write a message. At one point in his life, Reid might have liked to discuss the best ways to use the blood from a bleeding wound to write a message. After Elle, Reid lost all interest in those particulars.

Reid and Hotch never finished their discussion on the definition of classic narcissism, either.