I got your name but I didn't get your number

So now I'm filled with all this regret and wonder

Would you want to see me?

Would you want to kiss me?

AJ Rafael – Red Roses

Red Roses

- Prologue: A Simple Conversation -

The wind ruffled through his hair as he stared at the sky. He propped one of his legs up, keeping his other straight on the grass. His hands locked together, acting as a cushion for his head.

"Today's nice, isn't it?"

The young man looked up to see a girl around his age, maybe a year or two younger. She had wavy light brown hair reaching her chin and a smile he would never forget. After taking a look at whom the voice came from, he returned his stare to the sky, ignoring the girl.

"Don't talk much, I see." She said, making her way to sit on the patch of grass just next to him. She sat there with her knees bent towards the sky, wrapping her arms around them to balance her wait as she looked forward to see what you could call a 'birds eye view' of the town.

"How do you know this place?" He asked, not moving his eyes from above him.

"It's been my secret hideout ever since I was 10." She replied, glancing at the onyx-haired man, "…but I'm going to be leaving it soon." She murmured, before redirecting her gaze to the view in front of her.

"Why?" Natsume questioned.

The brunette paused a bit, before answering, "I'm… Travelling to England for a while to study art."

"I see."

Those were the only words that had been exchanged for the past 15 minutes. The two of them sat in silence, observing the scenery and listening to the birds that squawked once in a while and the chirping of the cicadas. It wasn't the uncomfortable type of silence. Although they were both there, they didn't need to say anything to each other, they just enjoyed the occasionally breeze and the company that was given.

The brunette stood up. "Well, I have to go now! It was nice talking to you, even if it was just for a while."


"My name's Mikan. What's yours?" She asked, while looking at the onyx-haired guy.

"Natsume" He answered. He really didn't know how else to respond, being the person he was, he rarely talked to people, unless it was Ruka or his little sister, Aoi.

"Well, pleased to meet you, Natsume. We probably should've done the introductions first don'tcha think?" She giggled, turning on her heel, "but hopefully we'll be able to meet again soon."

Natsume gazed at the retreating figure. She was so cheery and even if they had just met she was so kind and talked to him as if they were already friends. He didn't know how it came so natural to some people.

A/N: Lawl, I dont know, this was actually going to be a oneshot, but while I was actually writing it I came up with this for the prologue so yes. Trust me, the actual story thingo will be better. It's going to be a lot longer as well, probably a few thousand words. I'll be uploading that one in a week or so. :)