Who Are You?

Sokka is walking through a swamp, his warrior senses attuned to any other movement and noise.

He can't remember exactly where he is or how he got there, or even exactly where he is going.

All he knows is that he's in a swamp looking for something...or someone...his mind must not be thinking clearly. He looks around and at the edges of his vision things are beginning to blur. He blinks, rubs his eyes, trying to clear up his vision. He looks down to see he's in his custom blue silk warrior robes, his katana on his belt at his waist. He grips the handle and tests his grip. He looks up to see the sunlight streaming through the tops of the trees and falling onto a woman about 40 paces from himself.

He calls out to her and she looks in his direction but doesn't make eye contact, she holds her head high and walks away from him.

He calls out again and she continues on her way, ignoring the young warrior. He begins to chase her and watches as the ribbons and sleeves on her dress flow and bounce as she breaks into a run he catches her by the arm and turns her to face him. He looks into one if the prettiest faces he's ever seen as his breath hitched in his chest.

"Who are you?" She demands, he can't say anything as he notices sightless light green eyes staring at him.

"Sokka, a warrior from..." He begins to answer.

"No, I asked who you are not what you are." She corrects, getting irritated as she moves closer. She seems to float above the ground as she comes closer. Everything around him blurs into soft greens, browns and grays, but she looks like a goddess in front of him, he has to think extra hard to even answer her.

"I'm Sokka, a..."

"No, try again. Who. Are. You?" She asks she tilts her head curiously as she comes closer. His nose is filled with the smell of wild flowers and...metal? Her body rises and floats in front of him, he can't move as she comes impossibly close to him, he is hopelessly and completely enveloped by her. She reaches out to him, gently running her cool finger tips across his face, igniting a fire within his soul. She holds his face and brings hers so close their noses touch and their breath intermingles.

"Who are you?" She whispers.

"I'm yours." He whispers back to what must be this goddess in his midst.

He sees her grin and tries to wrap his arms around her as he leans toward her to plant a feather light kiss on her petal soft lips.

But while his lips meet hers, his arms hold nothing but air and she starts to mist away.

"Wait! Don't leave me." He begs. She simply grins wider and begins to vanish faster.

"Come and find me then my warrior." She challenges as she disappears.

"But I don't even know your name..." Sokka says sadly.

Sokka wakes with a start as he sits up in bed, looking around for her. He can't smell the swamp or the flowers or the...metal? Why would he smell metal in the middle of a swamp? He ponders the aspects of his dream, wondering where in the world his mind would come up with such a thing.

"Who are you?" He asks aloud, not only to his dream girl but also, to himself.