You Don't Know Me At All

Sequel to Stroke. Not absolutly a must to read the other first, but definently makes it easier to understand some issues. I do not own the thunderbirds, but do the

other characters. I thank the real owners for letting me have fun with them. Hope you enjoy. Any and all mistakes are my own. Rated T. FAMILY


It was a bright sunny day when Grandmother Ruth, Jeff and Brains arrived at the boarding school with Alan and Fermat in tow. Fermat looked about in awe, but Alan had a scowl on his face, just a small indication of how much he did not want to be here.

"Well," said grandma Ruth, trying to make the best of a bad situation. "Look at all the other boys arriving with their families. There will be plenty of new friends for you two to make."

Alan just shrugged his shoulders, his lack of enthusism for being at the boarding school or prison as Alan referred it to, was all to apparent.

"Alan," said Jeff, irritation clearly in his voice. "Do not be rude to your grandmother. I expect you to do your best. I do not want you dragging Fermat down with your negative attitude."

"I'm sorry grandma. For you I'll try. Even if my o-w-n family doesn't want me around." Alan did not even have to look at Jeff, he could feel his father's anger and frustration and knew his father was rubbing a hand down his face. A small smirk started to appear on his face as he thought about the AT-11 new lock he had placed on his father's liquor cabinet, wishing he could be there hiding up in his bolt hole in the vent above his father's office, so he could see the reaction. Maybe his dad would finally be impressed with something he had done. Then he could tell him and his brothers about his company.

Grandma Ruth gave his hand a squeeze, "it's alright sweatheart. I know it will be hard being away, but you know you can call me anytime."

Alan tried to smile at her, but it was forced at best. The only place he wanted to be was home on the island with his family. He knew his father was right he was still too small physically to handle the equipment or fly those magnificent Thunderbirds. Though he had not done bad on the simulators when he would sneak in and practice on them. He just had a nagging feeling that somehow he could keep his family safe if he were close by. Protect from what he did not know. He did not understand this feeling himself, so how could he possibly explain it to his family. This only added to his frustrations. Maybe when his company was really big and successful his family would want him around and maybe they could even use some of his computer programs, then they would be proud of him.

"Alan,... ALAN." called Jeff.

Alan looked over at his family, his face turning red as he realized they were all staring at him.

"Your constant daydreaming is what gets you into so much trouble. If you ever want to succeed like your brothers, you are going to have to grow up and learn to control it."

Alan suddenly found the ground very interesting. He did not want his father to see the hurt in his eyes.

Grandma Ruth quickly put an arm around his shoulders. "Jeff that is enough. Alan is doing just fine."

Jeff looked as if he would argue with his mother, but Brains quickly stepped in. "W-We had b-be-better g-go and make s-sure the boys registration and d-dorm rooms are r-ready."

"Thank you Brains." said Grandma smiling.

Jeff let out a sigh. He long ago had learned when he should drop a battle. "Mother why don't you and the boys find a bench over in the shade; while, Brains and I take care of the paperwork."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea." replied grandma. "Come on Alan, Fermat I think that bench over there has my name written on it." The boys laughed as they escorted her over. Jeff and Brains made their way to the offices.


The black limosine with the darkly tinted windows sat parked in front of the offices.

"Who are you watching father?" asked William Issac Carson III. His father's face was dark and had a look of pure hatred covering it.

"It seems Jeff Tracy is registaring one of his sons here. He cost me the Retro-Trac Two contract three months ago. Just the lastest in several contracts he has underbid me on."

"I bet he wouldn't be, if he knew your own son was already going here," smiled William.

"You can be sure of it." He pointed at Alan. "I'm guessing that must be the youngest. I doubt if his son is aware at all of the rivaly between us. Keep it that way, but I'm sure you and your 'friends' can keep his sons' life interesting. My inside contacts tell me he and the youngest had been separated for quite awhile and are not on the best of terms. You and your friends keep it that way."

"Don't worry dad. My friends won't let me down. They know who is paying their tuition. No one gives me any problems since you brought them on board and they know not to cross me."

"Good. It's important evan at your age, that you learn money and power are everything! Most will sell their loyalties if the price is right, but you also have to know how to command those loyalties."

"I'll do my best father. After all I am learning from the best, right?" William smiled at his father.

His father smiled back and placed a hand on his knee. "That you are son. That you are! Keep an eye on Benjamin though. He is too much like his father was and has too much of a conscious for my liking."

"Don't worry father I can handle him and if he doesn't follow my direction you can just cut off his tuition."

"That's my boy!"

William existed the limosine. After it had driven off he headed over to the three boys waiting for him by the music hall. As he walked up to them they called out.

"Hey Will, William, Will."

Immediatlly he was in Bens' face and snarled, "You have not earned the right to address me in such a familar way! Only Tony has done that, and his name is Anthony to you! Rich cand decide for himself what he will allow you to call him."

"That will be Richard to you , Ben."

"Sorry William, it won't happen again." said Benjamin quietly.

"It had better not. Now we have plans to make. This should be another interesting year."

"But you will make sure we have time to do our studies, right? I mean that was one of the agreements when my dad agreed with your dad to let me come here. If he were still alive I'm sure he'd be asking a lot more questions about this arrangment." stated Ben.

The other two just rolled their eyes. As long as they passed they really didn't care what their grades were and they knew as well as William some teachers could be bought.

"You have always been given enough time. If you don't have the brains to get things done with the time allotted, it's not my problem." William smiled evilly. "If you don't like the arrangements, you can leave. But I doulbt your mother would be very pleased if she and the rest of your family were cut off from the funds my father betows on them."

Ben held his ground. "I've got plenty of brains. I just don't see why you have to pick on the other kids so much. You don't even know most of them."

"Because it's good for them to know who is boss."

"I'll help you, because my dad had asked me to, but even if I did go back to public school, your father knows better than to cut off my mom, especially since she holds him responsible for dad being killed, and has the proof safely put away."

Williams' face was dark with anger. Tony quickly intervened "Come on Will,... he," Anthony pointed at Ben, "isn't worth your time or energy."

"You're right, this underling is to stupid to know not to bite the hand that feeds it but," he turned back to Ben, "any more lip from you and I can easily have you replaced."

Ben was angry, but said nothing more. He knew if he wanted to graduate from such a prestiges school he would have to go along with William. While he knew William's father would not cut off his fathers' salery from his mom, she still would not beable to afford such tuition.

The four boys looked about for their first victim of the year.


The boys sat with Ruth for awhile, but it wasn't long before Alan became totally bored and stated he was going over to the building marked Gotham Music Hall to look for a bathroom.

"Don't be long Alan. Your father and Brains will be back soon and then we are going to get your things moved into your new dorm room. Before we go to lunch," stated grandma.

"I'll hurry." Alan called over his shoulder as he was already in motion.

Alan glanced about the campus as he walked towards the music hall, for a moment he stood and just watched, boys, some with families in tow walking about laughing, seemingly excited and happy to be here. He thought about his promise to his grandmother, giving a big sigh, he headed up the stairs to the building. For grandma he really would try, though his heart just wasn't in his promise.

It was then that he heard the muffed cry for help. He ran towards the back of the building. He was shocked at what he saw. Three boys were pushing a smaller boy back and forth between them while a fourth looked on seeming to enjoy the fracus.

"I think you were told not to come back this year!" yelled one of the boys.

The younger boy was obviously scared, but defiently yelled back, "I am here on a music schollarship, you can't stop me."

"I wonder how good that schollarship would be if for some reason you couldn't play?" taunted the older boy. "Why don't we find out. Put him down guys."

The other three boys quickly put the smaller youth to the ground and two held him with one hand out as the third prepared to stomp it.

A memory flashed through his mind of how despondent Virgil had been after his hand was caught in a car door when he was younger. For a while his doctors and his family weren't sure if he would be able to play his beloved piano again, Virgil had been terrified of what the outcome would be. Luckily Virgil had proven everyone wrong. That had been a terrible accident. What if this boy wasn't able to overcome such a deliberate act of violence.

Alan did not think twice of the consequences as he ran in and threw his weight to the back of the legs of Tony just as he was about to stomp on the boys hand. This caused Tony to fall. The others looked up startled, releasing their hold. Quickly the younger boy squirmed away as the other two tried to come to Tony's rescue. Alan quickly jumped up reading himself for the onslaught. He didn't have to wait long. The other two were on him quickly. He was holding his own until Tony had recovered enough to join in on the fight.

The smaller boy now loose took off in the opposite direction. Alan saw him go, but was to busy defending himself to worry further. He just hoped he would bring back help. Alan heard his shirt tear as he was knocked to the ground. All three of the bullies jumped on him, he did his best to fend them off, but knew he was outmatched.

Suddenly the three boys were being pulled off him. He looked up to see his father, Brains and a couple of men he didn't know take hold of the others.

One of the men dressed in a suit and tie. He let the three boys know in no uncertain terms that this behavior would not be tolerated.

Jeff hauled Alan to his feet. Once he had given Alan a once over and was sure he had no serious injuries, he turned back to the man in the tie. "I want an explination, now."

"I warned you boys last year I would not tolerate this kind of behavior - I will be contacting your guarenteer about this and your possible suspension once an investigation is done."

William stepped forward. Mr. Lukehart, there's no need to get after my friends, They were just ruff housing with each other when this lunatic jumped them. They were just defending themselves".

Mr Lukehart gave him a skeptical look, but before he could say anything Alan jumped in.

"That's not true! They were beating on another boy. That one," he pointed at Tony, "was about to stomp and try to crush another boys hand while these other two held him down, and you," pointinting towards William "just stood there egging them on."

William just smiled wickedly. "Do you see anybody else around?" He gestured with his hand.

"He ran off when he got loose, probably to find help." Alan gulped, knowing that without the other boys presence he was on thin ice.

"My son would not make up a story like this." said Jeff firmly.

Alan looked up, a look of disbelief and pride on his face. His father had just defended him without question. He smiled at his grandmother who had by now walked over with Fermat.

"I can assure you Mr Tracy this is not the kind of behavior we tolerate at this school. Though I have had dealing with these boys in the past, without the other boy present that your son claims was here, it is their word against his. You know boys are always trying to best each other. I'm sure this was all a misunderstanding and won't happen again."

Jeff was about to argue when Mr Lukehart continued, "lets just call it a misunderstanding between all parties. You boys willing to let this go and agree to stay away from each other?"

"Of course sir," replied William for the other boys, a large grin plastered on his face.

"Then may I suggest you boys go and get yourselves settled." said Mr Lukehart firmly. William just smiled as he and the others left.

Alan looked up at his dad, many thoughts quickly went through his mind. He knew he could use this as an excuse to go back to the island, but no doult his dad would just find another school and after all he did promise his grandmother he would try and make the best of a bad situation. Not to mention his brothers would probably still be mad about the locks on their bedrooms. And it definently would not be fair to Fermat. "I'm willing to try dad," he turned towards Mr Lukehart, "sir."

Jeff smiled at his son. Ruth interjected, "Jeff surely, you are not going to leave the boys in a place like this?"

Mr Lukehart quickly intervened not wanting to offend Jeff Tracy and more importantly loose Tracy money or the pretidge of having a Tracy at his campus.

"I assure you madame, this is certainly not the norm. Please do not let this unfortunent incident keep these young men," he smiled at Alan and Fermat, "from experiencing all that we have to offer."

"Brains, what is your take on all of this?" asked Jeff.

"W-Well it is m-mo-most unfortunate to s-st-start off l-like this... It is n-noted as a t-top e-ed-educational school." He looked down at Fermat. "B-but the b-boys s-s-safety is m-most im-im-imp p-paramount."

"I can assure both of you we too take our responsibilities very seriously. We have security at the gate twenty-four seven. We have a very secure sign in and out proccess. We do everything within our power to keep all of our boys safe. Anywhere you go there are bound to be small upheavals between boys."

"F- Fermat w-what is y-your pr-pre-pref...w-what d-do you th-think?"

Fermat looked anxiously between his father and Alan.

Alan rolled his eyes, "I said I'd try Fermat."

"I l-like it h-he-here."

Jeff and Brains exchanged glances. Then Jeff smiled at the boys and turned to Mr Lukhart. "Okay, the boys have made their decision. We may as well start moving their things in Brains."

"H-Hur-Hurray!"yelled Fermat.

Alan tried to smile as Grandma Ruth put an arm on his shoulder, "are you sure? I can talk to your father more."

"No grandma, Fermat likes it here and I already promised I'd try." Stupid promise thought Alan. But there was no way he would let his father or brothers think he was a quiter or went back on a promise. No those things were unthinkable, if you were a Tracy.

After they had the boys settled in their room, they took a quick turn around the campus. All to soon for Alan's liking it was time for his family to leave.

"Alan now I need you to behave, no more fights, and for heavens sake don't drag Fermat into anything."

Alan found the ground very interesting as he answered,"Right dad; whatever, you say."

Hugs and kisses were given out and Alan watched his family drive away. Then he and Fermat headed back to their room, Fermat was excited, but Alan felt very alone.