Chapter 23

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Uncle Jack, and Fermat landed and secured the aircraft. Alan keeping to himself in the back. Brains, Scott, Virgil and Gordon all waiting their arrival. When Alan saw them he would have turned around snuck in later if it were possible. The last thing he felt like doing at the moment was putting up with the teasing that was sure to come. He felt a hand on his shoulder.

"It will be okay Alan. Why don't you go and get unpacked. I will inform your father of the deal made by Mr Burnstien. Don't let the teasing get to you. I know things will be difficult, but hang in there. For all his bark I know that your father loves you boys...unconditionally. I'll be leaving right after my report. Keep in touch.''

"I will Uncle Jack and thanks for all of your support." replied Alan as he desended from the plane behind Fermat and Uncle Jack.

Fermat ran into Brain's waiting arms and was quickly enveloped into a huge hug as his other 'island brothers' gave greeting to both he and Uncle Jack.

"Where's the old man?" laughed Uncle Jack as he gave hugs to his 'adopted' nephews.

''He's waiting for you up in his study, Uncle Jack."

"Hey Alan, welcome home. You finally found a way to get here. But did you have to try and blow up the school?"

"A little fire bug."

"More like a fire cracker."

Alan pushed his way through and headed for his room. Not sure that he totally beleived what Uncle Jack had said about things working out. He locked his door, he threw his bags down in frustration, then flopped down on his bed.


Jack true to his word gave Jeff the ins and outs as he knew them.

"Jeff, I know it seems far fetched, but it is possible someone could have switched things on him, it's just hard to prove one way or the other. Alan is a smart and good kid, I'm just following my insticts, but I got the feeling there was more to this whole thing, then what is being said. Take it easy on him, remember how you felt when he was kidnapped last year."

"I know Jack, but I somehow have to get through to him that he needs to accept responsibillity and still needs time to grow up and mature."

"Well I wish you the best. If I or MJ can help in anyway, please do not hesitate to call us. I'd better head out; want to be home for supper."

Jeff shook Jacks hand warmly. "Thanks for being there for him, I really appreciate everything you and MJ have done for him. Tell that lovely wife of yours I will try and get us there or you two here for a little R & R soon!"

"We will both hold you to that Jeff." With that Jack headed for the hanger and soon was in the air headed home.

Alan watched from his window as Uncle Jacks plane took off. He had a sick feeling in his stomach. May be he should try and tell his dad about his company and the problems he had been having with William and his thugs. But then again he had promised Benjamin not to say anything. He finally decided to just play it by ear and see how things went when he faced his father, and unfortunetly that time was not far off.


Uncle Jack had been gone less than an hour when Alan was summoned to the office.

To say Jefferson Tracy made it known that he was both angry and disappointed with the current goings on at Alans school was an understatement. He made sure in no uncertain terms that Alan understood just how lucky he was that no one had been injured more severly.

"Dad didn't Uncle Jack tell you what happened? That someone could have switched chemicals and..."

"He told me how Mr Burnstien was able to show that it would be a very expensive if they were to try and place the blame on one individual, and that because of Mr Eastman leaving you boys if only for a short time, could open up the school for multiple lawsuits, so it would be better to just treat it as an unfortunant accident. Now even though he was able to get things settled on a technicality it still leaves your part in this very suspicious for fooling around. After all it is well known how many times you have been written up by Mr Eastman for not paying attention."

"But Dad I"ve been doing better and I was trying my best to..."

Jeff held up his hand to quiet his son. "I also know you have been under a lot of stress, what with your grandmothers' illness and the loss of your friend."

"His name was Mr Winters, dad. And I was paying attention! You haven't even talked to me about what happened. You just want to believe it was all my fault."

"I am trying to show you that I can understand how you might have been distracted Alan. I know you have had a rough year, but it is time to stop trying to blame others every time something happens. You have constantly broken the rules with no reguard to consequenses. With no better excuse than you were bored. I have had more calls from the headmaster with complaints from your teachers reguarding your behavior than all of your brothers put together. Your grandmother keeps telling me you have exceptional talents and are capable of much better grades, well I would appreciate it if you would show me just a little of what she thinks you can do."

Alan was taken back, he wasn't sure what he was feeling at the moment and what he could say. He opened he mouth a couple of times but nothing came out. His father had never voiced such out right disappointment in him before.

"Apparently I cannot seem to get through to you that it is time to grow up and accept responsibility for for your actions. I talked with Mr Burnstien and Mr Lukehart just prior to your arrival home and they also feels a more structured atmosphere might be more benificial to you. You will not be returning after the break. I have been checking into military schools and..."

"NO! No way dad! I do try, but you never listen! I will never go to a military school and nothing you can say or do will make me!" Alan yelled. "No way in hell am I going. You don't even try to listen to me! All I have ever wanted is to be like you and my brothers. I do know a lot more than you think. You don't even know what I have been dealing with at school. You don't know that I saved a little girl last fall and that the locks and alarm system is my OWN business. That one of the boys from a gang at school came to me and told me that he was paid to switch the chemicals so I would get blamed and..."

"Alan that is enough! Watch your language! I know you are upset with the chemical fire, and other things that have happened this year, but it is time for you to stop this story telling and start excepting that you are responsible for your actions and the consequences that come with them. If it takes sending you to a military school to do that... then that is how it will be!"

"No! If you try and put me in one I will just walk away. I don't need your money! I..."

"That is enough! How dare you make threats! Go to your room! Stay there until you are called!"

"But dad that's not..."

''Grow up Alan! Not another word. Go to your room."

Alan stormed out of the study, unfortunately he had to pass his three earthly brothers as he ran.

"Temper, temper Alan." they laughed.

Alan just ran faster. Reaching the sancturary of his room he slammed the door shut, placed his lock on it then collapsed onto his bed as the tears streamed forth unable to be held back any longer. Finally when he had no more tears to shed, Alan began to think of ways he could make it on his own if his dad really did try to send him to a military school.


"Dad, listen to me! Please! You know Alan would be miserable in a military type school. That might have been okay for Scott, Gordon and you, but Alan is more like mom and he would be utterly miserable... Now I have found a school that has agreed to take him and I think you will find it meet all the criteria that you expect so that his identity is protected from the media, unless you change your mind on that account."

"Okay John, I'll consider it. What is the name of this school?"

"It is called Whartons Academy for Boys."

"Send me all the information. I think I will also talk to Brains and get his opinion. Though I'm not sure he will want the boys together. Alan seemed to always find trouble and drags Fermat into it with him."

"Dad... come on Alan is a good kid. Just think back a few years, none of us were angles. I think if you are going to insist that Alan go to a school off the island, this will be the better choice."

"I will consider it, John. Did Alan say anything to you about running off if I sent him to a military school?"

"What? No! Did he say that?"

"Yes, he did make the threat. I really didn't take him serious though. You know he always likes to get his way and right now he is so enamored with being here, trying to be a part of everything, and how opposed he is to a military school that he will say just about anything."

"I don't know dad, something tells me there's more to it this time. I mean you know how grandma is always trying to tell us that we really do not know Alan and I do believe he is a lot smarter then any of us give him credit for."

"Your grandmother did raise him longer then you boys, so she does tend to praise and spoil him a little more; which is really my own fault," Jeff sighed. "But if you are right then he should be able to show me a lot better grades then he has so far. Not only is he barely passing, he has been involved in several dangerous situations since coming back to the island and especially when he gets around the birds."

"I know what you mean, but he is just trying to fit in dad."

"I just want him to understand he needs time to grow up." Jeff sighed as he twirled his pen. Finally he replied, "Alright John, I will talk to Brains. I hope he still will be willing to let the boys go together."

"Thanks dad. Talk to you tomorrow. ThunderBird Five out."


Alan ate little at breakfast and said nothing in reply to the mild teasing, instead he asked to be excused. Soon he found himself down on his favorite beach starring out at the rolling waves, as they took their turn crashing in on the shore. So deep in his thoughts that he failed to notice how close the the water was to him until a wave flowed over his shoes.

"Shoot!" Alan cursed.

He really had not wanted to get his new tennis shoes wet, but to late about that. Gathering up some stones he climbed up on a rock to dry off. He had so many emotions and confusing thoughts running through him, and at this moment the most prevalent was anger! Taking up his skimmer he began shooting at a log about sixty feet away. By the time he was finished he was hitting his mark everytime. Slowly he felt his anger ebbing away only to be replaced with confusion, and loneliness. The later due more to his feeling of not fitting in with his family.

Alan could hear his grandmother and Mr Winters telling him 'you should always do your best. Use the gifts given to you. Be patient. Things will work out.'

Unfortunetly patience was not one of his stronger gifts. A quick temper and anger seemed to be more prevalent, and right now the anger was building again. Why hadn't his father believed him when he told him about the little girl and that the alarm business that was his own... Okay he reasoned to himself, so maybe telling him during one of their yelling matches was not the the best way to reveal it, so his father not acknowledging he accomplishment was mostly his own fault.

Alan sighed and started to shoot a few more rocks with his skimmer as he continued to daydream. Why couldn't he go on missions with his family? Well he knew why, he wasn't as smart or as tall and strong as his brothers, but surely there would be something he could do to help. He had been sneakinging into the stimulators for a long time now and when he did get stuck on something, he would ask why something worked in a round about way that would not tip his family off that he was practicing. They would have a fit if they knew of he behind the scene activities. He sighed again. If he could just go and watch from the birds, may be he would not feel so fearful of something happening to one of his family. Now he had to find out from watching television, or Tin Tin about any injury. When he would confront his family they just dismissed his concerns and told him they just didn't want to worry him.

"Just concentrate on school. There is nothing you could do stop it anyhow. We'll let you know if need be."

That his family could not understand his fears only served to add to his frustrations. Alan was very upset at the prospect of possibly being sent away to any other school, but a military school? Unthinkable! With his inability to keep his mouth shut, he would constantly be trying to make up for all the demerits he would have. The stories Scott and Gordon used to tell him about others in their units who 'just couldn't cut the mustard.' That would be him too and the stories of what had happened to them, were more than a little frightening. Of course according to Scott and Gordon they were always able to do what was expected of them. Alan just knew he would be doomed from the start.

Alan had been daydreaming for so long he was startled when a rain drop landed on his face bringing him back to reality. Looking around he realized it was near evening and he would be in trouble again if he was late to dinner. He just hoped the rain would hold off. No sooner had that thought crossed his mind, then the rain began to fall. Now he was late and wet. Shrugging his shoulders he slowed to a safer pace. He was already late and wet, no sense adding physical injury to the list because of a fall. Alan walked in the patio door dripping wet, hoping to to sneak up to his room. Nothing was going his way today so he wasn't overly surprized when his father called to him from the supper table.

"Alan, your late. Go and get changed. Be quick about it or there will be nothing left the way your brothers are chowing down. I want you in my study at nineteen hundred hours. There are things we need to discuss."

"Yes sir." Alan replied quietly. He could hear his brothers snickering in the back ground. No need to hurry as that summons just killed any appitate. He walked slowly to his room. No doubt "the talk" was going to be his father telling him he was being placed in a military school. His stomach began to feel nauseated. Trying to post-pone the inevitable he took an extra long hot shower to warm up and hopefully give his stomach time to settle. It was nearing his summons time, he headed straight to Jeff's office, sure that if he did eat anything it would come back to haunt him. Taking a deep breath he knocked on the door to his father's office door.

"Come in Alan. Have a seat."

Alan did as he was instructed without a word, taking a seat in front of his fathers desk.

His father looked up from the papers he had been reading. Jeff gave Alan a raised eyebrow as he looked him straight in the eye while he twirled a pen. The look always seemed to be able to make any of the brothers know they were not going to like what they were about to be told. After what seemed an eternity to Alan, Jeff cleared his throat and said, "I called you in to talk about where you will be attending school this coming semester."

Alan squirmed in his seat.

"I had every intention of telling you that you would be continuing your education at Greens Burrow's Military academy."

Alan had his head down, "I knew it, I knew he would send me away to a militay school." He kept telling himself under his breath, "be calm, don't make a big scene. Just quietly explain that you are leaving and he won't have to worry about..." suddenly Alan jerked his head up. "What?...What did you say? You HAD every intention?"

He felt his heart start to race as his father's words started to sink in.

"You will not... be going to the Military School I had originally selected. At least not this semester."

Alan let out a breath of relief he hadn't even realized he was holding. A small smile appeared as he hoped he would hear his father say he was indeed going to let him home school.

"You mean I can stay on the island?" Alan could no longer sit still, jumping up with excitement, "You mean I can stay? I can home school? May be start training as a Thunderbird? You won't be sorry, I promise! I'll show you I can..."

"ALAN!" Jeff yelled.

Seeing at the look on his father's face, Alan's face fell,and his heart broke.

"Alan, once again you have jumped to conclusions and started off in your own little world instead of listening to all of the facts. This why you can not school here and why you are NOT ready to be a part of the ThunderBirds. Your tendency to NOT LISTEN to what is being said would only lead to someone being hurt or worse."

"But said..."

"No buts Alan. I said you will not be going to the 'military' school this semester. Whether or not that remains the case is yet to be determined."

Alan sank back into his chair, fighting to keep tears at bay and hide his immense disappointment in both himself and what his father had said. He barely heard Jeff's next words.

"Your brother John, said you would be miserable in a military school and on his own found a school that was willing to take you, dispite your reputation. It met all of my criteria. It is called Wharton's School for Boys. Now, understand me, you will use this oppurtunity to prove to me that you can get the grades your Grandmother says you are capable of and you will stay out of trouble or I WILL place you in the Greens Burrow's Military Academy! Do you understand what I have just told you?" Frustration clearly in Jeff's voice.

Alan fought to not let his own anger come to the forefront as he struggled to hide the emotional upheaval he now found himself experiencing.

"I understand."

"Now, I have talked with Brains and suprisingly he has agreed to let Fermat go with you. I expect you to conduct youself in an acceptable mannor. Understand me, there will be no more second chances."

"I understand. May I leave, sir?"

"Go ahead Alan. We will be leaving monday morning. Be ready on time."

"Yes sir." Alan walked out of his father's office and headed to his room. Lying on his bed he tried again to sort out his emotions. He knew he could do much better in school if he would apply himself. He should listen to Grandma and Mr Winters "use the gifts you have been blessed with. I guess I should call John and thank him for stopping dad from sending me to the military school. I'm glad Fermate will be with me. Okay I'll give it a chance."


Monday morning Alan found himself in Tracy One heading to Whartons Academy for Boys. He glanced back down at the island as it grew smaller and smaller. A feeling of unease settled into the pit of his stomach as he kept telling himself. "Surely it can't get any worse then what I have all ready gone through."

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