"All of you along with 6 of the boys from St John's your rival school are going to a school in America on a project for me and Chris Marhin, the headmaster at St John's. You leave tomorrow at 1 pm," Miss Fritton tells us as we sit in her office.

"Wait what about band practice," I say standing up.

"The girls will just have to do it without you miss Gilmore," Miss Fritton says sympathetically.

"Go get packed and meet down in the foyer at 1 tomorrow," Miss Fritton tells us before shooing us off.


And that was how I found myself on a plane with some of my best friends and a group of guys I'd meet only a handful of times, thank god they were hot.

"Lee," Annie (Annabelle) whispers pointing to a very cute dark haired dark eyed guy that was smirking at me hotly.

Winking at him jokingly I look around at the others to see Chloe, Peaches' and Chelsea flirting with three very happy looking guys. Laughing I point them out to Annie before turning to see my smirker and a blonde haired babe, that looked perfect for Annie, looking at me and Annie.

Looking at each other I stand up and walk over, nicely telling the blonde that Annie was waiting for him before sitting in his now empty seat.

"I'm Lee," I tell the guy beside me.

"Peter," he replies, his voice making shivers go up my spine.


Turn's put me and Peter have quite a lot in common and we end up talking almost all of the plane ride when Polly's voice turns all of our eyes to us.

"Lee," she says looking right at me.

"Tell me," I say frisking out a bit at her tone.

"Guess what school we're going to," she replies.

"That's not funny, not even remotely," I say angrily a tear trailing down my cheek.

"We're going to give them hell," Peaches' tells me.

"They're going to regret hurting you," Annabelle adds.

I smirk. "No one messes' with a St Trinian's girl."

"Wait who hurt you," Annie's blonde guy, John asks.

"Oh my twin brother and his best friends," I say.

"Yeah, they used to give her hell, and one of Colin's friends, a guy called Dean used to beat Lee up when they were younger. Man they did all sorts to you," Annie says.

"Yeah I remember on winter they woke me up in the middle of the night and took me outside to tie me to a tree far away from the house. It was snowing that night too," I say thinking back.

"Yeah and they tried to drown you too, that was the first holidays when your mum made you go back to them," Chelsea adds.

"Yeah, I forgot about that, they knew I had a fear of water, because Colin had drowned my cat when we were younger so they threw me out in the middle of the lake when we were in the boat with my parents, man I don't think I've ever seen 'mum' and 'dad' laugh so hard," I say bitterly.

"Wow your family sucks," Peter comments grabbing my hand and entwining our fingers.

"Yeah, and it turns out that the school we're going to is Lee's old one," Chloe adds.

"Well we'll all be there for you," says Leyton, the one that Chelsea's flirting with.

"Thank you all so much," I say sincerely looking around at them all.

"Wait where are we all staying," I say when a vision of me with my 'family' appears.

"Miss Fritton and Mr Marhin worked it out, they found us a place big enough for us all near school," Annie says quickly, seeing the fear on my face.

"Thank god," I sigh leaning back into Peter, who happily raps an arm around me.