Gnat1: Yes, readers of SSB: Murderhouse, the sequel is finally here!
You guys loved Murderhouse enough that I made the decision to bring
you SSB: Mystery :p

Now, I'm going to be honest and say that Murderhouse could've been
done much, much better. It was a bit rushed, there were a few errors I
made, and overrall wasn't well polished. Therefore, I hope this story
will be better and more enjoyable than it's predecessor. This WILL be
a short fanfic though, only about 5 chapters, but I'll try to make it

Fair warning: Future chapters will contain blood, and a heavy amount
of murders, in a way Murderhouse did not have. This also contains a
Murderhouse spoiler.

You have been warned, now let's get on with the story!


The Smash Mansion. So big, so full of life, and so noisy. One couldn't
last a full five minutes in there without getting a headache,
especially when the Smashers were in rowdy moods.

It had been about three months since the tragic serial-killing
incident, where Ike and Meta Knight (with the assistance of Pit,
Snake, Sonic, and Ganandorf) had figured out who was behind the series
of murders. To everyone's shock, it was R.O.B and Lucario. R.O.B had
been reproggramed, and Lucario manipulated, into killing off each of
the Smashers, one by one. They would have succeeded, if it wasn't for
Crazy Hand and Ganandorf, the two remaining survivors. They stopped
the killers, and revived all of the Smashers, but at the expense of
Ganandorf's life. Since then, both R.O.B and Lucario have been feeling
awful about the entire ordeal, despite that they keep getting
reassured that it wasn't their fault. Ganandorf had been missed, mostly
by the other Legend of Zelda characters, as they became good friends
with him during the Smash Tournement. Thankfully, the Smashers knew
how to keep in good cheer, more so than one would like...

"THAT WAS AWESOME!" Lucas shouted as he fired another soda bottle down
the hallway. Link quickly dived out of the way. He got back onto his
feet and glared at the pyschic-powered boy.

"What are you doing up this late? Isn't it around 10:00 PM?"

Lucas shrugged as Ness walked out. "Well, yeah, technically, but we've
been hosting this soda-launch competition and..."

Link facepalmed. "Well, go tell that to everyone that you just woke up
with your shouting."

"He wasn't shouting THAT loud!" Popo defended Lucas as he walked up
holding another soda bottle.

Link didn't feel the need to reply, and simply rolled his eyes. He
walked down the hall and to his room. Now, normally he would be in bed
by 9:00 at the latest, but he had just finished a late-night brawl
against Marth. Marth had won, as he was the first to acheive the
Smashball. It had been a close fight, and Link had a fair chance of
winning, but then there was that darn Smashball.

Link, however, didn't seem to mind losing. After all, one learns from
his mistakes, so he took it as a lesson (the lesson being "Don't mess
with Marth when he's got a Smashball"). He yawned and entered his

His roommate, Fox, had fallen fast asleep and was snoring loudly. Link
let off a small chuckle and hung his hat in the closet, closed the
closet door, and climbed into his own bunk on the other side of the
room. The exhausted, green-clad warrior fell right into sleep.



Hm? What was that? Link woke up from his sleep, his vision blurry. The
small digital clock he left at the side of his bunk read 2:46 AM.


Despite that he wanted to get back to sleep, he figured that he should
find the source of the noise that had woken him up. He got out of bed
and looked around the dark apartment. Fox was still asleep, the door
to the room was still closed, with a light shining from beneath,
probably due to the hallway lights being left on, and the closet door
was wide open.

Wait... he had CLOSED the closet door! He reached down at his bedside
and pulled out his fabled weapon, the Master Sword, and made his way
over through the darkness and towards the closet. Yep, someone had
opened it, as the door had been rolled to the side, revealing a dark
abyss of space.

"...Hello?" he asked in a hoarse whisper.

Suddenly, a dark figure rolled out of the closet. Link jumped and
slashed at him with his blade. The figure was too quick, however, and
before Link had time to react, he threw a small object down on the
ground, and a dark, purple light filled the room. It emitted a strong
pressure, and knocked Link out. His vision went black.

Gnat1: And there you have it, the prolouge is up! I know, this wasn't
all that interesting, but I can assure you that it will get better
than this (hopefully).

Anyway, R&R, everyone, and have a great day!