"Wha... what the...?"

Link's eyes cracked open, allowing a flurry of light to flood his
vision. He winced as the brightness stung his eyes, piercing the
sheild of darkness protected behind his eyelids. He groaned and sat
up, looking around the room he was now in.

There were several desks, each with a large computer. The carpet was
jet-black, and the walls were painted a dull brownish color. Several
people were running throughout the room, appearing to be quickly
getting whatever work they were doing done. One of them, an old man
with a rather large beard, stopped in front of Link and roughly kicked
the Hylian.

"Up! We have no time to rest!" the man ordered, pulling Link to his feet.

Now Link was more confused then ever.

"...What work?" he asked.

"Blasted fool, you mean you don't know your job?"

"I... I'm afraid not..."

"Bilgesnipe! This is a problem!" The man exclaimed, slapping his hand
to his forehead. He looked around quickly and spotted a bag of trash.
Grabbing it, he turned to Link and thrust it in his hands. "Here, for
now you can take this trash out to the dumpster! You need to be doing
SOME kind of work, or else we're in trouble!". And with that, the man
ran off to one of the desks.

Link stood there for a minute. He had several questions.

Why did everyone need to be constantly working?

Why was everyone in such a rush?

Where was he?

How did he get here?

Where the heck were the dumpsters?

The Hylian sighed and decided that if he wanted to figure anything
out, he'd have to play along. There were three doors on different
walls, and he assumed one of them led to a dumpster. Choosing one at
random, he made his way over to a door on the wall to his right.

Passing through the doors brought him to a long hallway, and he could
see an 'EXIT' sign hanging over a door at the end.

Making his way through the hall, Link could only go over the thousands
of questions in his head. He quickly began to repiece everything that
had happened. He remembered waking up in the middle of the night, and
being attacked by a figure in black, but after that... everything
seemed fuzzy.

Despite the questions, there was one thing for certain: Everyone
working in this peculiar facility (or at least the old man) were in a
desperate rush, as if they needed something to get done with quickly.
It was strange, as Link had noticed a few other people in the computer
room franticly rushing about. He sighed. What did it matter? All he
wanted to focus on right now was to just take out a bag of trash and
then find a way back to the Smash Mansion. He made his way to the end
of the hallway and exited into the outside.

His mouth dropped as he looked around the outside world. This
facility, or whatever it was he had woken up in, was in the middle of
a jungle. Tropical trees hung low over his head, with various patches
of the deep blue sky behind it. Link turned around to face the
concrete walls of a large building he had just come out from.

Okay, now he was really lost.

Well, at least he found the dumpster, which sat a few yards away from
the door he had just exited. He made his way over and quickly threw
the garbage bag in it. With that done, he quickly began thinking to

Let's see... I got attacked by a blacked-out person in the middle of
the night, pass out, wake up in the middle of some random building,
get handed a bag of trash by some old man, and now I find that this
whole setting is centered in a remote jungle.

He looked up at the sky.

What the HECK happened last night?

He heaved a sigh and walked back to the door. As soon as he was back
inside, he'd have to start asking people questions. He opened the
door, and...

A loud shriek rung through the halls and reached Link's ears, who had
just entered the building. The Hylian froze as he heard the
hair-raising wail. It sounded as if someone was in pain. He unsheathed
his master sword and slowly creeped down the halls.

Something strange was happening, and he didn't like it.

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