It had been a year since the end of the war. Harry's life was back on track, and his fame had slowly started to die down. Well enough that he could leave his house, without reporters. He was living in Grimmauld with Remus, unfortunately a pregnant Tonks had been killed a few months before the final battle, in trying to help her father escape. Ted had survived, and he and Andromeda remained close to Remus and Harry. Harry had taken his NEWT exams, even though he hadn't finished school, and he had passed top of his class. He had spent the last year taking some courses at the auror academy, not sure though it was the path he wished to take. He helped the twins with their store as well, Fred having barely survived the final battle. He was set to make some choices. He had put off doing quidditch, as he hadn't been sure about being an auror or playing. But the United's seeker hadn't retired that spring as planned, and he had to decide to try out for another team, or wait another year. He wanted to play with Oliver and Katie, and he was enjoying his time with the courses at the academy. Remus was keeping busy writing texts, and was even working as a consultant for the Department of mysteries. Minerva had offered them both DADA, but they had both turned it down. Ginny had graduated from school that summer, and Harry knew everyone expected him to propose. He had bought the ring, but he wasn't certain. Hermione and Ron were to marry that winter, after a long engagement. Hermione was done the first of two years in law school, and Ron had entered full auror training unlike Harry. He would be done in a year as well, and they were talking about kids then.

It was their anniversary, and Harry had plans for him and Ginny. He had brought the ring with him, and if things went well, he'd propose that night. He was still unsure about this, but he was certain it was just cold feet on his part. They had been dating since just after the final battle, the anniversary had been a few weeks before. They had of course dated before that, but he had broken up with her. Hermione and Ron were all for him proposing. The twins, Remus who had become like a dad, and others like Oliver, were not so sure.

Remus watched as he came down stairs. "So you are going to do it?"

Harry stopped. "If tonight goes well."

Remus came to his side. "Are you sure?"

Harry worried. "You don't think I should?"

Remus sighed. "You know I will support any decision you make."

Harry smiled a little. "Good, because you are the only family I have, and I need you there."

Remus kissed his cheek. "You have the Tonks, and friends, but I will be there."

Harry smirked. "Andromeda and Ted, not sure I'd be embracing the other Blacks."

Remus laughed. "Narcissa was kissed. Draco is a good kid."

Harry was reminded Remus was good friends with Severus. "How is he?"

Remus knew he asked about Severus. "Recovering. Will return to the class in the fall."

Harry shook his head. "Thought he may retire."

Remus shrugged. "He decided he had a few more years left to torture kids. Minerva wants him to take over when she retires."

Harry grunted as he headed for the door. "All the more reason for me not to take the job."

Remus laughed. "I think he'd agree."

Severus was like Fred, he had barely escaped the final battle with his life. It was Fleur of all people, who had just enough vela blood, to help. Harry had thought him dead, when he left him, but he had survived. The man had a long recovery, and that fall he would return to school. Harry had seen neither him nor the Malfoys since the funerals. Narcissa had been kissed, and last he heard, both Malfoys were off somewhere. They returned from time to time, to see Severus. Remus and the man were friends, had dinner a few times a month. Any time a Malfoy was in the country, the newspapers made a big deal, because of their spy role. It had been months since he remembered seeing an article about them.

Harry headed to Ottery, not to the Burrow, but to the house Hermione and Ron owned. They had used the money they got for their part in the war, to purchase a home there. Anyone who got the order of Merlin had got money, Harry had donated his for a werewolf ward. Ginny was living with the couple, and had been signed as a reserve seeker for the Harpies, in the fall.

He did stop at the Burrow first and Hermione kissed his cheek. "She is home."

Harry showed the flowers. "Thank you for helping."

Ron grinned. "Is tonight the night?"

Harry nodded. "I hope so."

Molly saw him but didn't know. "Harry? Are you staying for dinner?"

Harry shook his head. "I was on my way to see your daughter."

Molly's smile grew. "Oh young love."

Arthur laughed. "Better get out of here, before she launches in to a story."

Ron saw him out. "We are having a family dinner tonight."

Harry nodded. "I can see that."

Ron nudged him. "Perfect place to announce the news to all."

Harry smirked. "Let me try to get the words out first."

Ron shrugged. "I can't wait to be your best man."

Harry headed down the road. Hermione and Ron lived in town, they had bought a nice house, not as big as the Burrow, but much newer. It was four bedrooms, and there was a small guest cottage out back as well. Ginny had taken over the little cottage, paying some rent, for now. It wasn't much, but she was hoping soon to move in with him, Harry knew. Molly didn't mind Ron and Hermione living together, as they were engaged. But she would have had a fit, if Harry and Ginny were even if in other rooms, until they were.

Harry saw the lights on, and after knocking and getting no answer, he walked into the small cottage. He saw some clothes on the floor, and smiled, Ginny always had trouble deciding to wear. And he hadn't told her where they were going that night.

He pushed open the bedroom door. "Gin, are you ready to go?"

A shocked Ginny exclaimed from bed. "Harry?"

Harry stumbled from the room. "I can't believe this."

He was half way out the door when Ginny caught up in a robe. "Harry, it isn't what it looks like."

Harry turned. "You weren't just fucking Seamus on our anniversary?"

Ginny went pale. "It was nothing, he is nothing, just a bit of fun."

Harry saw Seamus come out. "How long?"

Seamus answered. "Six months."

Harry was furious. "You can have her."

Ginny tried to stop him. "It was just some fun, once I am your wife….."

Harry spat. "You think I'd ever marry you? I never want to see you again."

He stormed through the yard, and he apparated back home, where he threw the engagement ring across the room. A worried Remus came in, and tried to calm him down. Remus went from upset to furious for Harry, when he heard what the harlot had done to him. He hadn't thought Harry should marry her, but this was too much. He was just happy, as painful as that had been, that Harry knew the truth.

He calmed his son. "Maybe it's time to take a trip, go away for a bit. You need to clear your head and see what is out there."