Harry had a hard time believing it, but he and Lucius were celebrating their ten year anniversary. The families were having a party for them at home, before they took off for a week. Draco and Blaise with their two, and Remus and Severus would join them. They were going a bit late, as they had to go during Easter. The twins were a few years from school, but Tibern was in school, and three of them taught. Well soon to be two, Severus was taking over as headmaster finally in the fall. Harry had made Minerva wait, but when the twins were five, he took over defense. He had played professional and taught for a year, but retired. He and Lucius had three, blessed with a second son, giving Severus his heir. With their son, little Constantine Alastor Caelum, and grandson Valerian Lucius, Alya remained the only female Malfoy. Lucius spoiled all his children and grandchildren rotten, but the early bond with Alya had only grown over the years.

The Burrow was oddly enough the location of the anniversary party. Molly was happy to host, plenty of friends and family. Harry's friends like Oliver and Katie, and Neville and Luna, came with their kids. Molly had fifteen grandchildren, and Harry's., nine boys and six girls.

Lucius was surprised when they arrived. "Is that…."

Harry nodded. "I wasn't aware she was here."

Molly came to hug them. "She will be leaving soon."

Arthur nodded. "Before the party. You're early."

Harry assured them. "I understand, she is your granddaughter."

Molly smiled. "She reminds me of Ginny before….."

Arthur sighed. "We weren't sure you'd want to see him."

Harry shook his head. "It has been too many years, I have moved on."

Dean appeared in the door. "I am happy to hear that."

Siobhan saw him. "Daddy."

Dean caught her up in his arms. "Hey princess, did you have a good weekend with your grandparents?"

Siobhan, who was eleven and to start school that fall smiled. "Uncle Fred took me to work."

Dean looked at the couple. "Thank you."

Arthur smiled. "We love having her."

Siobhan hugged her family, and headed off with Dean. Dean and Seamus kept their promise, to keep the Weasleys always in her life. The little girl spent a weekend every month and some time at holidays. In school, things would change, but they'd still have time. Dean and Seamus had no other children, they had been unable. Siobhan was enough, and she had the same unbreakable bond with Dean, that Lucius and Alya had. Ginny was still in a vegetative state, though with years of therapy and medicine, could respond physically at times. Her parents continued to visit her once a month, but agreed long ago, it was not good for Siobhan. She knew about her mother, but didn't need to see her like that.

Harry had meant it, he could move on, and past what had happened. As the rest of the family arrived, he was happy they had stood by him and here to celebrate with them. Dominique and Alya were soon talking, the two cousins close in age.

Victoire though bounded over to her Uncle. "Uncle Luc, are you coming?"

Lucius smiled. "We will be back for the game."

Fleur smiled. "She'd never let you hear the end of it if not."

Harry assured his niece. "We'll be there though I am conflicted."

Victoire was confused. "Why?"

Remus laughed as he came in. "Because you are playing my house, his old house."

Bill nodded. "I never thought any child of mine would be Slytherin."

Ron groaned. "I said he was spending too much time with her."

Victoire shrugged. "Other than Alya , I am sure the others will be lions."

Harry whispered. "You may want to include her brothers, or Uncle Luc may pout."

Lucius heard. "I don't pout, but all Malfoys are Slytherins."

Harry kissed his husband. "And Potters are lions."

The party moved outside, as the friends arrived and others like Draco, his husband and their boys. Draco and Blaise were just returned from a weekend in Spain, with Maria. Alphonso had shocked all, when he was still alive, surviving fifteen years of marriage to Blaise's mother. The man and Maria may never have found love, but the man had shown a fondness for her grandsons. Harry may have been a young grandfather, of age to be Uncle to the boys, but he adored Lucius' grandsons. And he had learned to spoil from the best.

Molly brought out the wine. "Better get to this."

Harry smirked. "Ready for a drink already."

Arthur laughed. "Know you too well."

Fred agreed. "You will slip away early."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "We don't leave till next week."

Molly handed him a glass. "Alya let on about a sleep over this weekend with her big brother."

Draco smirked. "Not good with secrets."

Harry laughed. "We are staying for some."

Arthur raised a glass. "And we are happy to share it."

It really was no surprise, even with the trip in a week. Usually the kids came, but once a year he and Luc took a trip alone. It was only a weekend, and for their anniversary, but special for them. They loved their kids, and their lives, but needed it. And between the grandpas, and Draco, they had help. Lucius did whisk his husband away, to Paris for the night, where they ended up at the Louvre.

Lucius toasted him under the same pyramid where he proposed. "To ten amazing years."

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