So basically this is when Annabeth meets Percy. I have a few more ideas for moments I can use, but I would take requests. Please review! :)

I looked at the boy on the couch, bored to tears. He was muttering a bit in his sleep, but he still hadn't opened his eyes. Chiron had said to feed him the ambrosia pudding, but how was I supposed to do that when he was asleep? It wasn't too bad, though, having to stare at his face. He had a strong jaw line and a mouth that looked like it was permanently smiling. He probably wouldn't be smiling when he woke up, though. The poor guy had lost his mom. I didn't know anything about this kid's relationship with his mother, but that would be hard for anyone, especially a demigod. As rocky as my relationship with my dad was, it was nice to know that I had a mortal parent who I didn't have to send food offerings to contact.

A groan interrupted my thoughts. I looked at the boy, (What was it that Grower had called him… Percy?) and he shook his head a bit and opened his eyes.

His eyes were gorgeous. They were a deep sea green that I was sure only occurred naturally in the ocean when the water was settling after a storm.

The breathtaking eyes blinked blearily at me, so I shook myself out of my stupor and lifted a spoon of ambrosia pudding to his mouth.