So I found this in one of my notebooks from a looooong time ago, and it totally fit with this series, so I decided to post it. Thanks for the reviews, keep them coming, along with requests for moments!

This is when Percy gets stung by Luke's scorpion in The Lightning Thief. Enjoy! :)

I was down by the archery range, practicing my shot, when a satyr ran up to me.

"Annabeth!" he called. "Come quickly!" I exchanged puzzled looks with my half-brother Malcolm, who was practicing next to me. When the satyr reached us, he started talking so fast that I couldn't really understand him.

"It's Percy…. Unconscious, at the Big House…. Not sure what happened, but he looks really bad…," He said more, but I had already taken off towards the Big House.

When I reached the Big House, there was a small crowd gathered around, talking excitedly. I pushed my way to the front and burst through the door. I stood there for a moment, taking in the scene.

Chiron was kneeling over Percy, who was lying on the couch. My stomach lurched when I saw him. His face was ashen, abut he was twitching every second or so, his eyelids fluttering. Chiron was holding his hand, examining his palm. There was a bloody gash there, and the skin around it was the color of a bruise.

I rushed over to the couch and whispered, "What happened?"

Chiron didn't look up at me, and I knew he was focusing his healing magic on Percy's hand. "He got stung by a pit scorpion. We don't know why. The dryads found him in the woods when he was barely conscious."

I wanted to ask Chiron the question, but I wasn't sure I wanted to hear the answer. Hesitantly, I asked, " Is he going to be alright?"

Chiron looked up, his eyes grim. "I don't know, my dear. I have done all I can for him, we'll just have to see."

Percy let out a faint moan, and I bit my lip and watched him twitch feverishly. I felt like I had been socked in the stomach. After the quest was over, I had more time to sort out my feelings about Percy, and I had decided that I really liked him. What I felt about Percy was different than what I felt for Luke, and I wasn't sure yet which was better. Percy was just so kind, and funny, and brave. Not to mention he had the most attractive eyes I had ever seen on a guy.

In conclusion, Percy couldn't die. He may have been a Seaweed Brain, but I was beginning to wish he was my Seaweed Brain.

*************************** (a few days later) ************************

I had been sitting in the Big House all afternoon, waiting for Percy to wake up. Chiron had decided that he was going to make it, and I had almost fainted in relief. Percy was still extremely pale, but his fever had gone down so he was out of danger.

I was reading an architectural book when I noticed Percy shifting around restlessly on the couch. A second later, he opened his eyes. The deep, entrancing green seemed to light up his face, and he looked up at me and grinned.

"Here we are again."