* If anyone is ever going to read this (probably not), This story was greatly inspired by Enchantment101's story, My Sanctuary, please check it out. Also I have never played a Fable game because I do not own a Xbox or Xbox360, but I have done my research on the characters and have watched a walkthrough of Fable 3 three times and have watched one of Fable 2 once. I also went on the wiki to learn about the characters better if you have any complaints or ideas feel free to share. And warning this is more of an OC princess and OOC characters, I apologize*

Sun pierced through the window of the young princess' room. Her eyes strained before she was able to open them completely. She slowly sits up while stretching her arms. Relaxing, she looks towards the window as Jasper entered her room, "Good Morning, Princess. Did you sleep well?" "Yes, In fact, I had the most amazing dream." She replied getting up out of bed. "And what would that be, Princess." He questioned helping her undress. "Well, I was in a field. It was open and wide, full of color!" She said spreading her arms up in the air, making it harder for Jasper to tie her red and gold dress, "Then, I grew wings! Beautiful white bird wings. I jumped in the air and never came down. I flew over all of Albion! It was simply amazing! I could relive that dream over and over again." She finished twirling around in her gown. "What a wonderful dream, Princess. And look at you in that dress, dashing!" Jasper complimented. "Oh Jasper! I haven't even gotten my hair done yet." "Oh yes, but of course." Jasper stood aside while the maid came into her room to style her hair. "And why is it that you won't let me style your hair?" "Simple, you can't." "Yes, but why can't I?" "No, what I mean is that you can't style hair." "Can't style hair! Huh! I seem to do a fine job with my own." "Oh yes..." "Is that a joke?" "Of course not, Jasper! You're hair is quite interesting! And more importantly I prefer a woman's touch on my hair."

The maid smiles at the young princess finishing her hair. "Is it to your liking?" "Yes, thank you." The maid bows before leaving the room. "Ah look at you! Flawless! Who could resist you?"Jasper compliments. "Jasper..." The Princess puts a piece of the hair behind her ear only for it to fall back into place. Her hair was the reason for her name, Ebony. Daughter of the Hero of Bowerstone and sister to Logan. "Come now, Princess, your father will be needing your presence." He says overing his arm. Ebony smiles lightly before locking arms with Jasper.

At the table sat, Ebony and Logan awaiting their parents arrival for breakfast. The food had already been placed but remains untouched. Ebony looks over to her brother, who hasn't said a word, let alone looked at her. "Brother? Do you know what is keeping mother and father?" Logan shifts his eyes towards her, but remains silent. Ebony raises her eyebrows, "Brother ar-" she stops speaking when she hears muffled voices coming down the hall. Ebony recognizes the voices. They belonged to her parents. A sense of worry sweeps over her as she notices that their voices are haste and spiteful. She quickly turns her head back to her food when the door opens. She pretends not to have noticed the commotion. Her mother and father sit at the opposite sides of the table in silence. Ebony shifts her eyes awaiting words to be spoken. After what seemed like an eternity her father speaks up, "How did you sleep, Ebony?" "I slept well father. I hope you can say the same?" She turns to him. Out the corner of her eye she sees her mother look down slightly. "I slept...well." Ebony took note of the dread in his voice, but did not voice the concern. She slowly and quietly ate her food still awaiting words. "Ebony, you know that your mother and I love you, yes?" Ebony, taken back by the question answers, "Well of course I do. Why ask such a thing?" "Ebony your father and I have been talking about some...arrangements." her mother joined in. "Arrangements? Like what?" "A crisis has risen in Albion and it involves you." Her father continues. "Me? What have I done?" "Nothing, but how it will be resolved depends on you." Her mother answers. "I am rather confused about what is being said to me." "Why Don't you just tell her!" Logan shouts making his way into the conversation. Ebony quickly looks at her brother, "Tell me what?" "Logan keep your mouth shut about this matter, you agreed to this with us. But let me handle this." their father disciplines. Logan furiously got up from his seat and stormed out the room without another word. Ebony, speechless, turns to her parents with the pleading look for answers. "Ebony, your mother and I talked about this all night but we had to agree." "Agree to what?" Ebony questioned. "A deal that may be able to stop the crisis." her father continues. "Yes, but how am I involved?" A long silence takes them. Ebony's heart had started to beat faster and faster as the silence dragged on. "Father, what has happened?" She pleads. "With this industrial boom we have been having some troubles in the kingdom." "Industrial boom?" Ebony knew nothing of the industrial boom, she was not one for such affairs. "An old...ally of mine has offered his help." ''Who? How will this ally help?" Ebony's mind started thinking the worst making her breathing become faster. "He has agreed to give his industrial resources and a significant amount of gold, but in return." He... Ebony knew what was going to be said next, but she didn't want to believe it. She couldn't believe it. "He has asked for your hand in marriage." She wouldn't believe it. "W-What? Marriage? No..no! That's not possible! It's a mistake! You're lying!" "I'm afraid not Ebony. With this deal the kingdom would be set for many generations we could prosper and rebuild what has been lost." Ebony shook her head, "No...no..this-this isn't..." "I know this is much to ask of you, but it is the only way to save this kingdom from collapsing. Ebony's heart raced with fear and stress. This was happening to her. She was being bought off. Her turned to her mother, "Mother? Please...please tell me you don't agree with this!" Her mother simply looked away from her daughter. "Mother! Please..." Ebony begged, her emerald eyes burning into her mother's brown ones. "Ebony..." her father tried to sympathize. "Logan would never let you do this to me! That is why he spoke up!" Ebony yelled at her father. "Logan knew this would be hard on you, but he did agree on this." Ebony just shook her head as her eyes widened, "No...you're lying..." "I am not Ebony. We all agreed." "I have not! Nor will I! You forgot to ask he person who the deal affects the most!" Ebony yelled. "Know your place, child!" her father screamed. Ebony fell silent. "You are nearing the age of 18. You needed to find a husband soon. This agreement can give you that." "I do not want a husband! This deal may give me one, but it takes away everything else from me! My life! My home! Gone! Because you were foolish enough to squander the money away! You caused the problem! You fix it! You cannot get me involved!"Ebony cried. "Enough! You are my daughter and you will listen to my words! You will resect the authority of the king." he screams slamming his fist down and table. Ebony, now with tear stained eyes, grew completely silent. What he said was true, she has to remain with the king and his decisions. Ebony managed to choke out, "-Who-who is the ma-man?" Her father signed deeply and angrily, "My old ally, Reaver."

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