Ebony exhaled with a soft questioning groan, as she heard a knock at her door. Sluggishly and stretching her arms, she sat up. Still in her dream's daze, she squinted her eyes almost questioning the existence of the knocking. She shook her head and opened and closed her eyes a couple times before taking in reality. Charles was hopping around on the floor curiously inspecting every inch of the room. The knocking at the door continued proving she wasn't dreaming it.

"Priscilla. It must be Priscilla." She mumbled to herself quietly. "Please come in." The door opened smoothly, but it was not Priscilla who entered the room. In fact, it wasn't anyone Ebony recognized.

"Good morning my Lady." A woman with ashy brown hair and matching dark brown eyes greeted. She was dressed simplistically, no indication of high born status. Her dress was plain and half covered by a burgundy apron. She entered the room swiftly and quietly shut the door behind her.

Ebony looked at her with blinking confusion as her lips moved to say something, but stopped leaving her lips slightly agape.

The unknown woman walked further in the room until she reached the head of Ebony's bed. "Shall I prepare your gown for day, my Lady?"

Ebony's eyes shifted from side to side before returning to center. "Um Pardon me, but who..are you..?"

"Oh dear me, please pardon my rudeness Lady Ebony. I am, as of now, your chamber maid."

Ebony was wide eyed and an ocean of pure unknowing swallowed her. "Chamber maid? What happened to Priscilla?"

The woman hummed trying to recall that name, "I'm sorry, my Lady, but I cannot recall such a name." Ebony hatefully went from dumbfounded to sheer anger. She threw herself out of bed and ran out of the door.

"My Lady! You shouldn't leave your chambers in your night gown!" The woman called after her. Ebony did not heed her warning and quickly made her way towards Reaver's office. She didn't bother knocking as she swung the door open wide. Reaver looked up calmly from his desk and smiled coyly.

"Eager to have our breakfast? Well, I understand the eagerness, but you really should get dressed."

"Where is she?" Ebony questioned harshly.

"She who?" Reaver questioned tilting his hand off to the side.

"Priscilla! Where is she!" The desperation in her voice overpowered any form of anger. Reaver's reply was interrupted by the scurrying of feet.

"My Lady there you are! Oh Master Reaver I deeply apologize for this and I take full responsibility-"

"Hush now. It's fine, fine! Just leave me and my wife to talk." Reaver shooed.

"Yes Master Reaver." The woman quickly left but not before shutting the door leaving Ebony and Reaver to themselves.

Ebony looked at Reaver, her emerald eyes pleading with his dark ones to share his secrets. Reaver slowly got up from his desk and approached the distraught girl.

"Well?" Ebony barely spoke. "No please don't tell me you did something because I told her to take off yesterday!"

"No no no, my minx. I did no such thing."

"Then what? Is she ok?"

"I regret to inform you that Priscilla resigned from her position late last night."

Ebony felt a gust of discomfort smash into her stomach. "Resigned? But why? Did I do something wrong?"

"Hush my lovely, you have done nothing. She came to me late last night with her bags packed and handed me this." Reaver reached back and picked up a small piece of paper; he handed it to Ebony which she hastily read. The letter was simple. Priscilla was offered another job while she was away. The letter detailed how she could not pass this job up and regrets to leave Lady Ebony without a goodbye.

"I..I'm not sure what to say." Ebony sighed looking away. Reaver gently took the note from her hand and placed it back on his desk. He softly took her chin in his hand and turned her attention to him.

"Don't look so glum my dear. It doesn't suit you."

"I…It makes sense. A better job would mean a better life for her. But…I felt she was the only friend I had here." Ebony turned away again, but Reaver brought her back.

"I know you are deeply saddened by the sudden resignation of Priscilla, but your new chamber maid, Olivia I believe, will take good care of you." Reaver said a tad bit dramatically.

Ebony went to turn again, but was stopped. "And you should also know, my lovely minx, you always have a friend here." He smirked.

Ebony couldn't stop the small smile from finding its way on her lips. She took Reaver's hand that was holding her chin. "I'll get dressed for breakfast now, if you don't mind."

"Not at all my minx. Although I wouldn't mind you simply wearing that to breakfast either." Reaver spoke with a cheeky smirk.

Ebony giggled quietly and shook her head before heading out of his office.

Ebony flinched slightly as her hair was being tugged at while her new chamber maid, Olivia, tided up Ebony's hair.

"I am sorry for rushing out in such in such a manner." Ebony apologized bashfully.

"Please do not apologize my Lady there is no need." Olivia reassured. "If I may, I have to say you look radiant this fine morning my Lady." Olivia backed away as Ebony checked herself in the mirror.

"Thank you Olivia." Ebony expressed her gratitude.

"I was simply doing as I should. Now I will continue to tidy up you chambers as well as care for your pet. Master Reaver informed me of how I should treat him."

Ebony laughed a bit, "As long as the details weren't about cooking him."

"Indeed they were not. Now I suggest you head down to the dining area where Master Reaver is waiting for you."

Ebony swiftly got up from her seat, flattening out her dress as she did so. She wasted no time in rushing out of her chambers, her small heels clicking against the floor and down the stairs as she scurried. She peeked from the corner and saw Reaver sitting patiently at the dinning table. She primped her hair one last time and smoothed out her already perfectly shaped dress. She took in a silent still breath before heading towards the dining table.

Reaver turned his towards her, "Ah there you are my lovely!"

Ebony smiled in return and instead of taking her seat at the end of the table, she placed herself to the right of him. "I hope I didn't keep you too long." She lifted her eyes to his with a small smile carved on her lips.

"You could have been just a tad faster." Reaver jested.

"You could have been a tad more patient." Ebony chuckled before picking up her silverware and begin eating. Reaver followed suit. The remainder of their breakfast was spent in delicate silence. Ebony often found her gaze shifting to Reaver out of the corner of her eye and a soft smile always seemed to find a place upon her lips.


As a few servants picked up their platters and silverware, Ebony looked around the room awkwardly, "I feel I should take a walk around the grounds." Reaver turned his attention towards her. "The weather is rather nice and I should take advantage of that before it starts to chill." Ebony finally stilled her eyes and carefully put her hand atop of Reaver's gloved one. "You are welcome to join me." It came out more as a question than a simple statement.

Reaver smirked and slightly tipped his head up, "I might just have take you up on that offer."

Ebony grinned as a pleasant intoxication filled her body.

"Let's not waste any of our precious time." Reaver stated before getting up from the table offering his arm to Ebony who gladly accepted it.

The pair left the manor from the front and began walking down the smoothed path. Ebony took note of the large egotistical statue of Reaver carved right in front. She changed their direction so they would pass by it.

"What do you think Reaver? Perhaps one of me should be carved up?" Ebony suggested.

Reaver brought his free arm up and placed a hand on his chin, "Hmm, Maybe. What did you have in mind?"

Ebony unlatched herself from his arm and stood next to the statue. "Maybe one like this?" She turned slightly and placed her hands on her hips as her head was lifted in the arm gazing into the beyond.

"Or maybe this one?" She brought her legs close together and one arm at her side as her other was angled so her hand was just above her bosom as her head was slightly turned to the side.

"Well personally I don't believe any of the two suit you." Reaver said with a flick of his hand.

Ebony relaxed her pose, "I tried didn't I? I was never one for posing for anything really." She returned to Reaver's side and retained her light grip on his arm.

"Well certainly I can help you with that. I for one can easily pose." Reaver boasted.

"Indeed so, I've seen your many portraits." Ebony pointed out. "Such variety they have."

"Thank you for noticing. So much work was spent in them so much standing in different positions."

She smiled to herself and continued on her way with Reaver besides her. "I truly am sorry about the sudden departure of your chamber maid." Reaver brought up.

"There is no need for you to apologize. As long as she is happy and ok. I'm glad she found something better for her." Ebony smiled but she did indeed still bare saddened feelings by this. However, she would not let them bother her. It was too nice of a day for any sadness.


They continued on their way which was filled with conversation after conversation. However the pair grew quieter and simply took in their surroundings. They continued on the path like this for quite some time before Reaver stopped abruptly causing Ebony to look up at him questioningly.

"Oh I almost forgot to mention to you!" Reaver exclaimed.

"Mentioned what?"

"That I have already planned out your birthday celebration! Which is a couple or so days from now."

"My birthday celebration?"

"But of course! You think I wouldn't throw a party for my wife's birthday? Tsk tsk tsk!"

Ebony had almost forgotten her birthday was coming up. "I hardly think there is need for a party."

"Nonsense! There is always a need for a party!" Reaver took Ebony by the hands and swiftly moved her around, "There will dancing, music, everything you could ever want in a party."

Ebony laughed shortly, "I'm sure. But truly I do not want to cause any inconveniences."

"The inconvenience would be you not wanting a party." Reaver spoke honestly.

"Well if that is the case then I am delighted to hear this news." Ebony replied.

"Perfect! Because I wasn't planning on canceling it." Reaver admitted. Ebony smiled and took Reaver's hands in hers and looked up into his dark eyes. She dove into his eyes and slightly stood on her toes to try reach his level. She wasn't sure if she should be doing this, but she wanted to.

"Master Reaver! Lady Ebony!" A strained voice came ringing causing Ebony to fall back onto the flat of her feet.

Reaver turned and sneered, "What could it possibly be?"

"My deepest apologizes but a letter has arrived addressed to you and Lady Ebony." The male servant said breath staggered.

"And this letter was so urgent it required you to interrupt me and my lovely wife?" Reaver questioned leaning in towards the servant's face.

"I would normally wait Master Reaver, but it is from Prince Logan and the news is spreading fast."

"What news?" Reaver questioned.

The servant simply handed Reaver the sealed letter. Reaver snatched it and swiftly opened it he scanned his eyed over it before taking in a breath. "Reaver? What does the letter say?" Ebony questioned leaning towards him.

"I believe it best or you to read it yourself." He said before handing her the letter.

Ebony placed her eyes on it.

Dear Sister and her husband, Reaver.

A great tragedy has struck Albion and our family.

I will not waste anytime on prolonging the news, for I fear the gossip travels quick.

Ebony, my sister... our mother and father have passed.

I've already taken the-

Ebony stopped reading as she felt her insides turn to stone and the weight of the world crush her. Her hands twitched as she lowered the letter from her face. Dead. They where both dead? Together they passed? Whimpering began to escape her lips so she quickly covered her mouth with her free hand. She felt familiar tears push at the back's of her eyes and shut them before turning her head away. Why was she so upset? She claimed to have resented them for trading her away for selling her. And yet, she could still feel the mesh of sadness rise into her throat threatening to suffocate her. She hated them didn't she? Even though she has grown to enjoy her stay. She still hated them for selling her right? Her parents the ones she remembered who…who raised her and loved her. Her emotions slammed together causing a storm that erupted inside of her body and soul.

"Take my wife back to her chambers." Reaver ordered the servant as he gently took the letter away from Ebony. The servant nodded his head and reached out to Ebony. She cried out and shoved the servant away before stomping away from the both of them.

"Make sure she doesn't harm herself." Reaver commanded the servant. The servant obeyed and followed behind Ebony.

Reaver turned his attention to the letter again and a small empty smirk made its way onto his lips. He placed the letter on the inside of his coat pocket and without hesitation headed back.




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