A/N: We all know that Harry receives his first Valentine's day card from Ginny. I'm not sure if we get a snippet of what the card contained,but I'm writing my own version.

Your eyes are the color of freshly cut grass,

Your hair is the color of ink.

It's obvious that I don't know a lot about you,

but I know how you make me feel.

That smile of yours sends my heart racing,

Your laughter makes me dizzy, but your eyes,

your eyes, makes my temperature rise.

If you could only see me for who I am

and not as the sister of your best friend

then I know you could fall in love with me

as I have for you.

Harry Potter,not only are you a hero to the world,

but you're also the hero to my heart.

A/N:I think this is the first time I've ever posted a holiday one-shot on time. I'm early,but it's better than it being super late or never getting published. Please review!