"Hurry up their gaining on us," Peter says from a few feet in front of me.

"Shut up," I tell him, throwing a pulsing ball of energy behind me and grinning slightly when screams erupt from that direction just as Peter turns and throws his fingers out, several lines of electricity flowing from them straight into some of the men following us.

Running faster I catch sight of our car, Claire in the driver's seat already prepared to gun it the moment we're in.

"Get in," Peter yells pushing me into the car, before following me almost straight away.

With a slam of the door we're gone our pursuers stuck behind us all angrily glaring after the car.

"Well," I sigh leaning against Peter who wraps an arm around my shoulders, drawing me closer.

"I found a motel about an hour from here," Claire states, her own boyfriend Liam, a cute guy with short brown hair, deep brown eyes and the cheekiest grin ever nodding from his spot in the passenger's seat.

"We'll crash there for the night then," Peter says before me and him both close our eyes, hoping for sleep.


Rolling out of bed I froze. A man and teenage girl stood in the door way talking.

"Hello?" I question as their eyes flicker to me.

"Hi. Sorry about just appearing. My name's Claire and this's my uncle Peter," The pretty blonde girl said.

I only waved.

Peter cleared his throat before taking off from were Claire stopped. "Have you noticed that you can do anything weird."

"You mean other than copy other peoples powers via my shield, no not really," I answer lazily walking to my wardrobe and pulling out a pair of black skinny jeans, comfortable dark brown heeled boots and a form singlet. Grabbing a black hodie of the back of the chair beside my bed I quickly grab a bra and panties before turning to face the two people.

"Look, I feel like shit and I really want to have a shower, your welcome to watch TV, eat anything you can find, make yourself at home, I'll be out in about half an hour and then we need to talk," I say before walking into the bathroom before they can reply.


"So you're saying that you can see our emotions?" Claire asks as we all sit at the table eating breakfast that I'd cooked.

"Yup. It's one of the powers that I picked up. I only have a few though," I say.

"What do you have," Peter asks curious.

"Well I have a mental and physical shield that can also copy people's powers, empathy, future seeing, mind reading, super strength and the weirdest one yet. I can turn in to a massive wolf," I say before looking at them. "What about you?"

"I heal instantly," Claire tells me straight up. "I can't die."

"Wow," I say looking at her.

"And I'm like you, only I have different powers," Peter says as I motion for him to continue.

"Well I can fly a power my brother gave me, precognitive dreaming, precognition, space time manipulation, rapid cell regeneration, telepathy, invisibility, telekinesis, induced radioactivity, enhanced strength, electric manipulation, phasing, pyrokinesis, intuitive aptitude and enhanced speed," he says as I sit in awe.

"So, what exactly are you guys doing here," I ask after a few seconds silence.

"Well a friend of ours paints every vision of the future that he has and you popped up with us so we came to find out why," Claire tells me.

"Well I don't know but you're welcome to stick around and find out, I have a few spare rooms," I say.

"Sure, we'd really like that Bella," Claire says and that there is the start of our friendship.