Logan sighed as he packed another shirt into the small backpack that sit on his bed. "Will you relax! Besides you don't believe in ghosts anyway! So, why are you worrying so much?" Kendall said from across the shared bedroom that they had in apartment 2J. Before Logan could answer Carlos burst through the door with a huge smile on his face.

"Who's ready for a road trip!" he shouted.

"Its not a road trip! We are going to a haunted house, on the other side of California!" Logan protested.

"Logan, it will be fine. The Jennifer's, Jo and Camille are coming with us!" Kendall tried to convince.

"Thats what I'm afraid of" Logan muttered under his breathe and followed his two friends out the door.

"Why can't I come?"

"Katie you are way to young!" James explained to the whinging girl.

"This is stupid! I am way mature than all four of you! Well, except Logan" Katie proclaimed.

"Katie for the last time! You are not going! A haunted mansion is not a place for little girls!" Mrs Knight said frustration starting to come through her voice.

"Can we just go already! The girls are going to get annoyed!" Carlos whined and Katie sighed in defeat.

"Yeah lets go" James smiled and high fived Carlos as they walked out the front door.

"See ya' mum!" Kendall smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek before following James and Carlos out.

"Bye mamma Knight!" Logan waved and followed Kendall when he stopped suddenly when he felt a tug on his arm. Logan looked at Mrs Knight who's eyes were filled with concern. "Mrs Knight?" Logan questioned furrowing his eyebrows.

"Please, be careful. Look after them, I know I can rely on you, to stop them from doing anything stupid" Mrs Knight said firmly. Logan looked away and sighed.

"You can count on me Mrs Knight" Logan assured her.

"Im glad, now go and have fun. Don't let me ruin your fun. Please, Logan. Remember to have fun" Mrs Knight said as she watched Logan walk out.

Logan finally got downstairs to see the whole gang down there, but the only problem was. Kendall and Jett were standing there arguing, Logan sighed, already he had to do something. "Whats the problem?" Logan asked standing in-between Jett and Kendall.

"He's coming" Kendall said coldly.

"This place you're going to, is the talk of the palmwoods. I will not miss out" Jett stated not giving up.

"Look, if Jett wants to come then fine. Just stay away from each other okay?" Logan said firmly and Kendall and Jett sighed in defeat. Agreeing with the conditions.

"Thank you Logan" Jo spoke up walking beside him to the car, glaring daggers at her co-star and boyfriend. "You're not so fond of going to a haunted house either, right?" Jo spoke up and Logan looked at her and smiled.

"At least, someone figured it out" Logan scoffed.

"Don't worry, neither am I. But you know Kendall, when it come to safety he's a good listener and he won't let anything happen to us" Jo assured him and Logan nodded and got into the drivers seat.

"Okay so it going to take a while to get there and once we start we aren't going back. SO last chance to back out" Kendall exclaimed looking at Jett.

"I'm not going anywhere!" Jett yelled.

"Shut up! You both have to accept the fact that you will have to spend the next two days together!" Jo screamed from the front seat beside Logan.

"Okay. Now that, thats over. All the Jennifers?"James spoke up.

"Here" the three said in unison

"Camille and Jo?"

"Here" Camille smiled.

"I never left" Jo smiled turning around.


"I am ready to face these ghosts"

"Me and Carlos, check" James scribbled on the pice of paper. "Kendall?"


"Logan?" James smiled as he asked for the final person. "Loges? Logan!" James called out.

"What? Oh yeah, here. Sorry" Logan quickly answered and put the keys in the ignition.

"Logan? Are you okay?" Jo spoke up in a whisper.

"Yeah, I'm fine. just distracted" Logan shrugged and he started the car and headed to the highway.

Most of the time, the dance music was loud, as they danced and sung in the car. Logan keeping his eyes narrowed on the road. While everyone had fun screaming and jumping.

The Jennifers having singing competitions with James, while Camille and Kendall were making the best dramatic face, as Carlos and Jett watched and laughed. Jo sat in the front seat singing and dancing with the music.

Finally Logan saw the exit sign for their destination and sighed in relief. He was getting tired and he just wanted to sit down and relax. The words of Mrs Knight running through his mind, 'Please, Logan. Remember to have fun'. Logan mentally shook his head and forced a smile, finally feeling himself loosen up a bit.

Logan stopped in front of the gates and leaned forward and peered up at the extremely tall black gates. By now it was getting close to sunset and Logan thought it would be best, to get everything ready.

"Alright we're here! Lets just get inside" Logan announced as he turned down the volume.

The nine friends climbed out of Mrs Knights mini van and breathed in the thick misty air. They continued to pull out their things and they all stood in front of the gates in a horiztonal line staring up at the large gates.

The black gates stood tall and at the very tip there were spikes, surrounding the house was a tall think brick fence. Little markings were imprinted on the gate and in the centre were a couple of words. "What does it say?" the blonde Jennifer spoke up, narrowing her eyes at the words.

Carlos shrugged and leaned closer inspecting it. "The Gates of Avalonia" Carlos said slowly running his finger along the writing.

"Or better yet, the most haunted place in L.A." Camille shrugged.

"Lets go!" Kendall shouted with a smile and pushed on the gates, pushing them open.

"Kendall be careful" Jo spoke up, clinging close to behind him.

"Wait! Wait!" Blonde Jennifer spoke up. "Lets keep this interesting" she smirked.

"Okay, how!?" Carlos replied intrigued.

"We will have a bet" the curly haired Jennifer declared.

"Who ever, says they want to leave first, has to give everybody twenty dollars" brown haired Jennifer explained.

"But they have to say they want to leave. Doesn't matter how they say it, as long as they say it" Blonde Jennifer smirked.

"You're on" Kendall smirked and everyone except Jo and Logan nodded in agreement.

"Lets just get inside" Logan rolled his eyes and walked forward. Suddenly the group became really close, as they walked down the track towards the haunted house. The sound of strange animals were heard, at each side.

"Does anyone want to leave yet?" Carlos spoke up chuckling. Everyone gave there own reply of 'no' to Carlos and he just chuckled more.

Carlos was the daredevil, this was going to be easy, well for him anyway. James would definitely be some competition, but maybe it wouldn't hurt if they had an allience. For now, Carlos was just going to have a good time.

A sudden loud crack echoed over the front yard and the spaces between people suddenly disappeared and they all stopped and stared from the direction the sound came from. "What was that?" Camille whispered, gripping onto Kendall tighter, but letting go when Kendall gave her a strange look.

"Probably something falling out of the tree" Logan tried to be logical, pulling Jo closer to protect her. Logan looked at Jo who smiled in appreciation, but Logan slightly let go when he realised what he was doing.

"Lets just get inside" Jett spoke up, pushing the people in front of him closer to the entrance of the house.

It was about a hundred metre walk, but it took longer than usual, because of the slow movement and the area getting darker, quicker than they expected. When they finally got to the front porch, most people shoulders slumped and they relaxed, taking in there surroundings.

"Man, this place looks old" Jett kicked some dead leaves off the porch scowling at the place.

"I told you, you shouldn't have come" Kendall snorted, finding the key in his bag. He pulled it out, sticking it into the hole and turning it quickly and the door creaked open, revealing a huge staircase to walk up as soon as you entered. The floor beneath was wooden, but covered as much as possible in old fashioned rugs. The place looked like a dust catcher and an orphanage for road kill.

"When was the last time someone was here?" Jo asked peering inside.

"The government said about fifty years" Kendall said in wonder, poking his head in a little, searching with his eyes.

"And how is it you managed to get this place?"

"A few phone calls and the mention that I was from Big Time Rush. The money? Well thats a different story entirely" Kendall explained, finally walking in.

On the left side of the house, stood a large table, that looked to be about a couple of metres long. It looked old and chipped, with candle holders sitting in the middle, with spiderwebs entangled all around. "To be honest this place is actually quite beautiful" Camille smiled lost in the image of her surroundings.

"You can't be serious?" Curly haired Jennifer scoffed. "Its old and dirty, definitely not appropriate to sleep here" she cringed.

"Well too bad, I am not driving back. You had your chance to leave, what did you expect in a haunted mansion?" Logan finally speaking out.

"Oh and remember the bet?" Carlos leaned closer to her, with a smirk.

"How could she forget? We are going to take all of you down" Blonde Jennifer smiled, sticking up for her friend.

"Can we just set up now?" Logan spoke up getting annoyed with waiting.

"Yeah, Logan's right. The sooner we get set up, the sooner we can relax" Jo agreed, following Logan into the room on the right, which was obviously the lounge room.

Everyone followed and began to put their stuff down, laying down places to sit or lay, so that when they went to sleep, it was all there. "So we all agreed we sleep here?" Kendall spoke up, making sure everyone was happy and every nodded.

"OH MY GOD!" one of the Jennifers spoke up.

"What! Whats is it! A ghost!" James stood up racing over.

"I have no cellphone service!" she stared at James in disbelief.

"Jennifer, I told you that was going to happen. The closest thing of technology we have that is useful, is the battery powered dock and iPod" Kendall rolled his eyes.

"You did not mention, no cellphones!" she squealed.

"Not directly, but I made it obvious!" Kendall explained.

"This is officially sucks!" she spat and sat down on a pillow pouting.

"Whats the history behind this place?" Logan wondered looking up the stairs.

"I was waiting for that question" Camille smiled, still rummaging through her bag.

"Im serious, Kendall said this place was haunted. So what happened? To the people?" Logan said walking closer to everybody.

"Well….another funny story behind that" Kendall chuckled. "The women said that it was best that we learn when we got here. We would learn as we go, she didn't need to tell me anything" Kendall looked at Logan who was frowning.

"I don't like the sound of that" Logan muttered.

"Logan, its anything, it makes it more mysterious" Carlos smiled.

"Carlos, did you just say mysterious?" Logan raised his eyebrows and everyone laughed.

"I googled ghost stuff and they mentioned that word a lot! So, I just used it! You learn a lot when you read!" Carlos explained.

"Of course Carlos. Of course" Camille nodded laughing.

Well hello there! I though I might try something different! A ghost story! Haunted Mansion, a bunch of our favourites and only one survivor EEEP SPOILER ALERT! But ugh, please enjoy and review, things heat up in the second chapter!

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