After they had all set up, they put the iPod on the dock and put it up nice and loud. Every single one of them, were jumping around dancing, even Logan. Hands high above their heads, shouting and screaming with joy.

The joy lasted for about an hour and a half when a sudden loud crash was heard from the top of the stairs. James leaned forward and turned the iPod down and listened closely as did everyone else. "What was that?" Jo murmured still staring at the direction of the sound.

"Lets go check it out" Carlos murmured his voice sounding like he was in a daze.

"I'm in" James smiled grabbing a torch and walking to the tip of the stairs.

James and Carlos walked in front, the Jennifers and Jett hot on their tails, while Kendall and Camille stood behind, and Jo and Logan hesitated before following. Finally the group had formed together and they all stared up the stairs. "Who's gonna go first?" Jo murmured standing tightly in-between Kendall and Logan.

"James and I will go" Carlos shrugged and pressed on up the stairs, with James following without hesitation.

The eight others huddled close together, the three extra boys standing in front of the group of girls that watched the boys walk up the stairs with confidence. Finally James and Carlos reached the top and James shone the torch around to get a good look.

From what he could see there were four corridors. One directly in front, two at either side of them and one behind that you had to travel a large oval around the staircase. As they looked around, they noticed a lot of useless antiques sitting around covered in thick layers of dust and cobwebs. Carlos coughed and covered his nose and breathed through his sleeve. "So dusty" Carlos moved his hand in attempt to move away the dust in the air.

"Its not so bad" James tried to stifle his coughs, but as he finished his sentence the torch light suddenly flicked off. "What the fuck!" James screamed and began to bash the torch in attempts to turn it back on.

"James? Carlos? You okay?" Kendall called out, but all he could hear was the hand slapping the torch.

When the torch light flickered back on, a huge sigh of relief left James lips and he shone the light at Carlos. "You okay?" he asked for only Carlos to hear.

"Just fine, you?" Carlos asked.


"James Carlos? You guys okay?" Kendall called out.

"We're fine Kendall. The torch just must be faulty" James shrugged. "You know, we haven't really explored this place" James wondered continuing to shine his torch around.

"Whats up there?" Logan asked.

"There are four corridors" James explained.

"Hold on we will get some torches and we will come up! Stay there!" Logan explained and the other followed him and got their torches from bags.

"James, do we ever do what Logan says?" Carlos said in a classic tone with an evil smile.

"No, but I really don't think we should not listen to him now" James suggested.

"So what? There was a bang up stairs and the torch light went out. How much worse could it possibly get?" Carlos mocked.

"A lot worse. Remember we watched that ghost movie the other day? Everyone like died!" James explained.

"James even I'm smart enough to know it wasn't real! The only scary movie Ive ever been scared of was the Blair Witch Project! Plus we watched that when we were like thirteen!-" Carlos explained before continuing. "-Look, ill make you a deal, mmk? We will go just over there-" Carlos pointed to the corridor across from them. "-have a look around and they will find us easily!" Carlos crossed his arm impressed with his plan. James sighed, looking from Carlos to the corridor back to Carlos and the corridor again. "Well?" Carlos pressured James.

"Ugh fine! But we don't go down the corridor" James agreed rolling his eyes.

"Great!" Carlos cheered and began to go the right side, making his way around. James rolled his eyes once again and followed gently behind.

"Okay so everyone brought at least one flashlight for themselves, right?" Logan double checked as he pulled his out and shined it on the others.

"Yeah I brought one, except it doesn't have any batteries" the blonde Jennifer bit her lip with guilt and mimed 'sorry' with her mouth.

"Jennifer! We need as many flashlights as we can!" Kendall said annoyed.

"Im sorry okay! I haven't needed a flashlight since I was a kid! I was surprised we even had some! I didn't think I would need to check it!"

"You need to see if the batteries work!" Camille sighed turning on her and shining it around.

"Camille! We need it for later! Just in case!" Logan pushed it down clicking the switch which turned it off.

"Well sorry! I haven't done this since I was like twelve, so cut me some slack" Camille explained to the panicky Logan.

"Lets just get to James and Carlos before they do something stupid" Jo quickly cut in and Logan smiled nodding.

"Agreed, who knows what they can do"

"Its been five minutes" Camille whined.

"You don't know James and Carlos like I do"

"I know them well enough"

"Camille's right, I'm sure James and Carlos can handle five minutes" Kendall cut in-between Logan and Camiile.

"Ive known James and Carlos for a while and I agree with Logan. They can be pretty wild" Jo added and Camille stared at Jo evilly while Logan did the same to Kendall.

The Jennifers and Jett just stood there in complete silence. Feeling the awkward feeding off them like they were hyenas for a lion. "Alright thats enough!" Curly haired Jennifer shouted over the semi fight and everyone stopped and stared at her. "It doesn't matter what James and Carlos, do and don't do. Lets just go for the sake of looking around!" she huffed and everybody stared at her taking in her words before beginning to shuffle their feet towards the staircase.

Kendall and Jett were pushed to the front, the Jennifers in there little three form behind them, with Jo and Camille clinging onto Logan behind the Jennifers. "What the hell?" Kendall stopped and shone his torch at the spot James and Carlos should be at.

"I told them not to move!" Logan whined.

"James? Carlos?" Camille called out, but no answer.

"James and Carlos! You better show yourselves right now!" Brown haired Jennifer called out.

"Keep going" Jett said and walked forward.

Eventually the eight of the stood at the top of the staircase shining their torches around, looking for any sign of the one half of Big Time Rush. "Guys whats that?" Jo said pointing to the other end of the staircase. Kendall turned around and shined his torch down that way and gasped when they saw a leg laying, leaving the body half hidden behind the wood of the stair rail.

"Carlos? James?" Kendall murmured slowly heading towards the mysterious foot.

The seven of them watched as Kendall approached the corner, once the light hit the corner Kendall fell back against the wall and dropped his torch. "Kendal!" Logan shouted and ran to Kendall's side. Logan tried to coax him into saying something but he just shook his head and pointed forward. Logan gently picked up the light and shined it at where Kendall was pointing.

When Logan saw what the problem was, he cringed and his body collapsed. Logan continued to shake his head and he leaned forward gently touching the foot of his best friend that lay on the floor, unconscious. "Carlos?" Logan whimpered and gently shook his leg. Suddenly Logan jumped forward and began to shake Carlos shoulders dramatically. "Carlos! Wake up buddy come on!" he screamed. When he looked up, he saw James body lying less than metre away. "Holy shit!" Logan screamed and slammed into a wall and pushed himself away.

Carlos suddenly began to moan and Logan rushed over to him, "Los! Litos! can you hear me!" Logan screamed pulling at his shoulders.

"Loges?" Carlos murmured.

"Yeah Los I'm here"

"Come closer" Carlos whispered and Logan leaned closer. "You, JUST GOT PRANKED!" Carlos screamed and jumped up with James following him and they danced around.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Logan screamed, his teeth gritted and hands sealed tight into a fist. "ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!" Logan continued to scream, suddenly grabbing Carlos by his shirt and slamming him into the wall. "What is wrong with you!" Logan screamed on his face.

The expression of sheer joy was still spilled on Carlos' face as he just chuckled. "Calm down Logie Bear, just a prank"

"Pretending to be dead is not fucking okay!" Logan pushed him harder into the wall, glaring into his eyes and Carlos' smile dropped.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realise you would be so effected by it" Carlos apologised. Logan gently let go of Carlos and walked backward and leant against the stair rail.

"Logan?" James whispered putting his hand on his shoulder.

"Do you have any idea what you just put me and Kendall through?" Logan said out loud and James was taken back, retreating his hand as he stared at Logan in shock who was still staring at his feet.

"I know we had a bet. But, I'm sorry. I wan't to go home" Logan's voice cracked and he trudged away.

Kendall still sat against the wall, staring at the spot where Carlos and James were lying just before. "Kendall?" he heard a faint murmur, but he didn't move the slightest. Kendall didn't know whether he was wrong or pissed off or disappointed, but he agreed with Logan. He wanted to go home. Although he still wouldn't say it aloud. "Kendall?" he heard the murmur again and he finally looked up, to see a concerned James and Kendall had to fight his instinct to punch him in the face. Yet, he only looked away.

"Leave me" Kendall simply stated.

"Come on buddy, talk to me" James pleaded.

"Talk to you? You want me to talk to you? After the stunt you two just pulled how do you expect me to tolerate you?" Kendall said in disbelief, anger coming strong through his voice.

"Kendall please" James pleaded feeling the tears coming through.

"Just get away from me!" Kendall finally snapped, jumping away from James and following Logan downstairs.

James stayed kneeling in his spot, staring at his knuckles that were pushed against the ground turning them white. "James?" he heard the faint whisper from Carlos who placed a hand on his shoulder and James retreated it away.

"Why! Why the hell did I listen to you!? Logan told us not to move! Not to do anything stupid and what did we do, the total opposite! Now I don't even know if our life ling friends or better yet our brother will talk to us ever again! Its all your fault!" James screamed at Carlos without thought, causing him to flinch.

"James I'm sorry" Carlos' voice cracked as he cowered back. After finally thinking this through he realised that this wasn't the best prank idea, especially if he was to lose his brothers over it. Kendall and Logan had never been this angry at them before, they would usually yell at him and then apologise straight after. But not this time, they walked off without the slightest though of sympathy.

Carlos missed his brothers already, usually he could feel the love and warmth radiating off them and it made Carlos feel secure. Although this time, Carlos felt Hatred and cold in the atmosphere and he felt like he was going to be sick. How could he have been so stupid to think of something like this.

"Just leave me alone Carlos, please" James whispered with a pleading tone as he shook his head, fighting back the tears. As soon as he finished yelling at Carlos he wanted to pull him into a hug and say sorry. But the more James thought about, he knew that Carlos didn't deserve it. He wasn't going to be let off easy this time, James wasn't going to just stick up for him this time. He wasn't going to feel sorry for him. Though James did know that it wasn't entirely Carlos' fault, James disobeyed Logan as well, he also played the prank. He was just upset and angry and it was clouding up his thoughts.

He hated seeing his brothers like this, feeling like this towards him.

Okay, so finally second chapter, I've had it written, but didn't get around to publishing it. But I'm hoping its all good and no mistakes and stuff! I kind of just skimmed it, so bare with me. But umm, incase you all didn't notice theres something fishy going down with the romance!

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