Unknown Pov:
"Do you have word on her yet?" asked a black Haired man.
He looked at the 3 teens in front of his desk, 2 boys and 1 girl.

"Yes sir, she's in Death City,Nevada
• She goes to DWMA as a meister.
• Her Weapon's name is: Soul Eater Evans, a scythe.
• It has also come to our attention that she has Weapon blood.
• Her father is Shinigami-sam's Death Scythe and that's all we have for now. "Said the red headed girl.

"She must have turned off her microchip in some way. You must go to Death City and get my assassin back. Is that understood? " he said regarding them with a fierce look.
"Yes sir!" they acknowledged and went to pack, they met at the train station and were headed to Death City in search of their best friend and teammate.
"Hey Matt, are you looking forward to seeing your partner again?" asked the petite girl sitting by the window.

The boy Matt, looked at her with a hurt smile."Yes Samantha, I do. I wonder if she remembers me?" Mikayla Angel Albarn, I will find you my dear he silently promised.

~ In Death city ~

"Is this really Death City?! It looks like something out of a horror movie!." Cried Samantha, both boys nodded in agreement with her.

"Come, we must find DWMA, we can not waste any more time" Matt said.

Samantha looked James while he looked at her and James said what they were both thinking, "You just want to hold her again, don't you?" Matt thought about it for a milisecond,"Yeah, you two are right, I've missed my angel." he said voice filled with melancholy.
Samantha looked at her blue eyed friend "So? What are we waiting for? Let's go get her!" the two boys grinned and followed the red headed girl.

~ Inside the DWMA ~

Maka / Mikayla Pov:
I sat in the now-empty class with my friends and talked about random things.

I couldn't help but compare them to my old friends, the ones I left behind a year ago.

My best friend: Samantha, who had known me since I had been placed in the program.

Her partner: James, reserved, smart and level headed with a slight wild side.

And then there was:Matt / Matthew, my partner and first romance.

I missed them like crazy, but there was no way I would ever go back again.
Mikayla wasn't here anymore, I was now Maka, Scythe Meister not an assassin.
I was so busy with my thoughts that I jumped when Black Star slammed the newspaper he was reading on the desk. "I CAN'T BELIEVE THOSE PEASANTS WROTE ABOUT THOSE LOSERS INSTEAD OF ME!." He shouted,everyone looked at him in confusion.

He threw the newspaper on the desk, I picked it up and read it. "I don't know why it bugs you so much, it just talks about the 4 best assassins" I said setting it down on the on the table nonchalantly, inside I was freaking out! This was serious trouble for me!
"I'M THE ONE AND ONLY GREATEST ASSASSIN IN THE WORLD! NO ONE COMPARES TO ME!" he stated. Everyone sweat dropped, he was such a pain in the ** somtimes.

Liz picked up the newspaper next and read it. "It says that the 4 greatest assassins are: Mikayla, Matthew, Samantha and James. It also says that Mikayla disappeared a year ago and she hasn't been found since then. "

"Where do you think in that she disappeared to? If she was one of the 4 best assassins why would she want to leave?" asked Tsubaki.

"The question is not where she disappeared to, but why she would give up such an important title" Black * Star interjected.

I look away, there was no way I was gonna tell them that I was Mikayla, I didn't think they would understand much less see me the same way.

"Liz, how old was she?" Said Soul out of the blue.

"It says that she was 16 when she disappeared. So I guess she's 17 now. "she answered still reading the newspaper.

There was a short silence, until Patty said, "Maybe we can find her and be friends with her." I turned to Patty "Don't you think that she would get mad that we try to find her if she's trying to live like a normal person?" with that, I stood up from my chair and walked out of the room, I felt something slip from my pocket but gave it no importance as I headed for home.
I was a few feet away from the exit when I heard something that froze my blood and paralyzed my body, I wheeled around and looked for the voice calling out to me, my eyes widened and I gaped at the girl heading towards my way, how had they found me? It couln't be this is a dream! It has to be! "Mikayla!" the red headed girl said tackling me "we found you!" Oh no! This couldn't be happening!
*In Class*

Soul's POV:

What's wrong with Maka? I'm getting worried, I've been in love with the girl since we met in the music room. But now back to the matter, Patty ran after her to ask what was wrong but Patty entered holding a gun in her hands, she has shocked looked on her face, and let me tell you if something shocks PATTY then we knew it was big. "What's wrong Patty?" Liz asks her sister. Patty slowly hands the gun to her and she takes it the same look pastes itself on her face and she hands the gun to Kid, who hands it to Black Star, who hands it to Tsubaki, who in turn hands it to me.
My mouth gaped open, I couldn't believe it, on the silver handle of the weapon was the name Mikayla intricately carved along with a set of wings on either side. NO FREAKING WAY! "We should catch up to Maka and see if she can explain what is going on" Kid pipes up, we all agree and head to the apartment that I shared with Maka. Or was it Mikayla?
As we were heading out of the school building we spotted Maka talking to another girl, she was slightly taller than Maka, creamy looking skin and red haired. We hid behind a corner and listened in on their conversation. "Mikayla! It's been so long! I missed you so much!" we heard the girl say "It's has been a long time Samantha" Maka responded her tone guarded "What bring you to Death City?" "We came to find you silly!" the red haired girl stated "The General wants you back, we aren't the same without you". We heard Maka sigh and we waited for her to speak " I'm not going back Sam, I can't"

"Mikayla, you HAVE to come back, we all miss you!" the girl exclaimed, "Look we can't talk about it here, other people might hear, meet me at Death Zone at 8pm we'll talk more there"

"Okay, I'll meet you there, do you want me to bring the guys too?"
Guys?! What the hell?!
"No, for now it will just be the two of us" Maka said "All right, see you later" and we heard the door open and close. We waited a few more minutes before peeking around the corner to see if they had left, we soon headed out for the apartment.
When we arrived Maka was locked up in her room so we crept to my room without trying to disturb her. "There is something fishy going on here, and the great Black*Star demands to find out what it is!" Black * Star whisper shouted, (we didn't even know he was capable of whispering at all!) We stayed in my room until we hear Maka leave the apartment we waited a few more minutes before trooping out after her. There was something weird going on and we were gonna get to the bottome of it!
We followed her to the night club she was to meet her friend at, and we got a better look at her outfit, all our jaws dropped at the sight: her blonde hair was in a ponytail that went to her waist, she was wearing a thin black tank top a red and black plaid shirt and a pair of jean short shorts, a pair of black high heels on her feet. "She looks like THAT! And she dresses like a nerd!" Liz exclaimed " I really need to take her shopping!" What really grabbed mine and Black*Star's attention (Being the hormone driven teenage boys we are) was the fact that Maka was NOT as flat as we thought she was, looking at her chest she was most likely a C-cup! As hard as we tried we couldn't hold back the nosebleed.
This just kept getting weirder and weirder.
We followed Maka inside and took up a table that luckily was to her back, but was close enough to be able to hear anything that was said. After a fe when she shouted "Mikayla!" and Maka turned her head to greet her. So was Maka really Mikayla? What was going on here? What was this nerdy, bookworm hiding from us?