Diddy's POV

It was early July 2012. It was one of those times where I was having a lot of success in the "Enthusia Professional Racing" based Cup Series. Little did anyone know at that time that this would eventually become an epic month in which I would break the all-time consecutive wins record! However, on the other side of things, it was also a month that didn't come without a point in which I had a rather dreadful night.

It was Friday night, July 6. I had just qualified on pole position for my next Enthusia race in Tokyo, Japan (REV CITY). I could remember my good ol' buddy DK, almost winning a race here back in 1998 and coming up short. He ended up in like 4th or 5th, something like that. He often did good on that course, but everyone says that I'm much better at REV CITY than almost anyone else.

Only a matter of hours after crushing the competition in qualifying in my 2003 Xanavi Nismo GT-R, I was lucky enough to take a small break and relax at home with DK!

That very night, I was thinking "What a night this will be!" I was even thinking ahead into Sunday and that possible tenth consecutive win, having already won the last nine races in succession. This tenth straight win would tie the all-time consecutive wins record for the Enthusia Professional Cup Series that had stood for 45 years!

However, once I went to bed and fell asleep on that same night, it was a completely different story...

It was about 2:45 am Saturday morning when I suddenly woke up from what turned out to be a horrific nightmare about that stormy night in 1994 ("Donkey Kong Country")! All I could want to think about was the upcoming race, and yet there I was, in a flashback of the time when DK assigned me to guard his banana hoard as part of my "hero training"! I often didn't like to think about that horrible night. It would always make my heart ache whenever I thought about it for a second, or even if anyone ever mentioned it to me.

As I woke up in my bed, I didn't scream, but even after that I couldn't lay my head back down on my pillow, as I didn't want those disturbing visions to reappear in my head. I just sat there in my bed, gazing at the starry skies out one of my windows for several minutes.

I then decided to get out of my bed and sit down on my couch where I often play my huge collection of video games, almost all of which are "Donkey Kong" games based on adventures that DK and I have had in the past. I even have a console that I made myself that only plays the Codemasters Formula 1 games!

I sat there for about ten minutes, and then I stood up and walked over to my CD collection and gazed at the electronic dance music section, which was mostly filled with Sub Focus and Pendulum CDs. I just wanted something that would take my mind off my nightmare.

However, when I slowly walked back to my bed and covered myself in my blankets again, I still couldn't close my eyes. I just laid there staring at the monkey bars on my ceiling, unable to recover from that terrible nightmare! Given how scary it was for me, I didn't feel like sleeping unless I sought comfort from DK.

Eventually, about five hours later, it finally came to reality that the sun was rising, and I immediately decided to jump out off my bed and head to the kitchen to see if DK was awake and if he could help me get that nightmare out of my head. I grabbed my red baseball cap and placed it on top of my head, and I took my MP3 player with me so that I wouldn't feel so empty. Finally, I opened my door and walked out of my bedroom for the first time since waking up from that dreadful nightmare.

I walked into the kitchen, and there he was, my always-so-loving uncle, Donkey Kong, having just finished some banana-filled breakfast. I couldn't quite see exactly what he had eaten since all I found on his plate were a few crumbs.

"Good morning, DK," I said in a low voice as I approached the table.

"Good morning, little buddy," said DK, "How's the local two-time Enthusia champion doing?"

"I'm okay," I sighed.

I didn't want DK to worry too much about me. He didn't have any idea about how rough the night had been for me, but it wouldn't be long before his suspicions grew.

DK treated me to a banana-flavored waffle. As you would expect, I enjoyed it so much! Every singe bite that entered my mouth was filled with that irresistible taste of bananas! My uncle is such a genius when it comes to making breakfast meals!

After I finished my breakfast, we both walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa together. Now was a time where we could really relax and enjoy being together.

I turned my MP3 on and decided to listen to Pendulum's "Watercolour", one of the songs that got me into "F1 2010". As the music started playing in my ears, I stood up and stretched my arms to keep them from getting tired. I had been awake for five hours straight before walking into the kitchen, so it was going to be hard for me to avoid getting tired. I know very few who could deal with only a few hours of sleep.

I laid down on the side of the sofa and leaned my head back against a pillow. DK decided to sit next to me. I tried to hide the fact that I was just beside myself from that nightmare, but then I was thinking about it again, even with my ears draining to Pendulum music! I simply sighed and DK noticed I wasn't feeling very happy at all.

Finally, DK patted me on the back to get my attention, and I turned my MP3's volume down so I could hear him.

"Hey, Diddy," he said with a worried look on his face, "You've got a slightly depressed look on your face. Are you alright? Is something wrong?"

I figured I could still hide my feelings from him so that he wouldn't get suspicious feelings about me during a time when I was dominating in racing.

"N-no. I'm okay, DK. I'm fine," I insisted before I grew curious, "Why do you ask?"

DK answered, "Well, you had this look on your face that gives me a sense that something is troubling you a little bit, and I was just wondering what it was."

I still didn't want to blurt anything out, so I asked him, "Are you feeling sure of it, big buddy?"

"I'm feeling very sure of it, little buddy," he said.

I gulped. I felt too shy to say anything to DK. How could I predict what to expect if I told him at a time like this?

"I can't tell you," I told him, "It's just horrible."

DK scooted closer to me and gently rubbed my forehead in an effort to keep me comfortable.

"Come on, little buddy," he encouraged me. "What's wrong?"

This was it! There was no way I could hide it now! I had to tell him now, one way or the other! It was now or never!

I turned my MP3 off right in the middle of the Pendulum song that I was playing, and I pulled the ear buds out of my ears.

"DK," I sighed, "Do you ever have times in your life that you later have nightmares about because something went so terribly wrong? That's what happened to me last night. I had a nightmarish flashback."

I was expecting DK to feel lost in confusion about me having a nightmare during a time I was having a fantastic race-winning streak, but once I looked into his eyes again, he appeared that he was going to be very gentle and caring about it.

"Really? You had a terrible nightmare last night?" he asked.

"Yeah," I answered unenthusiatically, "Very scary nightmare last night."

"What happened, little buddy?" asked DK, "What was your so-called 'nightmarish flashback?"

I lost my courage again. It seemed that I just couldn't bring up the subject on that terrible dream.

"I honestly feel like I can't tell you," was my insisting reply in an effort to keep the details away from him.

This didn't seem to work, either.

"C'mon, little buddy, you can tell me anything," DK encouraged me in such a gentle voice as he wrapped an arm around my back, "C'mon, don't be shy."

He patted me on the head again, and I gradually regained my courage.

I gulped and spilled out, "This is one that I don't even like to bring up, even to myself, … but … I can go ahead right now and start with these very words: It was a dark and stormy night."

"A dark and stormy night?" said DK with worried eyes.

I knew what I was leading him to, and I was regretting it within just a few seconds.

Within just fifteen seconds, my big buddy had his answer …

"I almost didn't wanna say this, Diddy, … but … was it that terrible night in 1994?"

I shyly blurted out, "Yes," in such despair, wishing that I hadn't mentioned any of this to him, "Pretty much everything that happened last night happened exactly the way it did that one night eighteen years ago, … the time when you first gave me a chance to finally prove my heroism."

"Yes," said DK with a tone of voice that seemed as if he was only just remembering something that had happened so long ago, "I remember that vividly."

"I find it hard to even tell you the story about what happened that night," I said to DK, "It gets very scary, and it ends horribly."

"Tell me everything, little buddy," said DK in his sweetest "best buddy" voice. "I'd like to know."

"Really?" I asked him in a very soft voice.

"Yeah," he answered in a gentle whisper.

"Well, … okay," I said as I finally took a deep breath and began my miserable story.

This was how I told DK about my nightmare:

Lightning flashed, … illuminating the jungle canopy above me. Rain poured down in torrents, … hitting the corrugated roof of the tree house, … and whirling into a stream on the ground. I shivered. I moved further back into the tree house. The wind had changed, … and the rain was coming on me now, … limiting my sight. I said to myself,

"Diddy, … you should never have done this, … not tonight."

DK then interrupted me …

"Were you really that nervous that night, having to go through a storm?" he asked in a caring voice.

"Yeah," I answered softly before continuing my story …

Then I looked over the edge of the tree house, … just to reassure myself that the ground was still there, and that I could leave whenever I wanted. The rain limited my vision to only a few feet, … but I was shocked so I scurried back inside.

Another bright flash of lightning, … and I saw the dripping leaves on the top of the trees, … making an eerie pattering sound. A few seconds later, another blast of lightning lit up the entire area. I froze.

"It's starting to sound nightmarish already," said DK, interrupting me again.

I gave my uncle a depressed look and replied, "It only gets much worse than that, DK. Much worse."

DK patted my head again as I resumed my nightmarish horror story …

The lightning's respective thunder sounded. I strained my eyes, … just to see, … to make sure that what I saw was truly there. As if on cue, a third crack of lightning flashed, … and bathed the area in a white electric glow for a few precious seconds. Yes, … this time… I was sure of it. There were Kremlings in the bushes, … undoubtedly watching my every move. I shivered. I thought, "They shouldn't be there." I stopped thinking about my predicament so deeply, as I was scaring myself. Then, I had to gather up all my courage, and I called out.

"Who goes there?"

I got no reply. I called again, and still nothing happened. Lightning flashed once more. I took the reassuring light to figure out the Kremlings' exact positions. I scanned the jungle floor, … and stopped. They weren't there. I started to panic. They were after the bananas, I was sure of it. In a fit of angst, … I jumped from the tree house, immediately doing my cartwheel roll to stop anything that was trying to attack me, which, of course, there was … nothing that did, … and there I was, fully exposed now, in the clearing in front of the tree house. I'm sure that was the big mistake I made.

"Are you sure that was it?" asked DK, "I thought that on the real night, you were in the banana hoard cave."

"I was," I answered, "But in this frightening dream I had last night, I was up on the tree house porch."

"Oh, I understand, little buddy," said DK, finally getting the point.

Then, I nervously continued …

Only seconds later, … their moment of opportunity came. I backed myself to the ladder, and then … I froze as there was a sudden warmth on the back of my neck. I turned around … and … there was a Kremling … breathing on me, … grinning … widely. And then, … before I could even process the thought, … I … -"

I stopped and looked away from DK. The next detail I had to tell him was one that had everyone laughing at me for a year after it happened.

"Yes?" said DK in a gentle voice, as if he was desperately waiting for the answer, "What happened, little buddy?"

I turned back to DK and, with my heart pounding quickly, I told him the next detail …

I was stuffed … head-first into a barrel … and punted into the bushes.

"Aw, dear," said DK in a sad-sounding voice, "That sounds awful."

I slightly nodded my head in agreement before I came to the closure of my story …

Then, for about five seconds it was a peaceful darkness, … and then after that … came something much worse.

"Even worse?" said DK, looking as if he was confused, "What happened, little Diddy-buddy?"

My heart pounded even faster, and I felt as shy as the cowardly self I had been during my younger years. I shut my eyes briefly before looking at DK again.

"I can't tell you," I said.

"Of course you can, little buddy. Just like I said: we're family, so whatever it is you have to tell me next, there's nothing to be ashamed of. You can tell me anything," said DK in an encouraging voice, "C'mon, don't be shy."

I could feel my facial expressions forcing themselves into a nervous look as I took another heavy breath.

"That … horrible screen came up on my face," I said.

"Horrible screen? What are you talking about?" asked DK, looking rather confused me.

This seemed to give me a big shock.

"How could you not know what I'm talking about?" I asked him, "You know exactly what I mean."

How could he have not remembered that "horrible screen"?

"Hardly," said DK.

I shut my eyes tight, and I began to feel them filling up with tears that were ready to pour down my face any second now. The last few seconds of this nightmare was becoming such a challenge for me to reveal, even to DK.

Finally, I realized that there was no point in keeping it away from him. I knew he wanted to know, and if he did then he would know how to cheer me up.

I felt my cheeks blush as the tears began to leak from my eyes.

Then, I finally blurted out …

"That horrible picture of me with that black eye!"

I had just referred to that game's disturbing "Game Over" screen!

It was then DK suddenly remembered it. I could tell because at that very moment, he was gasping in shock. I was quickly starting to regret mentioning that "horrible screen". I knew it was too much for him to bear.

"Is that why you've been feeling so blue this morning?" DK asked me.

"Yes!" I answered as my tears began to pour from my eyes and trickle down my face.

"Aww, dear," was all DK could say.

"There were some similarities," I continued as I tried to keep my composure, "Yes, my right eye was black, half of my cap's brim was ripped off, … and that sad music also played, … but … there were also some differences."

"Really?" asked DK.

"My mouth looked so angry, my left eye was tearing, blood was dripping down my bruised face, … and … you weren't even there!"

"I wasn't there?" asked a shocked DK.

"NO!" I cried as I reached the brink of losing my composure and control of my emotions, "That whole time I had wished you were there to back me up before those reptiles captured me, … but … you never came! Even on my 'Game Over' picture, you were gone!"

At that very moment, I had lost it all, and I had to take my frustration out now!


"Aww, Diddy," said DK, patting my chest.

"Why would they make an image like that!?" I furiously cried, "Even though that's not what really happened on our real adventure, they just thought that while they were making that game based on it, they would come up with this thing in which if a player fails, he or she would get that gruesome image! It … it … -"

I couldn't finish my sentence immediately. I could only think about letting it all out. If I was about to say what I wanted to say, it had to be done in a way in which my emotions could truly be unleashed.

I put my lips into an angry look, and I let my cheeks blush deep red. They almost felt ready to explode, but I didn't care. Then, I closed one of my hands into a fist and shook it slightly.

DK looked at me with a concerned look, and I was sure he could tell that I was about to let it out. He pulled his head back slightly as if he was anticipating the moment.

I shut my eyes, and I took a deep breath …

"IT'S NOT FAIR!" I screamed as loud as I could.

I didn't even bother opening my eyes again to see how DK was going to react to my outburst.

However, I found out almost instantly …

"WHOA, whoa, whoa, Diddy, calm down!" said DK.

My uncle hugged my back with his left arm and almost pressed down on my chest with his right hand.

"WHY SHOULD I!?" I yelled in resistance to DK's comfort, "Didn't you feel the same way!? I remember when we first saw that screen! Just after the game came out, we failed on this one level in World 5 and got that 'Screen of Death' and we were both shocked! You did you feel about seeing the end of your necktie cut off!?"

I quickly regretted asking that last question. I feared that he was about to scold me for mentioning that, but instead he gave me another sad look and patted my chest again.

"I know, and I really don't think they should have done that" he said, agreeing to my point, "Surely, getting a 'Game Over' shouldn't have to give you a creepy image. It would've been okay if they just had the words appear on the screen, but … a horrible picture that depicts us looking like … 'you-know-what', … I think they went overboard with that idea."

I let my eyes pour some more tears before I heard DK's voice gently trying to calm me down.

"Aww, little buddy," he said softly.

I bawled into his hand for a couple of seconds before turning my head back up so that I could look into his eyes. The tears that flooded my eyes were almost blurring my vision as if it was a rainy day.

"Anyway, … just as my worse-looking screen disappeared from my vision,..." I said as I tried to dry my eyes, "...I … woke up in my bed. My nightmare was over. I didn't scream, … but … just couldn't even lay down again after that, from all the scares that I'd got in the last five minutes!"

"I'm so sorry, little buddy," said DK in a very sad-sounding voice.

Hearing such a voice like that from DK would only tell me that he felt so sorry for me that he would do just about anything to make me feel better.

As my eyes continued to turn my face into a mess, DK slowly lifted me onto his lap as if I was a little boy waiting to be cuddled by a parental figure, as much DK was to me.

Without hesitating, I wrapped my arms around DK's neck, and in no time I felt his arms almost squeeze my back. Then, I felt his warm hand gently rubbing the back of my head. My eyes overfilled with tears again, and my vision was once again blurred. Along with that, my nose even started dripping. Some of the tears landed on DK's shoulder as we rubbed each others' cheeks in a gentle nuzzle.

"In reality, … I felt so terrible for … not being able to keep the banana hoard safe that night," I said with a very miserable voice, "Terribly embarrassing."

"Embarrassing?" asked DK.

"Yeah," I replied, "In reality, … I was so embarrassed the moment they sealed me into that barrel. I felt especially embarrassed the next morning after you freed me from that barrel."

I let go of DK's neck and we looked at each other in the eyes once again.

"I could tell," said DK as he carefully wiped my eyes, "As you looked at me into my eyes, … you had that look on your face … and I could tell you were pretty embarrassed."

"Well, … half-embarrassed, … really," I said, "Half-embarrassed that … you had to free me from that barrel. The other half … was … feeling determined to take out King K. Rool."

"Which we eventually did," finished DK.

"Yeah," I said.

I tried to give DK a faint grin, but more thoughts buzzed into my head that kept all of the happiness away.

"I don't understand," I said, "Why do these flashbacks often have to occur? There are many things from the past that I don't like to think about, … and that one, in particular, is one of my worst nightmares ever. I don't know why it even came up on me in the first place last night. I didn't sleep again at all for the rest of the night until morning."

"Oh, dear," replied DK, giving me a look as if he couldn't believe that last sentence, "You've been awake since like 3 or 4 in the morning?"

"I didn't want that image to appear in my head again!" I said as I felt ready to cry miserably again.

"Aww, Diddy, my poor little buddy," said DK sorrowfully, "Aaww."

I could tell right then that he felt so sorry for me.

My big buddy carefully lowered me towards the pillow again, and I rested the back of my head on its soft, warm material.

Then, my tears started pouring again, and there I was: sobbing miserably in DK's presence as he cuddled me on his lap. I felt just about ready to break down in misery.

"Awww, please don't cry, little buddy," said DK in his most sorrowful voice ever.

"I wish I didn't have to cry, either, … DK," I said, "I can only wonder, 'why me'?'"

There I was, looking like a young teenager in a case of serious depression, and feeling as heartbroken as if I had lost someone I dearly loved.

"Why!? WHY ME!? WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE ME!?" I screamed as my frustrations took control of my emotions again.

At long last, I could no longer hold anything in my system. I broke down in tears and began to cry like a baby right on DK's lap! I felt like a stupid kid! At that moment, I even imagined DK was probably wondering why I was crying like this! In my mind, I was picturing myself saying,

"Diddy, why are you acting like this!? You're not some little cowardly weakling anymore! You couldn't possibly be wanting to cry like this, so why are you!? Why are you behaving like this!? Even in front of your best buddy!? WHY!?"

But then, as that disappeared from my head, my black-eyed picture flashed in my vision again for a few ghastly seconds. IT STILL WOULDN'T GO AWAY!

A few seconds later, I felt something petting my head. I snapped back to reality as I noticed DK was gently patting my head and trying to say something to me.

"Awww, there, there, little buddy," he spoke softly to me, "Please don't cry. It's okay, Diddy. Uncle DK's gotcha. Ssshh. It's okay. Let's just calm down, and it'll be okay."

I felt like a complete baby as he whispered those words to me. Whenever I cried like this in my younger years, he would always whisper those words to me. Now, it was happening all over again.

I looked away for a few seconds and noticed that, by now, I had pretty much ruined the pillow with my tears. I shut my eyes again to let out another big stream of tears, then I turned back to DK, who gave me an apologetic look.

"I'll be right back, Diddy," said DK.

With that, he got up off the sofa and walked into the kitchen where we had eaten our breakfast.

I just sat there silently in my sad and disturbing train of thoughts, wondering why DK had just left me alone on the couch for a few seconds. I felt more scared than ever now that I was all alone.

I thought I could never get beside myself after a morning like this. It's times like these where all I can do is say to myself,

"Diddy, you've gotta stop thinking about your rough past!"

Those times are long since over, yet they still come back to haunt me! I'm not much of a coward or a crybaby anymore, yet I wondered why I had just acted like a complete baby right in front of my best buddy, all because of a horrible-looking picture of me! Why me? WHY!?

Strangely, every second of my nightmare seemed to be wrong, anyway, given the fact that in reality I was actually outside the banana cave, but in my nightmare I was in the tree house! That would've made things so impossible for me had that really been the case on that stormy night.

Just then, my train of thoughts was interrupted as I heard footsteps creaking against the floor.

DK came back with a glass of banana juice (not to be confused with Cranky's banana juice from 'Donkey Kong Country Returns') and sat down right next to me on the couch again. As he laid down beside me on the sofa, I scooted onto his lap before he gave me a tissue.

It took me about a minute to stop crying long enough for me to at least blow my nose and dry my face with the tissue.

"Here, have some banana juice, little buddy," offered DK in a very kind voice that gave me a feeling that I just couldn't refuse.

I carefully took the glass of banana juice from his hand and took a small sip of it.

The taste was so good that I began to calm myself down again, but I still couldn't keep more tears from streaming down my face.

"You know, you do have a point," said DK, "There are many things from the past that we don't like to think about after they happen. I have had those times before, too."

"You have?" I asked.

"Yeah," replied DK. "The morning after that horrible night seemed to start off as nightmarish. I had felt very interested to see how you had made it through the storm. I went up to the tree house, and … -"

"I wasn't there. I know," I finished as my cheeks blushed in miserable embarrassment.

"Yeah," said DK in a low voice.

We both sighed together, and he continued his story of the morning after the storm …

"I figured that you were probably in the banana cave, munching on what you should have been guarding."

Hearing those words made my heart ache in pain. It seemed to register those words as an insult.

"What!? Heck no!" I shouted angrily at him.

Would he, the brave and strong Donkey Kong, really think I, Diddy Kong, would do such an unheroic thing like that when I was so determined to be a hero!?

"Well, …-," said DK quickly, "-... it was only a thought that I had; just a strange thought, so I entered the cave and … stopped cold dead in my tracks."

"The bananas were all gone. I know that too," I added sadly.

"Every last one taken," said DK.

"How sad," I said as I tried to keep from sobbing again.

DK nodded his head and gave me a sad look before resuming his story …

"I stumbled back into the jungle, awestricken, … and fell into some bushes, which I'm pretty sure were the same bushes that you had been punted into the night before. I found a barrel, and … I could hear you pounding on it from the inside."

"And … freed me?" I said, trying to remember if that was what happened next.

"Just lobbed it into a tree," finished DK.

"Do you know what else was embarrassing?" I said, "Both of us were speechless after you freed me."

"I know. We knew what had to be done," replied DK.

"We were after our bananas. I know," I added.

"We eventually got them back, though, soon after, … and then you were regarded as a hero for the very first time," said DK.

The way he had just put it was not how I had remembered it at all.

"I don't remember taking any credit for our first adventure, though. Even though I was the one to knock out K. Rool, because he was about to choke you to death, nobody praised me, except you. Everyone just laughed at me. I couldn't bear it, … so … I left the celebrations, … rejected," I said.

As I finished that sentence, the thoughts of that heartbreaking moment brought me to extreme sadness again. I started sobbing once more after failing to retain control of my emotions.

"Oh, … yes, I do remember that," said DK with a sorry-sounding voice before rubbing my forehead.

(A/N: This part about Diddy being rejected at the end of DKC1 was added much later. I was inspired by a DKC story by Twin Cats to put this on. With all respect, thank you, TC, for being an inspiration to me!)

With my uncle gently cuddling my head, I somehow managed to regain some of my composure; at least enough for me to think about the positive side of things.

"Anyways, … you know, … back in the nineties, being a hero had always been my own personal goal, … and … I felt so wonderful to have … truly accomplished it, … well, … when they finally started to notice my heroism. I always wanted to be one, … and it was all I ever wanted to be back then," I said.

"Believe me, Diddy, … no matter what happens, … whether there were things you could or couldn't do, … or whether you'd receive praise or be rejected, … you've always been a hero to me," said DK.

"Really?" I asked him as I saw a smile grow on his face.

"Of course, my little pal," he replied in a very kind voice, "Plus, nowadays I even think you're a pretty good sports player, if I don't say so myself."

"You think so?" I asked him.

In my mind, I didn't quite agree with DK about the sports thing.

"I sure do," said DK.

"Because I always thought I'd do horribly in a lot of those … sports," I explained to him, "You know, … almost ten years, ago, when I first tried out for that Mushroom Kingdom Sports Club, … I didn't really fit in with those guys. I knew at that point that it was going to be a nightmare. Yes, … that to, … nightmarish. I was sure that I'd become laughing stock again."

"Well, … I understand it's just what your personal thought is," said DK, "As far as I'm concerned, though, … you are a pretty okay sports player. Besides, I've even seen you win a couple of tournaments."

That was what proved some of my thoughts wrong.

"Well, okay, I've won a few tournaments," I added, having to agree with DK on some of the things he had just said, "- … but other than that, …they would often make fun of me … by saying that many people would predict that, because I'm just so small compared to most others … and one of those younger guys, … I would easily get knocked out on the first round. It didn't seem to matter what sport it was. Sadly, some people still do that to this day!"

Having those thoughts in my head brought me right back to weeping miserably on DK's lap.

Thankfully, he knew how to help me stop right away …

"Well, … there is one sport, however, … that you really dominate at, … one that's got nothing to do with the Mushroom Kingdom Sports Club: It's racing," explained DK.

Racing? Yeah! I've always been an excellent racer when it comes to the professional ranks.

"Yeah," I said in agreement, "Professional racing really is, by far, my best sport. Racing's good for me."

Then, I remembered something else that seemed to bring a few more negative thoughts into it.

"That is unless, … if you count those MarioKart tournaments, … because some of those seemed nightmarish as well."

"I understand, little buddy," replied DK.

I sighed and took another sip of my banana juice.

However, before I could swallow it, I suddenly sniffled from all my crying, and I no longer had control of my throat, so I improperly swallowed the juice.

I felt the juice pour into one of my lungs, and I started choking!

Immediately, my throat began to feel so painful and dry. I tried to take a few gasps for air, but I could only let out some coughs. To make matters worse, I couldn't stop coughing, ALL BECAUSE I HAD BEEN CRYING TOO MUCH!

"Are you okay, little buddy?" I heard DK ask me, looking so worried.

"I think I … (cough) … improperly … swallowed-," were the only words I could let out.

I coughed and choked for another half of a minute. Tears were still coming down my eyes, probably now because of the fact that I was thinking that I was never going to recover from this choking accident.

Maybe crying too much caused this to happen to me! I had started to think that this nightmare had haunted me so much that now it was trying to kill me!

"Just take a few deep breaths, Diddy. It'll be okay," said DK.

I tried to breathe, I tried to gasp, and I even tried to hold my coughs, but it was no good. The juice in my lungs was still making me struggle for air.

It quickly got worse, and I felt as if I was about to choke myself to death. My throat was as dry as a deserted lake.

"Help … me, … (cough) … please!" I spoke faintly with a voice that sounded like I was on the brink of death.

Sure enough, DK was ready to do as I had told. We both knew that I still had a long life ahead of me, and it would be very sad if I had to die this young.

As I shook my head and chest back and forth in an effort to stop all the coughing and choking, DK put one hand on my back and the other hand on my chest.

"There, there, there, there. It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. Just lie down," he said.

I immediately lied my head back down on my pillow as DK had told, and he kept his right hand over my chest. Then, he squeezed my chest slightly, and I felt pressure on my lungs. Tears came down my face in reaction to what was coming …

DK's method of choking medication without involving Cranky's disgusting pills!

Even my uncle's way of helping me out of a choking incident seemed rather painful, given the way he does it.

While DK was squeezing my chest, I grabbed his hand with both of my hands and tried to push it away. I didn't want to deal with the squeezing pain. It was too much for me to handle at that moment. I wanted none of it!

"Easy, easy, easy. It's okay, it's okay," he whispered to me in an effort to keep me calm.

I still didn't feel so sure. I could still feel the pressure in my little nimble body forcing me to shove DK's hand away, but then a few seconds later I felt his other arm wrap around my back and grab my wrists.

Both of my wrists were squeezed very tightly, but even then I was still trying to fight back.

"Just calm down," said DK in a gentle voice.

At that moment, everything seemed to lighten up, and I was beginning to feel more comfortable as DK lowered his head and nuzzled my face. My wrists were no longer in a rush of adrenaline, my heart was no longer pounding so quickly in a state of panic and I even felt something in my throat that made it feel normal again.

"Are you ready, little buddy?" asked DK in a soft whisper.

I nodded my head.

"Alright, Diddy. Just take a few deep breaths, okay?" said DK.

I did as I was told and let out a huge gasp, then I was able to take a few deep breaths.

The dryness in my throat faded away as saliva began to pour in. I swallowed the saliva to avoid choking again, and my breathing was finally stable again.

"There, there, that's my little buddy," I heard DK say in a very kind and gentle voice as I continued to breathe heavily, "Are you okay, Diddy?"

"Yeah, … yeah, I … think so," I spitted out faintly.

"You might wanna be a little careful with that juice when you sniffle a little too much, okay?" said DK calmly as he gave my glass of banana juice back.

"Okay," I gasped as DK gently patted my legs.

I let out a few more heavy breaths so that I could be sure that I wouldn't be choking again, then DK gently stroked my face.

"I'm very sorry about your nightmare last night, Diddy," he said in a sorrowful voice again.

Having heard him say that several times, I was completely assured that he felt so sorry for me about my nightmare.

"Thanks, DK," I replied with a very small grin.

"You're welcome, little buddy," said DK, "Or should I say: my heroic little buddy."

Upon hearing those words, my heart sank. Even 17 ½ years after my first heroic achievement in helping DK get his banana hoard back from King K. Rool, I still felt touched whenever someone called me a hero!

I sat up in DK's lap, and I quickly wrapped my arms around DK's warm and furry neck. At almost that same moment, I felt his arms once again squeezing my back in a very tight embrace of family love.

As the two of us hugged each other, I gradually began to feel very warm from his comfort. It was just enough for me to stop thinking my nightmare for now and begin thinking about that upcoming Enthusia race again.

It's always nice to have a big buddy around for someone like me.

Then, I heard those fluffy words that always brought me so much happiness …

"I love you so much, my cute, precious, little Diddy-buddy," said DK in a happy tone.

I could think of nothing else other than to reply right back to him …

"I love you so much too, my loving and caring, big Donkey-buddy."

"Aawww, Diddy," said DK.

"Aw, DK," I replied.

With our love for each other being the only thing I had in mind, I puckered my lips on DK's cheek and gave him a cute kiss as I let more tears from my eyes. This time, those tears were made from happiness instead of sadness.

DK then planted a return kiss right on my lips.

I felt so loved at that moment that I never wanted to stop hugging DK. What was once a moment of sadness had suddenly become a moment of happiness from family togetherness.

"Now then, … as far as I understand it, … you've got a race coming up tomorrow, don't you?" asked DK, rubbing the back of my head.

"Yes," I said with a down tone.

"Well, let's get that sad look off your face and start thinking about other things, then," said DK with a faint smile.

"Well, … I'll try," I replied with some more tears.

"You should, little buddy," said DK calmly.

I let out another sniffle, which was once again a reaction to my excessive crying. That was enough to put a worried look on DK's face again.

"There, there. Are you okay?" he asked while rubbing my back.

"Thank you so much, DK," was my answer from the happiness he was giving me.

"You're very welcome, Diddy," he replied happily.

From there, I tried to stop thinking about that nightmare so that I could shift my thoughts back to that upcoming Enthusia race again, but this wouldn't be the last time this weekend in which I would be going through this unfortunate misery.

I had to make a major alteration to the end of this chapter to make room for an unanticipated second one. It hadn't been planned until a recent nightmare that I had myself, so … this is pretty much no longer a oneshot fanfic.