Okay, I know I have posted WAY too many authors notes for you guys, and I feel so bad about it, But this is just an update on what's going ton in my life. School is ending and I am terribly behind and am getting myself caught up.

After school ends I am going to EFY, which, for those of you who don't know, is a camp kind of thing that Mormon youth go to when they are from 14-18 years of age. After that I will have one week to get my stuff set aside and some of it packed again before I go to girls "camp". I say "camp" because it isn't really camp this year, we are going around and touring different places in Utah.

After that, I will be staying with my grandparents for a bit and then I will drive with them across the country to Georgia, where I will be moving back to. After I get there I will be going to a muscular dystrophy camp as a counselor. I am really excited for it because I will be able to help a kid individually and be able to make some new friends.

After that I will have only a couple free weeks before school starts.

I have a really busy schedule, and I am so sorry for not using the free time I had wisely and writing for any of these wonderful stories. I hope you all can forgive me and can wait until I update next. I will try to update for at least one of my stories in the next little bit before everything gets fully hectic.

I love you guys, you are amazing followers and I feel like I don't deserve you. I have over 100 followers from all my stories and almost 60 just on the runaways. Around 50 on Dimension crosser. Around 40 on DP X-Man. About 10 on all the others besides my one-shot and The Plot.

I can't believe that so many people read my stories, but when I reread my own stories, it seems like I hadn't even written it XD I know that that's a weird thing to say, but it's true. I don't see my own voice in it. It's like it just popped out of my head and splattered on paper XD

I am so lucky that all of you are so supportive and I love you all!


(PS: If any of you want to add me on facebook, Tumblr, deviantart or anywhere else you can.)

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