A Man who looked to be in his twenties with green skin lay on a not so comfy bed sleeping. His green hair was down to his shoulders and he was wearing tattered and ripped clothes. He shared the room with about three others who were either older than him or at least a bit younger. They were all wide awake and taking care of the green mans injuries he had sustained. He had some bruises and some cuts which were covered up quite nicely thanks to his roommates. He opened his eyes and sat up rather quickly which caused him to wince at the pain he felt.

"Garfield…you're injured; lay back down." One of the roommates said.

"I've had worse Nal…Remember I was once a hero." He said.

Nal's light skin made her look albino and it didn't help that her hair was black like a raven's feather. Her bangs were covering her eyes again meaning she was obviously upset at the moment. Her cat ears were back and her tail was swishing revealing how agitated she was feeling right now. She wasn't from earth like Garfield, which was easy to guess because of her cat like features. "You lost another fight, this is the fifth one…I'm worried." Nal said looking away from him. "I know…Nal, its customary to the plan to get out of here." He stated laying his head against the wall.

At this statement the two guys that were lying in their own beds walked over to Nal and Garfield. Everyone was aware of the plan to get out of this place they had lived for years and years. It was a life and death situation which wasn't to be taken lightly, they were scared to. "Garfield is right; if we intend to get out of here we must do whatever we need to do." One of them said. His name was Chinch and his eyes looked like that of a fly or bee which was weird. His hands were slightly furry but not like a cat's nice coat, almost like a bee's furry black and yellow butt.

The boy beside him who looked to be at least twenty-one nodded his head, agreeing to the statement. He had yellowish skin and red hair which kind of reminded Garfield of a friend of his. His name was hard to say so they others had decided to call him Kishick which was fine by him. He himself was from Tameran, once a powerful warrior now reduced to fighting for his life. It had been this way for all four of them for almost five years, for Chinch it had been longer. Unlike the others he was born here and fought since he was just little larva and he wanted freedom so much.

"Friends, I believe we could escape through the sewer system or the ventilation." Kishick responded.

"Sewers would be safer; the Smoxes won't be able to smell us very well." Garfield stated.

"Yes, the vents would carry our scent and Chinch is too heavy so we might fall through." Nal said.

"It's settled. A week from now we will escape this world!" Chinch said ignoring the weight comment.

The Smoxes are a race of alien mole dogs that were used to hunt down anyone who disobeyed. It was rare when anyone stepped out of line and you didn't want to get caught at all. They were controlled by another race called the Shezix who were good at punishing you for being bad. They had purple skin and wore armor which looked like they were ready for battle. They didn't speak any language on earth so Chinch helped them understand what they were saying. Speaking of the ugly bastards, Beastboy heard footsteps so he motioned for his friends to pretend sleeping.

He guessed it was time for another illegal fight which would result in another injured or dead. Beastboy wished that he was back home where he wouldn't have to kill anyone to survive and eat. Being vegetarian here was pretty much a death sentence because meat was all you ate here. If he ever made it home he was never going to let another piece of meat touch his lips again. Another thing he really wanted to do when got off this stupid planet was tell Raven his feelings. "Their gone Garfield," Nal said taking a seat next to the green man she decided to call her brother.

-Jump City-

Nightwing stared intently at the computer trying to find yesterdays transmitter signal but failed. He sighed and gave up his search decidedly moving away from the very bright screen. The man was tired of not getting any results on the whereabouts of his best friend and teammate. Their green friend went missing almost five years ago and it was pretty hard to find him. In the mean time Jinx had to fill in for him which she was totally fine with because of Cyborg. "Because Aqualad is an ass, all the hot guys are assholes." Jinx's voice rang through the hall.

She must be talking to Raven, lately Aqualad had been trying to get her to go out on a nice date. The door to the hall opened to reveal Jinx and Raven dressed up in gothic civilian clothes. "Raven, Starfire and I are going out to the mall if that's ok with you." Jinx said with a smile. Raven didn't look all that excited, maybe Starfire was forcing her to go like she did a week ago. "Alright, but if trouble calls that doesn't mean your off duty." Nightwing said looking at Jinx. "That was one time, that guy was about to steal a pair of shoes and I wasn't going to stand by and watch." Jinx said.

Nightwing was about to respond when the video phone went off signaling a call was coming in. He pushed a button signaling that all Titans were to be present in the living room right now. Once everyone was in the room he pushed the button that would let him accept the incoming call. A person with an ant head appeared on the screen and Starfire's eyes bulged in recognition. "Do I have the Teen Titans of Earth?" He asked in a raspy voice that sounded like he was losing it. "He is an Antinite, they are space police." Starfire said putting her hand on Nightwing's shoulder.

"We are the Teen Titans." Nightwing spoke.

"About time, we've been trying to get a hold of you for the past seven years." The Antinite said.

"What are we needed for?" Nightwing asked.

"It is a private matter and shouldn't be discussed over video phone…I just arrived on earth and will land on your building." The Antinite responded.

As if on cue a noise came from above and they made their way up to the roof of the tower. A huge spacecraft with unreadable words had nested itself on the roof of the Titans Tower. A door opened and after a few minutes a human sized ant wearing an over coat walked out of the ship. "Ah, princess of Tameran…it is an honor to meet you again." The Antinite said with a smile. "It is good to see you again as well Xzarxikacn." Starfire said taking him in a big hug. Nightwing, being the one who would rather get back to business with no formalities opened door.

If Starfire knew him then he might not have been that bad but it was good to get down to business. When everyone was in the living room the huge ant pulled out what looked like a lot of papers. "Before we get down to business, my name is Xzarxikacn and I am an officer." The Antinite said. He saw the faces of the Teen Titans and sighed in mild frustration, his name was hard for them. "Just call me Harkin…its easier to pronounce." He said putting the papers down on the table. "I'm here to enlist you in helping me solve some cases of disappearances…a lot." Harkin announced.