It was early morning, the sun was just over the horizon and birds were just about to take off. The sun was just behind the Titans tower accenting how the background looked from far off. The alarm had gone off just several hours before so the Titans were back in bed due to lack of sleep. This was the life of a super hero and being as such there was no such thing as a full nigh sleep. Full nights sleep was for people who had jobs and who were ordinary citizens unlike them. Being ordinary wasn't easy for this bunch, not when you're green, robotic, from another dimension or planet.

Our story should start with the ever curious green fellow named Beastboy in his dark bedroom. "You see Rae…I've liked you for a while now and I wanted to know…no." He sighed. He was going to ask his longtime teammate out but it was hard when you were complete opposites. He was having doubts with each passing week that she would even like him in such a way. He wasn't smart like her or dark like she was; dumb and high on life was what he was. Well, actually he was pretty smart…being dumb was just a façade he pulled off quite nicely but still.

"Friend; its time for dinner," Starfire yelled from behind the door.

"Oh, I'll be out in a bit Star." Beastboy responded.

Without warning Starfire opened the door, she had known what Beastboy was doing, he told her. She was excited and couldn't wait for Beastboy to do the confessing to Friend Raven. "Just tell her after dinner, I'm sure she might feel the same." Starfire said, hand on his shoulder. He gave her one of his smiles and followed her out the door to the kitchen to get something to eat. He took his seat next to Cyborg who didn't seem all that impressed with his green friend's food choice. 'Like he ever was.' Beastboy thought with slight amusement as he dug into his tofu burger.

As soon as dinner was done with, Beastboy got up and was about to talk when the alarm sounded. He sighed, 'Sign number one.' He thought and stood next to Robin who used the video monitor. "Looks like Plasmus is in business again, you know the drill." He said signaling their leave. Beastboy sighed and turned into a hawk before taking off and flew next to a very happy Starfire. "Do not worry friend, you can tell her after we are done." Starfire said and didn't expect a response. She knew Beastboy wasn't able to talk in his animal forms, unless he did but didn't feel like it.


An invisible spacecraft flew through the sky scanning the area with a thorough sweep in the area. The person driving the ship looked upon the screen with a seemingly annoyed glance. "Anything yet?" A woman asked as she took a seat next to the man with long fuzzy bluish hair. His eyes were pure red and his skin was a pale grey color and it was the same for the woman next to him. "Nothing yet…although there are a few interesting ones." The man commented. The woman looked at the screen and gasped in what seemed to be a mix of confusion and astonishment.

"Did that green human just turn into a…whatever earth creature that is?" The woman asked.

"Yes Denashi and it seems he's holding his own with that plasma monster." The man said.

"I believe we found our prize Gilth, take him after this battle is over." Denashi said.

Both aliens watched as the green boy on the screen fought with the plasma monster with the others. "Captain, we have the Smoxes ready." Another one of them had walked into the room. Gilth looked at the slightly smaller man and signaled him over to show him their next target. "Your after this green fellow over here, he can turn into creatures. He's useful." Gilth said and turned around. The battle that was on screen was almost over and the plasma monster as well. "Try and capture the plasma monster as well Zasix, he will be wonderful for the collection." Denashi said.

Once the battle was over the masked boy and the other with the robot tech took the plasma moster. They were going to have to wait till later to get it which means leaving later. Zasix released three Smoxes and they went running around the whole town in search of the little green boy. One of the moles like creatures made a howling noise once it found its intended target and chased it. Denashi watched the chase with excitement; this was her most favorite part. It was always fun watching the target try to outrun the Smoxes, it made her want to laugh at their stupidity.

-With Beastboy- (If I accidentally go from P.O.V. to not forgive me I get so into it I forget)

We were finally done with fighting Plasmus, I was about to call Raven when a smell reached me. It smelt really weird and not like anything that would be from earth or Tameran. The scent would have been familiar if it were any of these things since I was on Tameran for a week once. I heard a noise which made me turn around, what caught my eye was a very ugly looking animal. It had a look in its eye like it had finally caught up to its prey and I started running. I pushed the button on my communicator signaling that I needed help so the others would know I needed help.

Unfortunately my communicator fell out of my hand so now my coordinates weren't very accurate. I didn't stop because the look that the monster gave me was like a lion's on the hunt. Another one of the creatures had suddenly appeared in front of me so I quickly turned into a mouse to escape under its enormous belly which was really furry but that wasn't very important at the moment. He narrowly escaped the being in the mouth of the one he had gone under. Soon he was being chased by a third one but this one actually grabbed him but the tail so he had to morph back.

He escaped that one since he didn't have a tail in human form but he wasn't paying attention now. The ones he had tricked had somehow managed to get in front of him and he was trapped. They grabbed his arms with their teeth which made him cry out in pain and a few tears flew out his eyes. They didn't cut through to the bone but still it hurt to have those teeth stuck in your arms. The third creature sniffed his head and howled which kind of hurt his ears because it was loud. Beastboy was about to yell at the creature when a bright light came from his right and he looked in that direction.

It looked like a ship; he didn't want to go through this shit again; taken by another idiotic alien. He could feel blood dripping from his arms where the creatures had their teeth in them. He glanced back to see that the Titans had found his Communicator and Starfire pointing at him. Beastboy guessed he would probably be saved in the next five hours but didn't keep his hopes up. He yelled for them to help him but he was already in the huge ship by then and the door closed. The creatures let him go and were rewarded with some sort of treat that smelled like meat.

As soon as Beastboy sat up a small bracelet was put on his wrist by some woman, or he guessed. He couldn't tell but he figured the bumps on her chest were boobs or something. Not that he was looking, he wasn't being perverted or anything he just wanted to take it all in right now. "What am I doing here? What do you guys want with me?" He asked raising his voice, rare for him. The two looked at him and then to each other like they were trying to figure him out. He just hopped they didn't have to kiss to learn his language like Starfire did to Robin and that Japanese dude.

"We seemed to have made him mad Gilth." The woman said with amusement in her voice.

"He will make a wonderful fighter in the arena then." Gilth and motioned some others in the room.

Two others picked me up and tied my arms before leading me down a hallway and a locked door. "Let go of me you slime covered idiots!" I yelled as I tried to get away from them. For some reason I was unable to morph, it must have had to do something with that little wrist band on me. They put me in a room with two beds that didn't look comfortable but at least they were beds. I punched the door before sliding down to the floor and burying my head in my arms. It wasn't a very comfortable position since they were still tied but all I wanted was to be alone now.