Robin had just got done talking to Batman about their missing friend on the huge video screen. He sat on the couch in the front room and held his green friend's communicator in his hand. Masked eyes filled with guilt for not being able to save their friend from being kidnapped once again. It had been almost a month since his capture and his mentor still had no news of any ships. The day after Beastboy had gone missing he informed the other Titans the sad news. They were just as upset as Robin and the others were and agreed to help out whenever necessary.

So far Jinx decided to she would be his replacement till Beastboy was safely back with them. Robin had to admit that he was a bit weary about her being a Titan since her little turn around. He hadn't expected her to turn good all because Kid Flash pulled all these moves on her. They had gone out for at least a year but then they got in this huge fight and she was a free agent. She would help whoever needed it and then she would move on to the next team and help. She spent most of her time in Germany helping Redstar and his team when she heard the news.

There wasn't much trouble with her at least, she meditated with Raven and shopped with Starfire. Sometimes she would spar with Robin and help out Cyborg in the Garage for a bit. Robin was beginning to think that those two had a bit of a thing going but it was extremely hard to tell. Her hair was always messy and dirty after leaving the Garage but he figured it was from fixing the car. The Boy Wonder tried not to think too much of it since she had just gotten away from K.F. "Find anything yet?" Jinx asked breaking Robin from thoughts on such pressing matter.

"Not yet, Batman says Jon hasn't picked anything up at all." Robin replied, sadness in his voice. Jinx jumped over the couch and reached for the remote to turn the TV off before sitting down. "Hey, weren't you supposed to go on a date with Star in a few hours?" Jinx said as Robin gasped. Yesterday he had promised Starfire he would take her on a date to the carnival or something. He had forgotten about it since his mind was so set on finding their missing comrade. "Thanks for reminding me Jinx…hey are you and Cyborg…" Robin didn't finish because she laughed.

"No; although I do have a thing for smart people," Jinx replied.

With that Robin rolled his masked eyes and left to get ready for his little date with Starfire. He went to knock on her door but stopped when he heard her singing to her pet Silky. Beastboy had given him to her once and he had to admit the thing was just a little too creepy for his taste. After a few minutes of waiting he finally knocked which caused a few shuffling noises in the background. Everything was silent for a few minutes and then the door opened to reveal the Tameranian. She looked like a goddess even if she was still wearing her uniform that she wore everyday.

"You wish to speak Robin?" Starfire asked.

"I promised you a date yesterday." Robin said with a smile.

"Oh…I seem to have forgotten." Starfire said.

Robin could tell she was a bit distracted and they both needed to settle down for just a few hours. After Beastboy had been kidnapped she started going off about what happed on Blorthog. She was afraid the Titans would split like what happened when she had gone to the future. "That's fine, when you ready call; I have to get ready myself." Robin said giving her a kiss on the cheek. With that he left for his room to find something nice to wear for their date in a few hours. He decided they would go to the carnival for a little fun since their time at the carnival was ruined.

In the front room Jinx sat on the couch remembering that Cyborg said something about a tracker. She figured she would at least try to help the Titans find their old friend to stop moping. She had sort of lied when she said she wasn't involved with Cyborg but had a good reason. They had only just started and she didn't want anyone against their relationship because of the past. She already had to deal with that because of Kid Flash's uncle from the Justice League. The only one who even knew about her and Cyborg's relationship was Raven who didn't mind at all.

She went on the computer and started looking through the many signals they seemed to pickup. There were so many and it was hard to figure out which one she needed to follow to find him. She clicked on one of them and that made the communicator on the table go off almost instantly. She pushed the button quickly to shut it up and guessed that this one was Beastboy's that dropped. "It would have been easier if you kept it with you." Jinx said looking at the list again. There was another one that said Beastboy's Belt which she clicked instantly and got a faint signal and coordinates.

Jinx started to get really excited until the signal suddenly faded which caused her to be a little mad. "Damn…I almost had it!" She yelled and then had to look around since she yelled so loud. "I wonder if Cyborg would be able to…it's worth a try." Jinx said to herself and got up from the chair. She made her way to the garage where she heard her boyfriend still working away on the car. She put her hand on the door not entirely sure if she should interrupt him while he worked. Deciding against waiting Jinx opened the door and went in making sure that she made some noise.

It wasn't good sneaking up on someone while they were working on the car; easy to hit your head. "Hey Cyborg, I have a question." Jinx said gaining the robots attention as he looked at her. He stopped what he was doing and put the hood of the car down and waited for her to talk. Jinx took that as her cue and walked over to him. "Ok, I decided to try and figure out his location." Jinx said. Before he could ask her what she was talking about She started it up once again. "I tried his communicator but I wasn't told it was left behind and then his belt had a tracker as well." Jinx said.

"So you tried to get his signal?" Cyborg asked.

"I had it for a few minutes but then it disappeared…" Jinx replied.

"Wish I thought about that." Cyborg said.

-Somewhere else-

Beastboy dodged an almost fatal hit and morphed a bear which confused his huge attacker. He was fighting a big guy who looked to be about 6'3 and he had a nose like a pig and horns. His ears were like a humans and he had yellowish fur that covered his entire almost muscular body. Beastboy smacked the guy around a bit and then decided on his African kangaroo morph. He stood on his tail and kicked his offender where it counts before turning into a fly and buzzing around. Flying around his head would get the guy disoriented so he could do his final attack.

As soon as he felt it was safe to do so he morphed a hawk and flew high above the big guy. It was then that he took on the shake of a whale and instantly fell from midair and crushed him. He morphed to an elephant since his whale morph wouldn't last long without any water. He made a noise though his trunk and flapped his ears before going back into his human form. Beastboy's face instantly went into a frown because his morph back to human had been forced. He had no control over his morphs after he was done fighting and he hated that with a passion.

He looked at the Smoxes who silently threatened to hunt him if he decided to run from his spot. The people who had taken him and many others from their home were sitting up high. That woman whose name he remembered was Denashi smiled like she knew he was going to win. How Beastboy wished he could wipe that smirk off her very annoying face…no…calm down. The Beast was responding to his anger and knew that if he were to come out it would hurt Beastboy. Every time the bracelet was activated he would be shocked into demorphing to himself.

"I'll let you fight the next time I'm sent out here." Beastboy said calmly.

"I would like that very much." The Beast said.

The Beast had become a comfort after Ganithar was killed in his own battle just a week ago. Beastboy was lonely and really needed someone to talk to and with his anger the Beast came back. Not that he ever left, it was just that he had better control over him since that one incident. There was a new person in the room but he didn't talk much which kind of annoy the Changeling. He guessed that this person had been fighting for the longest time since there were some scars. Old and new ones and some over old ones that had just about healed over or something.

Chinch looked out the window at the vast desert with no known expression on his small face. He held Beastboy's belt in his hands trying to figure out why the hell it had just beeped like crazy. The man would have to ask his roommate about it but then he figured it would be weird. Chinch had never spoken to him except to say goodnight even if Beastboy had talked to him. Chinch wasn't much of a talker but little by little he was being pulled out of such a thing. He had known silence since he was just a small one and didn't know how to interact with anyone at all.

The bug like man was brought back to the present when the door opened to reveal his roomy. His green friend seemed utterly annoyed and he sat quietly on the bed obviously wanting to talk. "How…did your round go?" Chinch asked not exactly used to using his voice at all. Beastboy sat up, surprise written all over his face since he had merely gotten just one word out before. "I won…" Beastboy said and then noticed his belt in his room mattes hand and looked curious. He followed the green boy's eyes which landed in his hands to the belt and gave it back.

"It beeped for a few minutes and stopped." Chinch said.

"That must mean they were trying to reach me…not that it would do any good." Beastboy said.

"They who?" Chinch asked.

"My friends…family…" Beastboy said not giving a speck of hope.