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Jim Moriarty knew what he was doing. Of course he did. Insane though he was, he was still a genius.

Really, he just wanted to have some fun. People were never fun these days. Too busy drooling over their favourite soap dramas and eating microwave meals on trays.

People had just become depressingly stupid! It was untolerable, and completely inexcusable to Jim - there just wasn't a good enough excuse for it!

He had a solution though. He could solve this problem.

So he did. There, simple.

Wham, bam, thank you Sam! He contracted a man in America, a DOD employee, Randall, who led a team of researchers experimenting with the creation of environmentally sound energy and asked him to continue their research - except backwards. He wanted all the power out.

The man naturally refused - until Jim threatened to cut off his eye lids. People are so predictibly co-operative when sadistic forms of violence are threatened. And a psychopath's smile never hurt anyone either. (Just the reason why he was smiling.)

People were as simple as a theoretic algorithm. They both need structure, a clear solution, the map layed out and they were happy. Take out the Pi, remove Infinity and you have glorious, unpredictible chaos.


A/N: Yeah okay, I have no excuses for my lateness, so we'll just skip this part.

It was pretty fun writing this from Moriarty's sort of point of view of the world - is that weird?

I know absolutely nothing about algorithm's and stuff like that, but I've always felt that Moriarty is obsessed with numbers (as well as Sherlock.) So I just bung together a bunch of tidbits that I remember from maths class and hoped for the best. I hope for those who are good at maths that it isn't too ridiculous!

I am also done with this story, so I'm hitting the complete button. If I think up anymore I'll write a sequel - but really that's pretty unlikely.

Any and all reviews and PM's are welcome, whether you liked it or not. Constructive criticism is very useful to me. I will endevour to respond to all of them.