2 February, 1994

Dear Friend,

It has been very long since I last wrote to you. I am a senior now, and I am very close to my finals. Guess what? I got accepted into Penn State! Now Sam and I can be together and I won't have to wait to see her again. In case you're wondering if Sam and I are boyfriend and girlfriend now, we are not. After that night in her room, I could never pluck up the courage to make a move. But she is still my best friend. We call each other and write letters back and forth very often, and she comes to visit me whenever she can. I want you to know that I am participating now. I don't have friends as good as Sam, Patrick, Mary Elizabeth, Bob and Alice but I talk to people. I am getting over what my Aunt Helen did to me. I don't see things that often and I am starting to accept that this happened to me and I am starting to feel okay about it, which I think is very important. Bill still gives me books to read, he is married now and has a son. My mom is still cleaning things, my dad is still going to the office, and my sister is now in college and has a boyfriend who is much better than the one I told you about. My brother is now first-string and doesn't come to visit that often. I do sometimes wish I could know what you felt about everything I told you, but I know that is wrong because I don't want you to find me. Maybe someday when I am ready, I'll send a return address.

I want to go see Sam. I haven't seen her since December and I miss her very much. I will call her and ask her if I can come. I'll be back to continue this letter.

I'm back. Sam said that it's a great idea and I should come straight away. Maybe I should take a gift for her. I made her a mixtape with all her favorite songs and I also added the tunnel song. I have to go now, I will tell you everything tomorrow when I get back.

Love always