Heero sorted through what had to be 20 years of misfiled paper work, hand written receipts and official correspondence all stuffed into a drawer. When he volunteered to help Madame Eeylop out with some of her accounting he hadn't realized the project he had signed up for, then again he probably shouldn't have told her how bored he was.

It had turned out that quitting your job without any true plans for the future isn't all it's cracked up to be. All that time Heero had dedicated to tracking down suspects, contributing to investigations and decrypting information needed to be filled by a new hobby. The first three or four days Heero enjoyed being able to actually visit the city he lived in. He wandered around parks, visited museums and went to see a movie for the first time in 6 months that was voluntary. As the week went on his interest had degraded into watching day time television on his sofa.

He had avoided announcing to any of his friends his current change in employment so he would actually have some time to himself before he was flooded with invitations and advice. So instead he threw a pity party for one while watching a ludicrous melodrama about two mobile suit pilots who fall in love. While the entire show was completely inaccurate he couldn't help but be drawn in by Violet's ongoing struggle to balance her evil twin sister and Damian her one true love. Needless to say by the end of the second week he was torn between escaping to the mountains and hacking into the government database, anything really to assuage his boredom.

It was around that time that he reunited with the terrifying owl, who had come knocking on his window in the morning, and if he hadn't "met" it before he would have left it out there. Even when he first saw it he considered not letting it in, he hadn't forgotten the glaring or sharp talons. It wasn't that he afraid, who would be afraid of an owl with a serious anger management problem, just that he wasn't supposed to have any pets in his apartment. Attached to its leg had been an invitation from Madame Eeylop for Heero to come and visit.

One thing had turned into another and the next thing he knew he was sitting in the back office sifting through parchment trying to understand how one person could go so long without keeping actual records. It also didn't help that Madame Eeylop's owl seemed to take it upon himself to watch Heero's every move. Before he could drown himself in parchment Madame Eeylop called for him from the store front.

"I need you to run an errand for me at the Magical Menagerie. Here's a list of what I need try not to get into trouble. Have them charge it to my account." A long sheet of parchment was shoved in his hands and he was pushed out the door without getting a word in edgewise. As he walked towards his destination he took some deep breaths and reminded himself that he asked for this. The Magical Menagerie was a lot like the Owl emporium, dark, cramped and chocked full of animals. While the Emporium was lined with varieties of a recognizable creature the Menagerie was a mess of animals ranging from toads to what appeared to be a fire breathing tortoise. He struggled through the mess of cages and customers to approach the clerk stacking empty cages (Two For the Price of One!) along the back wall.

"I'm here to pick up an order for Madame Eeylop."

"It's somewhere in the back, you might as well help me look." The shop assistant moved through the back door and Heero followed, it opened into a large room full of tanks and cages with a small filing cabinet crammed against a side wall. "It's around here somewhere." The assistant started to move around cages obviously assuming that Heero had some idea of what they were supposed to be looking for. While the assistant was crawling along the floor Heero started to poke around peering into the tanks and terrariums.

It was at that point that several things happened the catalyst of them being the clerk moving right behind Heero as he stepped backwards. Thus sending Heero toppling over the clerk, in an attempt to regain his balance Heero reached out a hand to regain his balance and firmly planting it into a terrarium full of damp soil. His hand immediately sunk in and it wasn't till he got his feet under him that he felt the thing squirming across his hands. Something slimy was wrapping its way around his fingers and he quickly snatched his hand back hastily moving away from the tank and almost stepping on the clerk still kneeling on the floor.

"Steady on!" The assistant glared up at Heero but he was too disturbed to care, he felt a dull tingling in his fingers.

"Whatever's in that tank…I think it bit me!"

"What?" The assistant looked at Heero like he was crazy.

"My hand feels strange; I think the creature in the tank bit me!" Heero gestured at the offending tank seriously concerned about what magical creature he had let infect him. Was there such a thing as magical rabies? The assistant started to laugh and Heero's angry glare only seemed to make him laugh louder. Getting up from the floor the assistant pointed to the tank still chuckling to himself.

"This one right here?" Heero nodded. "It's a flobberworm mate, couldn't bite you even if it wanted to." That seemed to set off the assistant into another laughing fit and Heero was seriously considering punching him and telling Madame Eeylop they were all out of whatever she was asking for. "Look the tingling is probably from the nutrient potion we put in their soil, rinse it off in the sink and it'll go away in a minute." Heero moved to the sink with no less speed than he would any other time, whatever that sniggering idiot might think, and efficiently scrubbed the soil off his hands.

"Look, I'm in a bit of a rush do you have what I'm looking for or not?" Heero tried not to sound too angry, as well as controlling his clenching fists, but from the look on the assistants face he wasn't succeeding.

"Think I saw it on the top of the cabinet, why don't you wait out front and…settle down"

Heero found a spot at the front of the store next to a basket full of multicolor fur balls, his first thought was that it was some kind of chew toy. It wasn't till a little girl came and fished one out that he realized it was some kind of fur ball creature. A creature made entirely out of one giant ball of fur that was making a content sounding hum as the girl stroked its back. A fur ball with a ridiculously long tongue that somehow appeared out of the fur to lick at the little girls face.

Heero had just about reached his limit of insanity for the day when the assistant came out of the back room with a brown paper bag. Grabbing the bag without a single word Heero escaped the store quietly promising himself not to return again without gloves and a better understanding of what he was getting into.

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