Hello there my lovely readers! I'm back! So this may be the longest chapter yet because its the final jam and then the chapter after this is the end, tears. So without futher ado, on with the story!

"Thanks Nate, now lets go find Shane." Caitlyn said, walking ahead of the other two. Knowing her best friend, it didn't take long to find him. When the trio found him he was sitting on the dock, guitar in his lap.

"Shane!" Caitlyn called out. He looked over his shoulder to see his three friends standing there, devious smiles on their faces.

"What are you three up too?"

Mean while in the Camp Rock theatre things were just getting started.

"So, the winner of this years Final Jam will not only get a recording contract but will also get to be the opening act for my niece, Mitchie Torres!" Brown exclaimed.

"Also, you get a pretty sweet trophy." He added, making the audience laugh.

"Now, without further ado, the Hasta La Vista crew."

The lights dimmed and the group started to perform an up beat regeton number, getting everyone on their feet. As they finished, the crowd applauded them .

"Alright, that was amazing! And now Miss Tess Tyler." Tess got onstage, mic gripped tightly in her hand. This was her moment, or so she thought.

As she performed the memories of what she did just to cause harm, came rushing back. She messed up and repeated the first verse of her song, turning beet red when she realized what she did.

The diva let out a strangled cry before running backstage.

"That sure was something!" Brown exclaimed to the confused crowd. A tap on the sshoulder caused him to turn around.

Standing there was Mitchie, mic in hand.

"My turn."

"Are you sure this is going to work?" The young guitarist asked.

"Trust me, it is."

Mitchie let out her feelings to her record label, showing them that she was more than just some puppet that they had control over.

This was who she was.

"This is me."

The crowd sat there silently before erupting in applause. Even her own record label was astounded


The jujudges got up and headed towards the back after everything had died down.

"IIt's officially the end of Final Jam."

Just then music blared from the speakers, causing everyone to look around. Brown rushed backstage to fin Shane, Caitlyn, Nate and Jason there, guitars and laptop included.

"Its the end of Final Jam." All four said In unison.

Brown smiled, moving aside to let them onstage.

This time the tempo was much faster that what Iit had been back in the mess hall. Now Nate and Jason were at his side, yet Shane was the star.

MMitchie turned around in utter shock at hearing the melody, the very one she had been searching for all this time.

Shane stood there, the music ccompletely taking over him, then he met Mitchie's eyes. Right then and there he mentally apologized to her for the lying. She looked back, and all was forgiven.

"I am what I am!" The four friends exclaimed at the end of the song, earning an incredible amount of applause.

Now backstage the four friends were coming down from their high.

"You guys did aabsolutely amazing!" Mrs. Gray said, pulling them into a hug.

They hadn't won, The Hasta la Vista Crew had won by default, but they had still enjoyed it. Not to mention the fact that they might have been offered a record deal.

"Thanks mom." Shane said, hugging her back.

She walked away, Nate, Caitlyn and Jason behind her.

"You did great up there." A voice from behind him spoke. Mitchie.

"Thanks, I'm sorry." He said. She pulled him into a hug.

"I forgive you."

The two singers decided to ditch the Final Jam Jam session, taking a canoe out on the lake instead.

"The stars are beautiful." Mitchie said in aw.

"Yeah, but not as beautiful as you." Shane said, looking at her with love in his eyes.

Mitchie leaned closer to him, as Shane leaned closer as well.

Their lips touched in a sweet kiss, just as a shooting star flew above their heads.

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