So I guess this is goodnight and goodbye for this story. But don't worry, I'll be back! So on with the final chapter! !

"I'm still beyond sorry I lied to you Shane." Mitchie said, just outside her mom's catering van the next morning.

"I already told you, don't worry about it, if anything I'm sorry for yelling at you and for finding me the way you did." The popstar answered, lightly holding Mitchie's smaller hand in his.

"Alright, I'll stop apologize, if you stop talking about that." The young singer said, lightly running her fingers over the scars adorning his wrist.

"I'll see you next summer." Shane said, lightly pecking Mitchie on the lips before letting go of her hand.

"Bye popstar, see you next summer." Mitchie said, climbing onto the catering van.

They drove off, leaving the popstar behind.

He smiled, as he now understood why she did everything that had happened.

A new vibe, all thanks to a shooting star.

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