Author Notes:

My writing still sucks, you have been warned.

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Story notes:

Cannon up to year 6, Dumbledore doesn't get cursed and lives, year 6 goes mostly same as cannon. Harry still breaks up with Ginny.

Year 7. Ministry doesn't fall and Trio stays at Hogwarts. Over the year they find horcruxes and destroy them with some help from Dumbledore. Dumbledore still doesn't train Harry. Voldemort attacks after exams when he learned from his spies about the hunt. Harry duels him, gets hit by killing curse and when Voldemort mocks everyone Harry gets up and stabs his back with sword. After that Harry leaves. During battle no one important from light side dies.

One year later.

Harry Potter entered Gringots bank in Diagon Alley look distinctively different from the one who left after Battle at Hogwarts, the difference was such big that Ronald Weasley, whom Harry passed while entering, didn't recognize him. New Harry Potter was 6'2" tall, had shoulder length black hair and of course green eyes. He didn't wear glasses and his scar was gone, courtesy of plastic surgery. He was wearing light tan from his stay in tropics. He was wearing muggle pants and jacket witch was open and showed sign on his t-shirt displaying Darth Vader in his force-choke pose and sign 'Join the dark side, we have cookies', Harry thought about wearing his 'I killed Dark Lord and all I got was this lousy t-shirt' t-shirt, but with that some wizards might have paid him enough attention to recognize him. Most important difference was that this Harry Potter was smiling and relaxed, something that couldn't be said about him a year ago.

Harry decided to approach one of the more important looking goblins, average teller wouldn't be able to help him.

"Good morning Sir or Madame" despite 5 years teaching about Goblin Rebellions Harry was never told how to recognize Goblin gender, maybe it was one of those 'every child in wizarding world (except Harry Potter) knows this' thing? "My name is Harry Potter and I recently returned to Great Britain, I would like to check state of my financial affairs. Could you provide me with that information?" Harry asked with cheerful smile, he knew he was supposed to be quite rich as both Potter and Black heir. While Harry didn't need those money he also didn't want them to go to people like Malfoys... or Weasleys for that matter.

"You are broke, anything else?" Goblin said without looking at him.

Harry's smile disappeared. They couldn't do this, could they? Was his first thought, He was an adult, he didn't leave any dispositions what to do with his wealth so Dumbledore or Ministry had no legal means to affect it... on the other hand, when any of those people cared about their actions being 'legal'?

"Well, I do remember having some galleons in my trust vault before my departure, could you explain what have happened to those money and any other money or properties I knew nothing about?" Harry remained polite, there was no reason to get angry at this Goblin, it wasn't his (or hers) fault that Ministry/Dumbledore where thieves.

"Your Trust Vault was confiscated to pay reparations to various parties injured in war, your properties and business were sold for the same reason. This law was passed by with support of nearly whole Wizengamot shortly after battle. Due to your death during said battle your will was activated and contents of your vaults were passed to those specified in that will. As far as I know new owners were not able to access those vaults as both are protected by blood magic witch for some reason still recognizes you as their owner."

"Let me guess, law stating that my short absence from mortal realm constitutes as death was also supported by nearly whole Wizengamot?"


"Including Chief Warlock?"


"As this was my will you are referring to, could you remind me to who I passed those vaults?"

This time Goblin had to get some papers before answering.

"Contents of both vaults were divided between members of Weasley family, Albus Dumbledore, Remus Lupin and Minerva McGonagall. Remaining money were to be spent on aiding rebuilding efforts and reparations. I find it quite interesting you can't remember contents of your own Last Will, Mister Potter."

Harry learned some things about Goblin during last year, and one of those things was to not imply foul play without good evidence, Goblins sticked to their rules... unless large bribe was involved and he was sure that bribe was paid as he never died during that battle, not to mention that he never wrote last will... Unfortunately insisting that Goblins cheated him somehow could have fatal consequences, with bribes involved Goblins could kill him by claiming he insulted their honor and Ministry who was beneficiary of his money would ignore his death.

"Well, with Voldemort and NEWTs in my last year I could simply forget those details. You have mentioned that those vaults still recognize me as an owner, right?"

"Are you asking me to allow you access to a vault that doesn't belong to you?"

And now they try 'beheaded for theft' approach, Gringots was waste of his time.


"Anything else?"


"That will be 3 Galleons and 7 sickles."

Harry paid and left the bank. Truth to be told he didn't care about that money, all he wanted were objects owned by his family that were stored inside Potter Vault. He learned in his 7th year that Potter Manor was destroyed during first war, but not before all objects (including large library) were safely stored in Gringots. He didn't know much about Black family heirlooms, but he suspected that Black's library was hidden somewhere else than Grimmauld Place 12, to put it simply that library was bit to small for such family as Blacks.

After his visit in Gringots Harry decided to walk around Diagon Alley, it was less than 15 minutes since he left the bank when Harry was approached by Mister Weasley.

"Hello Harry, nice to see you here, when did you came back?"

"Yesterday. You are not in the Ministry? Did something happened to your job?" Harry asked with faked concern in his voice.

"No, everything is fine. One of my friends mentioned that he saw someone looking similar to you so I went to check it. Why didn't you came to Borrow?" Sure they did, was Harry's first thought.

"well, I didn't want to impose upon you." And to drink any more Amortentia. Seriously, he could shrug off imperius course from VOLDEMORT, why did those idiots think that Amortentia would work on him? He decided to play along in his sixth year to avoid suspicions. At the end of the year he played 'I love you to much to put you at risk' card and promised that he will go back to Ginny after Voldemort is gone. Of course he never planned to fulfill that promise.

"No, don't worry about that, you are part of the family. You can visit any time you want, Ginny would love that. By the way Harry, what were you doing at the bank?" Harry noticed that Mr Weasley was little nervous when mentioning bank.

"I was trying to access my vaults, but goblins told me that Dumbledore and you have control over them." Mr Weasley eyes went wide at this revelation, he tried to say something before Harry stopped him. "I understand you did this to protect them from Ministry and appreciate the effort. I will speak with Dumbledore this week about this." Harry said in his best meek child voice, he berated himself for calling Dumbledore without any prefix but Mr Weasley apparently didn't notice that.

Mr Weasley asked Harry about his whereabouts and was surprised that Harry stayed in muggle world for the past year, he also mentioned that many 'concerned' people were looking for him, Harry appeased him by claiming he never met anyone looking for him and pointed out that he probably wasn't found because he stayed in muggle world. He also asked about his scar, Harry told him that it disappeared shortly after the battle, he omitted fact that it was because muggle surgery. After half an hour of small talk Mr Weasley said he has to go back to work and asked Harry to meet Headmaster to discuss some important matters, Harry agreed to meet Dumbledore at 10am next day in Leaky Cauldron. After saying goodbyes Harry left to Muggle London. He walked around London for some time to check if someone follows him. His suspicions were true, he noticed at least three people, two of them he recognized from Order meeting, third one was easiest to spot - someone with different face but same clothing and ability to slip on a level pavement meant only one person - Tonks.

Harry was prepared for that, he went to cheap hotel he was staying in, he checked in last day to be consistent with story he told, and went to his room. After he entered he checked his monitoring equipment, no one visited the room during his absence. He set up special microphones that will inform him if someone knocks to his doors or tries to phone him and apparated to his real room in Ritz Hotel.

The past

Before his vacations Harry knew that many people who were supposed to be his allies weren't honest with him. He noticed that in his sixth year when Slughorn of all people taught Harry detection charm which he used on all his drinks. Armed with new knowledge Harry checked some of his drinks, his discovery shocked him. First of all, his drinks had two doses of Amortentia, one keyed to Ginny, second one keyed to Draco Malfoy. Harry truly didn't know which one was worse. Besides Amortentia his drinks had loyalty potions keyed to Dumbledore, Ron, Ginny, Arthur, Molly and Twins, why someone was putting last one in his drink Harry didn't know. Next were some potions affecting occlumency barriers, potion to impede learning, one to remove sexual drive, anti-animagus potion (he didn't have time to become animagus, but apparently Dumbledore didn't want to risk it) and some potion reducing control he had over his magic. Obviously all potions weren't added to his every drink, but there were several times during year that all of those potions were in his drink making pumpkin juice a minor ingredient. Strangely it never affected the taste which prompted Harry to ask himself why potions given to him in hospital wing tasted like piss.

The only positive aspect of those potions was that after seven years of exposure Harry became immune to them. Apparently wizarding world never learned that extensive exposure to certain potions will allow person to build up resistance to their effects. Harry's ability to shrug off Imperius in fourth year wasn't due to his magical power, it was due to the fact that he was feed various mind altering potions for past several years and his mind build up resistance to mind altering effects thus allowing him to battle Imperius curse much better than average person. Unfortunately Harry also didn't knew that still thinking his immunity to potions was due to his ability to shrug off Imperius while truth was exactly the opposite.

After Harry learned truth he also learned that he has very little options available to him, with 'cult of Dumbledore' he couldn't as people for help as they would immediately go to Headmaster. Goblins sold their services to those who paid biggest bribes and Ministry would gladly help him... and throw him into Azkaban after he dealt with Voldemort. This left Voldemort, but even with Headmaster and his friends conspiring against him he couldn't join that monster. Harry refused that option not because Voldemort killed his parents or because he was mass murdering psychopath, those points did affect his decision, but because Voldemort was an idiot... Harry came to this conclusion in his seventh year after thinking about everything that happened before. Most of it was engineered by Dumbledore, but the fact was that Voldemort always went along those plans.

First year Harry had to save Philosophers Stone, a seventeen year old Harry saw that thing as obvious trap, somehow such knowledge eluded Evil Slytherin (they are supposed to be cunning, right? Thought Harry) Dark Lord and said Dark Lord fell for it.

Second Year Evil Slytherin Dark Lord tried to resurrect himself by possessing 11 year old Gryffindor girl, ignoring fact that there was full house of people loyal to him and his ideals. But even if he didn't want to show weakness in front of his old house, he could achieve his goal by... not doing anything. All that attacks with basilisk only brought attention to him and resulted in his horcrux being destroyed. If he simply waited and went to Chamber of Secrets for final stage of possession without leaving any messages no one would be any wiser. Sure, Ginny's disappearance would be noticed, but after a day or two which would be too late to save her.

Fortunately Harry was spared battling Evil Idio... Slytherin Dark Lord in his third year.

If two first years could be explained by eagerness to regain body in case of Quirellmort or teenage hormones in case of Diarymort, Harry's meeting with Dark Lord in fourth year couldn't. The whole plan had so many holes that one could fly a dragon through it. It first assumed that Dumbledore will go along with Harry being 4th champion, secondly it assumed that Harry will go along with being 4th champion, next Harry had not only survive but actually WIN the damned thing. Assuming Hogwart has anti-portkey wards preventing fake Moody from simply making a portkey and then throwing it at Harry to kidnap him it still allowed Plan B, namely Hogsmeade DOESN'T have such wards thus all Voldemort had to do was wait for first Hogsmeade weekend to get Harry Potter.

This was enough to convince Harry that Voldemort was complete idiot, fifth year when Harry, his team and TWELVE Deatheaters walked into Ministry and got to Prophecy hall undisturbed was only icing on a cake, after all - if THEY could do that what stopped Voldemort from doing the same? Or using polijuice... or glamours... or invisibility cloak... or sending someone to poke the damned prophecy with a stick to drop it into a bag, possibilities are endless yet Voldemort choose most difficult one.

Sixth year was not even worth mentioning, why they went with this plan when over the years multiple Deatheaters, dementors and one escaped convict walked into the school undisturbed Harry didn't know.

But unless Harry somehow managed to send himself into his eleven year old body he couldn't change the past. All he could do was to prepare for future and only viable plan came up with in his seventh year was to kill Voldemort, presumably after his NEWTs so Headmaster would have hard time to convince anyone that Harry had to stay at Hogwarts. With Dark Lord gone and his education complete Harry would have to be considered an adult thus limiting Dumbledore's options regarding him. He wasn't an idiot and knew that Headmaster wont give up, but Harry hoped death of Voldemort and celebrations accompanying it will buy him enough time to escape before Dumbledore manages to organize headhunt for him. With this plan in mind he made sure to be overheard after NEWTs by Draco Malfoy when discussing horcruxes with Hermione thus forcing Voldemort to attack Hogwarts to retrieve Ravenclav Diadem, with Voldemort's previous record it was obvious that he will use frontal attack rather than subterfuge...

During his studies of horcruxes Harry discovered one in his scar. Destroying it was ridiculously easy, Harry asked Madam Pomfrey about basilisk venom effects on him, he claimed being afraid of poisoning by Voldemort's agents, she had told him that after second year he is immune to basilisk venom and quite possibly other poisons. All was left for Harry to do was go to Chamber of Secrets and stab his scar with basilisk's fang. After that he finally understood Dumbledore's reluctance to train him, in Dumbledore's plans Harry had to die to destroy this horcrux thus Harry had fake his death to ensure that Dumbledore won't accuse him of being possessed by Voldemort and kill him 'for the Greater Good'.

Whole plan was easier than Harry expected. Apparently Killing Curse has certain weakness that probably was never exploited - it can only kill ONE thing at a time and more importantly it doesn't care if said thing was transmuted. Harry exploited this by transmuting some spiders into shirt and robes thus giving him ability to survive two Killing Curses. Due to Voldemort favoring Killing Curse during battles it wasn't hard to get hit with it to fake his death. He even came up with some sad story explaining it, something about meeting his parents and Sirius in King Cross station and having choice to come back due to Voldemort using his blood during resurrection ritual, it made no sense so wizards will believe it.

After Battle he left to Gringots and withdrew nearly 10 thousand galleons from his Trust Vault, there was still some money left but he couldn't take more without his Magical Guardian approval. That much money might not last him for long if he wanted to travel the world, fortunately Harry had solution for that. Using drills in his uncle's factory he destroyed runes on galleons that hide them from muggles and prevented them from being melted. Now Harry had about 4 to 5 million pounds in gold... that was enough to travel the world in luxury, something he always wanted to do. Getting emancipation papers from Dursleys and passport to travel wasn't particularly hard.


After visiting Gringots as himself and confirming his suspicions he decided to go with his plan, after all there was small chance that Dumbledore would leave him alone witch was fine with Harry, true several months of planning and week of actual work will go to waste but not having to meet any of those people would be certainly a bonus.

As for revenge, his options were rather limited. He had two seats in Wizengamot but he lacked any skills or connections to properly use them, it's not that he could just walk in into session and announce 'Hey people, I'm creating new political block, we will be moderates between Dumbledore's Light Idiots and Malfoy's Dark Inbreeds, who wants to join?', more polite and refined approach required skill and time, Harry didn't have either.

Using law was again futile, Gringots worked for those who will pay bigger bribe and he was sure that person was Dumbledore (or Malfoy). Ministry was even worse, those who couldn't be bought will simply ignore all Dumbledore's crimes claiming something along the lines of 'but he is Dumbledore', 'Dumbledore knows what he is doing' or Harry's favorite 'if he did that it had to be for the Greater Good'. This forced Harry to do everything by himself.

During previous week Harry had placed surveillance devices in Hogwarts, Burrow, Leaky Cauldron, Gringots and Grimmauld Place (this one proved to be unnecessary as only he could access that place), the whole 'technology doesn't work around magic' was myth, there were wards that affected technology but either special charms or electronics that was radiation-hardened could work within such wards. Now he checked his laptop to see reactions to his return, right now Dumbledore's has called everyone for a meeting in his office at 8pm. Having some time Harry apparated back to his fake room and went to the city to buy some food and get some movies to watch, he did that only to keep up appearance that he is staying in that cheap hotel. Order had to rely on passive surveillance as Harry placed wards in his room preventing magical eavesdropping and using devices such as Moody's eye. After returning he placed all items to look like he eaten there and left to Ritz for dinner.

The meeting wasn't very interesting, Dumbledore was told that Harry's story is true and told his agents to keep their eyes on him. He also changed meeting place due to Hogwarts being closed for next week. Unfortunately Dumbledore didn't do Villain Monologue so Harry could only react to things Headmaster already did.

While having his meal he also noticed that Molly has informed Ginny about his return and ordered her to visit him. During her visit Ginny was supposed to give him lust, fertility and love potions to make sure that they have sex and conceive a child forcing Harry to marry her. She also took fertility potion herself to increase chances of conception. Harry only laughed at it, purebloods were so predictable.

In this case Harry planned to use pureblood customs against them, according to those customs girl who slept with someone else than her future husband lost her chances on marrying 'proper pureblood', her choices were limited to muggleborns or some half-bloods who didn't care about that. Only exception to that rule was if girl was pregnant in which case father of a child was obliged to marry her. Harry took anti-conception potion and neutralization potion, for next 12 hours no potion would affect him, he also applied anti-conception charm to himself. After those preparations he went to his secondary hotel.

He forgot that Ginny was typical female and it took her close to two hours to get ready, Harry spent that time watching movies he got himself, when she appeared in front of his doors Harry decided that the time was well spent, she certainly did look gorgeous, she was wearing white sundress, straw sun hat, purse and apparently high heels, Harry never saw her wearing those. He was not an expert on make-up, but he knew she was wearing some as her freckles were barely visible.

"Ginny? What? How did you find me here?" Harry asked with fake surprise in his voice.

"Hello Harry, my friend saw you entering this hotel, won't you invite me in?"

"Oh, yes, sure come on in." Playing shy, nervous teenager was bit annoying but people who knew him expected him to act like this. "Sorry it's mess like that, I didn't expect guests."

"Harry, are you a wizard or not?" Ginny asked with some laugh in her voice.

"Uhm... I never learned household charms." Which was truth, he also never bother to learn them as he was staying in expensive hotels that provided room service. Hearing his excuse Ginny took out her wand and cleaned his room with several spells.

"Would you like something to drink? I only have muggle drinks but I think I had some orange juice."

"Orange juice is fine." Harry got her juice and choose Coke for himself, he loved that drink, not because of taste but because very few potions survived contact with it, not that Ginny would know this. Ginny's drink was laced with slow working sleep potion, after all both sides can play 'potion in drink' game.

"So... uhm... what brings you here?" He took a sip and noticed distinctive taste of destroyed potion.

"Harry, everyone missed you so much, why did you leave?"

"Well, I just killed Voldemort. Everyone was so happy about it while only think I could think of was that I just killed someone, I didn't know if you and everyone else would still want to be friends with a killer."

"Harry, no one was holding that against you. And... did you want to be only a friend or..."

"Well... now that Voldemort is gone I was hoping we could be something more than friends."

"Oh Harry." Ginny jumped at him and started kissing while leading him towards bed.

"Wait, are you sure we should do this? I don't know any charms." Harry asked her.

"Don't worry, I took a potion." After that they continued to bed.

Harry was little disappointed, he heard that redheads are wild in bed and that theory was proven right during his travels, unfortunately Ginny appeared to be an exception.

Now that Ginny was asleep Harry went along with his plan, first part was to take Ginny's innocence and prevent her from ever marrying 'proper pureblood' unless... that was part two of his plan. Harry knew that Draco Malfoy wasn't faithful to Pansy, his future wife, it wasn't hard to find and infiltrate place where Draco went to 'relieve his stress', in there Harry has stolen sample of Draco's semen, same sample that was now injected into Ginny. The entire act disgusted Harry, but he still went along with it, if Ginny wanted a rich husband he would give her a rich husband. Ten minutes later he cast special charm used by purebloods during weddings to prove that wife was faithful to future husband, her body gave red glow which indicated that she was pregnant with someone else child, if Harry was father glow would be white to indicate faithfulness. Second charm cast on Draco's hair and Ginny's body shown that Draco is the father. To increase his chances of success he has placed several of Draco's hairs dyed black in his brush. Finding special spell to clean hairs lying around wasn't even hard, single visit in Borgin & Burkes and Harry had nice book about evidence removal and... cleaning.

After she woke up they have talked for a while, Harry told her his fake story in which he was traveling around Europe, he told her he was earning money for his travels doing some muggle jobs, he wanted to keep up the 'humble poor hero' appearance. Harry mentioned meeting with Dumbledore and that he will ask him to retrieve something special from Potter's vault, this news made Ginny very happy. After saying their goodbyes Harry checked his bathroom and noticed that his brush has no hairs in it. "Everything is going according to the plan." Following smirk would make Draco Malfoy jealous if he saw it. Harry apparated to his apartment in Ritz, it was time to go after his next target - Goblins.

Harry hold several grunges against goblins. First one was ignoring his parents Last Will. While Last Will in the Ministry can be challenged by Wizengamot, if it's placed in Gringots it is outside Ministry's and Wizengamot control, yet said Will was blocked by Dumbledore most likely after giving Gringots significant bribe. The second one was things he learned in his seventh year, apparently Gringotts was required to inform him about his status as a Heir of Potter Family when he was eleven and give him special ring identifying him as heir. Since that Gringotts was required to provide him with financial reports at least once a year. In both cases his Magical Guardian had nothing to say about it as according to law it was business conducted directly between him and bank. He couldn't do anything about his finances without Magical Guardian approval, on the other hand his Magical Guardian also couldn't do much without his approval, only reason that most money in Potter and Black vaults was still there. True, nobody besides him could enter those vaults but part of those vaults were charmed to allow incoming and outgoing money transfers, according to what he read it worked similar to his Trust Vault, vault had specified sum of money and if at certain day (usually 1st January) there was surplus of money they were moved by those charms to 'main' part of the vault or were moved from 'main' part of the vault if there was shortage and 'main' part of the vault had available founds. It was designed as safety mechanism to prevent failing or dishonest business (and playboy heirs who lacked full access) from draining vaults overnight without having to set up separate vault for them. Obviously now that vaults were under Dumbledore's control he most likely took out as much as he could, but without actually entering them Dumbledore was limited to that set amount of money. Thus Dumbledore needed Harry or his heir to get inside those vaults. Last thing was obviously his fake Last Will.

Harry's plan was pretty much replay of Quirellmort plan 8 years ago, not that Harry knew this. Both of them has used fake identity to establish vault and placed Vanishing Cabinet inside it, only difference was that Voldemort used stealth and his superior knowledge to get inside his target vault, while Harry planed to use brute force in form of C4.

Harry hid second Cabinet in abandoned building in outskirts of London, he got to that place using combination of taxi and public transport. He doubted that Goblins will be able to track Cabinet, but even if they did find it they would be left in dark as he left no magical trace to follow. At midnight Harry entered Cabinet and was transported to high security vault in Gringots. There he used his key to leave vault, Goblins never came up with timed locks that open only during bank's working hours. He had his Cloak, Firebolt, bag full of explosives, and set of charmed bags for loot. His Holly-Phoenix wand was left in Hotel, here he took some random wand bought in Knockturn Alley using his fake identity, it wasn't perfect match but it was enough for what he planned.

Several days earlier he impersonated Dumbledore and asked Gringots to provide him with account numbers of various people whom he wanted to rob, he included Potter, Black and Longbotton among those as he planed to rob himself to prevent Dumbledore and Order from getting contents of his vaults. Neville's Vault was included because Harry didn't like him. Despite their parents being friends and their families being allies Neville never helped Harry in any meaningful way, like teaching him the potion detection spell (which Neville knew as a Heir of major family, Harry even saw him using it several times, fortunately Slughorn taught Harry wandless version of this spell, after all it's not polite to wave wand over food and drinks during parties...) or supporting him in Wizengamot during his trial before 5th year and finally supporting Dumbledore's law to steal Harry's money. Harry didn't care if Neville supported it because Dumbledore's convinced him it's 'for the Greater Good' or because he had his own agenda.

Now he traveled inside the bank on a broom, when he arrived to his target vault he placed explosives next to the wall and surrounded it with silencing charms, wizards and goblins ignored simplest solutions - door to the vaults are state of the art artifacts, walls are simple stone with some durability charms, nothing that C4 couldn't defeat. After blowing up the wall he walked into vault and summoned it's contents into his bag leaving stuff with anti-summoning charms, he didn't want to waste time on grabbing such things as most was cursed anyway. Clearing single vault took him less than ten minutes. During this single night he robbed over thirty vaults, besides his and Neville's vaults he robbed people who wronged him somehow like Malfoy's, Fudge, Umbridge, Dumbledore and Ministry... rest belonged to various ex-Deatheaters who escaped Azkaban by paying bribes. Before leaving Harry has cast one last charm...

He destroyed second Cabinet with explosives and went back to his hotel, he even had time to get some sleep. In the morning he skipped breakfast, apparated to his second hotel and went to Leaky Cauldron to meet Dumbledore.

After arriving he noticed both men sitting at table in the corner.

"Good morning Professor Dumbledore." Harry kept his polite and shy tone when speaking to both men.

"Good morning Harry, I'm happy you decided to return to Great Britain." Of course Dumbledore is happy, with Harry in Britain he can finally access Potter and Black Vaults.

"I'm curious, what did you want to discuss with me professor?"

"Well, there is matter of your miraculous survival during Hogwarts Battle and your disappearance, why didn't you contact anyone?"

And so Harry went with his story, how he found himself standing in King Cross station after being hit with Avada Kedavra, how he met his parents and Sirius and how they told him that they were pride of him and that they loved him, typical touchy story from cheap romance. Next Harry went with same story he told Ginny - after killing Voldemort he was afraid that everyone will hate him for killing someone. When asked about his travels he claimed visiting muggle France, Spain and Italy, he spent most of the time working for a living as he didn't know how to exchange Galleons he took from his Trust Fund. After a year he decided to come back claiming that living as a muggle wasn't for him, this made Dumbledore very happy.

"Well, this concludes my story, what happened in Britain after I left?" Harry was curious what story will Dumbledore feed him.

"I wish to say things were better after your defeat of Voldemort, but I cannot." Dumbledore started. "Most Deatheaters claimed to be under Imperious curse, with their money and votes in Wizengamot they managed to avoid Azkaban. Unfortunately this was only the beginning. Lucius Malfoy with Minister's Scrimgeour help proposed a notion that your departure is actually a betrayal and that your vaults and properties should be confiscated by Ministry to aid rebuilding efforts. I managed to make a deal with Minister, Potter and Black properties were sold and money will be used in rebuilding country, while Family Vaults were divided between people listed in your Last Will." It was almost believable. Almost. Firs of all Deatheaters were left alone because Dumbedore and neutrals didn't want to put so many Wizengamot members no trial, no bribes were needed, purebloods watch for each other. Secondly it was Dumbledore who proposed selling Potter and Black properties to aid rebuilding efforts, by rebuilding he meant 'fixing purebloods homes and business', muggleborns and half-bloods had to sell their business as they lacked money for repairs. Lastly it was Dumbledore who proposed law that gave him and his cronies control over Harry's vaults, his justification was that 'mere half-blood shouldn't be given such precious artifacts'.

Harry learned about this by using his alter-ego and asking Ministry to provide him transcripts from Wizengamot sessions after Voldemort's death. At first Ministry was unwilling to do this, difficulties disappeared when Harry mentioned that he is journalist from Australia writing article about 'enlightened' government of Great Britain, after all it is Ministry's duty to show those primitives how real politic is done.

"I cannot say I understand politics, but I'm happy that Malfoy's and Ministry didn't get anything. I'm fine with those money being used in helping people."

"That's really mature of you Harry."

"Goblins told me that I need you with me to access Potter Vault, I would like to retrieve something. It's a gift and..."

"Of course my boy, let's go to Gringots."

When Harry and Dumbledore approached Gringots they noticed small crown in front of the bank, some of the people were arguing with goblins. Harry could hear people demanding to access their money, he couldn't hear what goblins were telling. Dumbledore immediately went through crowd to speak with goblins, Harry followed curious what kind of excuse goblins came up with.

"I am Chief Warlock and I demand to know why bank is closed." Dumbledore tried using his authority.

"I know who you are Dumbledore, bank is closed because we have unscheduled security upgrade." Goblin answered.

"You cannot just close bank! Ministry won't allow it!" Some random wizard shouted.

"I agree, our treaties require bank to be open during week. If you do not open bank Ministry will require compensation for each day the bank was closed." Dumbledore continued.

"If you read all those treaties you would know that Gringots is allowed to be closed any time for several reasons, security upgrade is one of them."

"But why this is unscheduled? Couldn't you inform us several weeks before? If you did that we could avoid this entire situation." Dumbledore suspected that Goblins actually did that, but no one in Ministry paid any attention to the note, saying this he put blame on goblins and could get some favors from ministry employee who ignored Gringot's note.

"Listen wizard, we do not have to explain our security to you, Gringots is closed, it's not against treaties, go home." After those words goblins entered the bank.

'You-know-who should have killed all those monsters' or 'Stupid creatures, how they dare refuse proper wizards? They should be happy we didn't exterminate them' were common complaints that Harry heard.

"I'm sorry Harry, maybe tomorrow we will be able to go to vaults."


"Do you have a place to stay?"

"Yes, I'm living in a small hotel in muggle London, it's not far from Leaky Cauldron."

"What about your plans?"

"I wanted to do some sightseeing in London, I never had a chance to do that."

"That's good. If you want to meet me come to Leaky Cauldron, I'm staying there for rest of the week." Dumbledore started explaining seeing Harry was puzzled by him staying outside Hogwarts." Hogwarts is going through fumigation to clean it from pests, even House-elfs and ghosts have left the castle for this week."

"I will be going then, good bye Headmaster."

Harry truly wanted to see London, obviously Dumbledore's men still followed him during entire day. He returned to his second hotel late evening and stayed there in case Ginny wanted to visit again, some sex was better than no sex. Unfortunately Ginny didn't come.

After apparating to Ritz Harry put on his disguise and apparated to Daily Prophet where he searched for some reporter and gave her an envelope, before reporter could ask him what's inside Harry apparated back to his hotel.

Harry gathered equipment for tonight mission - robbing Hogwarts. His return to Britain was timed to match time of the summer when Hogwarts is completely empty, if he didn't come this week he would have to wait for next year to do all things he planned and second event that Harry planed to use won't be happening next year.

For this night he had scuba gear with special mask that allowed him to speak, he decided against simple gas mask as he didn't know if magical fumigates will be filtered by it. Obviously he had his alter ego's wand, invisibility cloak, bags to hold loot and most important tool to defeat Hogwart's 'impenetrable' wards - 5 meter long, 1 meter diameter thick steel pipe, which was currently shrieked.

To see why he needed such tool one has to understand basics of warding. Modern wards wouldn't be fooled by such primitive means, but Hogwarts wards weren't modern... British wizards loved their tradition and didn't bother to upgrade wards in a 'safest place in Britain', the result was that it took Deatheaters less than 10 minutes to bring those wards down. After such event normal people would notice that maybe upgrade was necessary, but British wizards were far from normal and if weakness of Hogwarts wards was mentioned it was explained by Voldemort using his Dark Lord super powers to bring them down, while in reality Voldemort didn't help because he wished to preserve his strength for upcoming battle. Now the problem with Hogwarts wards is that they work as magical version of 'energy shield' common in various non-magical sci-fi shows, the wards have up to three meters thickness and are generated from central point over the castle. It is possible to bypass them by using underground passages as they do not extend through solid matter like earth or... 5 meter long steel pipe, obviously they do not block solid matter from moving through them.

Harry entered castle under his cloak and went to library, inside he started to work. He put silencing charms to prevent anyone from hearing alarm system in Restricted Section (books started screaming when someone unauthorized took them from shelves) and started summoning books to his bags. Whole robbery lasted for about two hours. After library Harry went to headmaster's office, he has learned password with his listening devices during previous week. Inside office Harry finally noticed something - the walls were empty, portraits were taken down, even Sorting Hat was gone. This certainly made things easier for Harry, due to his observation he knew location and password to Dumbledore's private library and his quarters. Harry quickly summoned contents of headmasters library, he wasn't Hermione, he could check those books later. Inside Dumbledore's private quarters he has found various artifacts of unknown origin and function, rather that trying to figure out their function he summoned everything. Harry noticed that he has still two empty bags... with this in mind he started summoning furniture from office and bedroom.

Harry returned to his hotel. He was a bit disappointed. When he came up with those goals he kind of expected that robbing Gringots will be something like impersonating someone important to get in, fighting Goblins inside, maybe even stealing a dragon and using it to escape... in reality most difficult part was obtaining vault numbers and he did that by using non magical make-up to impersonate Dumbledore and simply asked... Even stealing Hufflepuff Cup was done without Harry or any of his allies having go to into Gringots, they have captured Bellatrix Lastrange and convinced her (after obliviating the capture from her mind) that Voldemort wants the Cup back, it's good to have Metamorphmagus that can look like Dark Lord, pity he didn't came up with it during his fifth year.

In the morning Harry put on his alter ego disguise and went to Leaky Cauldron to see effects of his yesterday trip to Prophet, inside pub he could see that trip was success, people were discussing this new Dark Wizard - Lord Nabilious. Harry bought Prophet and on the entire first page was picture made by him inside bank, picture showed large flying sign "Lord Nabilious was here", under the picture was information that it was taken inside Gringots. Harry had to muster his all self control to not laugh in front of all people in pub. He opened newspaper and started reading.

New Dark Lord Strikes At Most Secure Place In Wizarding World

Gringots Robbed

by Randomina Reporterus

Harry only skimmed through text, Prophet claimed that Gringots was attacked by hundred Dark Wizards led by Dark Lord Nabilius, their goal was to get founding for their campaign of evil. The reporter had insinuated that Lord Nabilius is even more powerful than previous Dark Lord You-Know-Who, after all YKW never attacked Gringots like this, again Harry was close to laugh at that - Voldemort never bothered to steal from Gringots because his supporters could simply GIVE him all the money from most of those vaults, but Harry will never say that to anyone. Rest of the articles were complaining about Ministry not doing anything to to protect finances of British people, complaints about Gringotts for allowing Dark Wizards to steal from them and even complaints about HIM for not killing new Dark Lord. The Wizarding World needed new Chosen One and Harry was planning to give her to them.

Harry left Leaky Cauldron and went back to continue his charade of sightseeing in London. During that time he was constantly checking his camera placed in Leaky Cauldron looking for Dumbledore, finally during late evening Dumbledore came to cauldron for a dinner. Harry quickly went to toilet, faking some digestive problems. Inside stand he placed small tape recorder with sounds imitating his stay in toilet. After that he drunk polijuice, changed his clothes and apparated away.

Inside Leaky Cauldron Dumbledore saw Trelawney entering the pub, he didn't want to deal with this old fraud right now, she would of course claim that she foresaw everything, but this was his first meal today and in half hour he was supposed to visit Gringots with Minister and large Auror force, better ignore her ravings and finish the meal.

"Ahh... Headmaster. hic How good to see you, did you read hic the Prophet? My Inner Eye saw hic all those events, but I couldn't prevent them hic as it's forbidden for those who posses True Sigh to hic interfere with mortal hic affairs. hic." Trelawney was obviously drunk, he could smell alcohol from several meters away.

"Good day professor. It's a pity you couldn't warn us." Being polite didn't cost him anything.

"Tom, do you..." Trelawney suddenly stopped, Dumbledore looked at her and noticed that she was now in trance.

'The one with power to vanquish Dark Lord arrived

born from the mud on the day pirates talk

born from the mud forged into third part of gold

she shall gain power to vanquish Dark Lord as a white slave

and vanquish Dark Lord as it is a power he knows not

the one with power to vanquish Dark Lord arrived'

"... have any more hic sherry? What? Why is everyone hic looking at me? I know you want to learn the future, but I cannot hic betray those secrets to week minded people." Tom put a bottle on bar."Oh, thank you. Good day hic everyone." Everyone was watching as Trelawney went upstairs back to her room.

As soon as Harry disappeared from sight he drunk potion to end polijuice, put his cloak on and went back to see effects of his 'prophecy'.

Downstairs people were discussing the prophecy, wondering who could be the new 'Chosen One', with so many people there were multiple interpretations, only several things were certain - new 'Chosen One' is female and she will deal with Lord Nabilius. Many people went to Dumbledore asking him about his opinion, Harry saw Dumbledore standing and silencing everyone with magnified voice.

"I know person mentioned in the prophecy, do not fear I will ensure that she will save Magical World from this new threat." With those words Dumbledore apparated.

Harry also left, he went back to toilet an continued his day in London. Before evening he went to Diagon Alley and bought some books on pureblood weddings from Flourish & Blotts. To avoid crowd he eaten in muggle London and returned to his fake staying place to 'study' the books.

Next day Harry went to Diagon Alley as his alter ego and bought Daily Prophet, the picture on first page showed Gringots littered with Goblin bodies and title 'Massacre At Gringots', Daily Prophet claimed that Lord Nabilius returned last night to finish the job. Harry knew the truth, he has learned it from his surveillance placed inside bank - after finding out scale of robbery top management decided to run, before escaping they have emptied several large vaults left alone by Harry. Before day ended lower management decided to do the same knowing that they will be used as scape goats. After that rest of the goblins started mass exodus from bank, without anyone to suppressive this many fights brook out and about half of the Gringotts goblins perished in massive free-for-all battle. Those who survived have grabbed contents of last vaults and fled. Within a single day every Galleon, Sicle and Knut stored in Gringots was gone. Harry didn't plan on sharing this information with wizards, if they thought that Lord Nabilius is so powerful they will want new 'Chosen One' to deal with the problem, the new 'Chosen One' was... Hermione Granger.

Harry neither knew when nor why did Hermione join conspirators, he did know one thing - Hermione ALWAYS claimed that Dumbledore knows what he is doing and that they should follow the Headmaster. Hermione didn't have potions in her drinks, Harry checked for that, she also wasn't put under Imperius (it can be dispelled by simple Finite Incantem, another thing ignored by wizards in Britain). This meant that she betrayed him from her own will. How much Dumbledore and Weasleys told her? Probably not too much, only things like 'it's for his own good', 'what you are doing is for the Greater Good' and other propaganda like this, with Hermione's love for all authority it was enough to betray her friend. Harry would love to see her reaction to the news, will her love for authority wins and she will agree to be used as prostitute or will she grow a backbone and refuse thus forcing Dumbledore to use Imperius? The answer didn't matter, before end of the week Hermione will be in servicing men in a brothel somewhere in Britain. Harry even planned to visit her, his words 'you are like my sister, Hermione' were something that Boy-Who-Lived would say, Harry Potter saw Hermione as very attractive girl and now woman.

He visited his second hotel and informed manager that he doesn't wants to do some reading and asks to not be disturbed, he did that loud enough for his watchers to hear. After that Harry grabbed his broom and invisibility cloak and left to Hogwarts, if everything went according to the plan there will be some nice fireworks to watch.

HMS Tireless, Trafalgar-class nuclear submarine

Somewhere on Atlantic Ocean

"Target coordinates entered, we are ready to fire."

"Fire one." Entire ship felt Tomahawk missile being fired.

"Fire two. Fire Three. Fire four." Within a minute four missiles has left the ship and streaked toward their target in Scotland.


"What is it ensign?"

"What did we just bombed? I triple checked the coordinates and there is no polygon out there, sir."

"Apparently paper pushers wanted to kill two birds with one stone, our target is old nuclear shelter that has some construction faults making it to expensive to maintain thus it has to be demolished and we need a target to see how good our missiles are. Does this answer your question ensign?" They didn't know that entire bunker was made up by Harry, after mentioning costs of demolition and costs of maintaining it bureaucrats themselves came up with idea of using Tomahawk missile test as a 'cheap' demolition crew.

"Yes sir, thank you sir."

"How are our missiles doing?"

"They are following assigned fly route."

Several minutes later.

"Impact in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, wha? uhm... impact, on target."

"What happened?"

"I don't know sir, it looked like missiles were blinded by EMP but according to GPS we hit the target."

"Not our problem ensign, prepare copies of all the data, we will send it to Americans, it's their toys we are using."

"Of course sir."

(A/N please have in mind that I do not have any knowledge about proper military language, procedures, ranks etc.)

Hogwart Caste, Scotland

Harry saw streaks on sky approaching the castle, using four missiles was probably an overkill but he wanted to be sure. Several seconds later Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was gone. At certain point the castle was like home for Harry, unfortunately it became prison during his later years. It's reputation as 'best magical school in the world' was also false, even taking only ICW (which consisted only Europe, despite it's 'international' name) schools into account Hogwarts was second at best, outside Europe quality of education at Hogwarts (and other European schools) was jokingly said to be between education given by group of crazy monkeys and no education at all. And now the castle was gone, with basic ward detection spell Harry saw Hogwart's wards disappearing, he mounted his broom and went to ruins to cast same charm he used in Gringots. When first people arrived they saw huge floating sign saying 'Lord Nabilius was here', under it was another sign 'All your bases are belong to us'...

Back in London

Rest of the week was relatively calm... at least for Harry, Daily Prophet was panicking about new Dark Lord destroying first Gringots and later Hogwarts, Ministry was panicking because they had no money for salaries and Weasleys were panicking because Harry asked to marry Ginny. Wedding was supposed to be next week, Harry didn't argue against large traditional wedding, when asked about it he said that weeding is for the bride and wedding night is for the groom, supposedly he heard it from one muggle he worked for. Loosing all money in Gringots didn't prove as disastrous as Harry expected, many people kept significant amount of money at their homes and some people didn't even have accounts because they didn't trust the Goblins. To pay for the wedding Harry has given most of money he 'withdrew' last year, claiming he wanted Ginny to be happy. Only thing that Harry wanted was having some people to represent his 'family'. Dursleys were out of question and there were no Potters beside him so he proposed to invite people from Black side of his family, thus Draco Malfoy and his family found himself invited to Harry Potter's weeding. Dumbledore wholeheartedly supported it, he even congratulated Harry such mature attitude for giving Draco a second chance.

Before weeding Harry has met some people from school, there was obvious reunion with Ron and Twins, Charlie and Percy would only attend weeding as both were busy in their jobs, Bill and Fleur politely declined invitation claiming problems at Gringots. Harry knew the truth - people called curse breakers in Europe had different name outside it - assassins. Graves in Egypt were emptied centuries ago and ability to destroy wards could be used to access highly secure targets and... kill them. Bill and Fleur were known outside Europe as Mr and Mrs Smith, pair of best assassins money can buy, Harry even considered hiring them to kill Snape (who was still teaching and during summer was hiding somewhere under Fidelius) but unfortunately the pair didn't accept assignments in Great Britain and France.

Besides Weasleys Harry met with several people from DA, many of original members has already left the country. Patil twins went back to India, out there Hogwart was still considered 'prestigious school', muggleborn members that graduated with and before Harry has left the Magical Britain, either to non magical counterpart or abroad, most of those who graduated this year were already considering it. Strangely Hermione was also absent, Ron when asked about her said something about Order business and quickly changed the subject. Luna left Britain after her OWLs so Harry didn't expect to see her there. Remus and Tonks have also left after she was fired from DMLE for marrying werewolf and both of them couldn't find a job.

The day of the wedding was almost national holiday, those who couldn't get invitations were listening live report on Wizarding Wireless. Despite Harry no longer being 'The Chosen One', Boy-Who-Lived still interested many people. Only thing more interesting would be identity and whereabouts of the new 'Chosen One".

Harry went through all the ceremony ignoring most of it, he wasn't marrying Ginny but no one besides him knew that. When time for casting charm to check Ginny's faithfulness came Harry took out his phoenix-holly wand (he almost took his spare wand with him that day) and cast the spell. Everyone was expecting pure white glow showing that Ginny didn't sleep with anyone besides Harry, thus everyone was shocked when aura they saw was red, Ginny had a child and Harry wasn't it's father. Harry pretended to be shocked like everyone else and recast charm only to see same response.

"How could you Ginny?" Harry said with a blaming voice. "Who is the father?"

"Harry I don't know what is going on, I haven't slept with anyone besides you!" Ginny was almost crying.

"Is father somewhere here?" Harry cast overpowered charm used to test paternity, again everyone was shocked by effects, the charm showed that Draco Malfoy is the father.

"Potter, what is going on her? I never slept with that tart!" Draco tried to save himself knowing very well that now he will be forced to marry her.

"Miss Tonks, could you came here and cast those charms again?" Harry asked only healer he trusted... well, only healer he didn't immediately suspected for trying to drug or kill him, he didn't know Nymphadora's mother that good.

Andromeda Tonks went to the pair and cast same charms that Harry used, unsurprisingly effect was the same. She cast some additional charms and turned to everyone gathered.

"I am sorry to say that, but miss Weasley is carrying mister Malfoy's child. I suggest Narcissa you double check me, but I doubt that result will be any different." She has said with shaking voice.

"The wedding is off." Harry said with anger and aparated away...

...only to reappear half minute later with invisibility cloak right behind altar, he wouldn't miss that thing for all the money in the world.

Molly was shouting at Ginny, Lucius was shouting at Draco, Arthur was speaking with Dumbledore, Andromeda returned to her seat where she cast privacy ward and started speaking with her husband, Narcissa did went to Ginny and did re-check everything only to get same result, she went back to her husband and son and started talking with them. Obviously there were many other people gossiping among each other, but Harry didn't pay them much attention. After several minutes Lucius went to Arthur and started heated discussion with him and Dumbledore, at certain point Molly went to them and demanded that Dumbledore brings Harry here to marry her daughter, she shouted so loudly that Harry could hear her despite all the ruckus. Apparently that didn't work as about five minutes later Dumbledore silenced everyone with amplified voice and announced that Ginevra Weasley will marry Draco Malfoy, both tried to protest and both were told that they either do that or can say their names goodbye. With visible displasure of both groom and bride wedding continued, this time faithfulness charms were skipped and Ginevra Weasley became Ginevra Malfoy. During commotion Harry apparated away.

Harry arrived to his second apartment, cleared whole place, removed the wards and checked out. Now he needed some time for shock after the wedding to die out. Harry planned to use that time well... by visiting multiple brothels, after all he lived in chastity for over a week (Ginny doesn't count). What suppressed him was call from reception informing him that Andromeda Tonks wishes to speak with him, he invited her to his apartment and waited.

Harry invited Andromeda and invited her to sit down.

"Mrs Tonks, how nice to see you. Why do I owe the pleasure?"

"Mister Potter, please call me Andromeda."

"Only if you call me Harry."

"Of course... Harry."

"I am curious, how did you find me here? I am quite sure that Dumbledore still thinks I was staying in that cheap hotel."

"Dumbledore is an idiot, he still thinks that we live in 19th century and that muggles are harmless creatures that should be protected and guided, for the 'greater good' of course. He believes that new dark lord is another great threat to his Greater Good. I on the other hand watch non magical news and I heard about naval exercises during which four Tomahawk missiles destroyed old nuclear shelter under ruins of a castle in Scotland. Ronald Bilius aka. Lord Nabilius doesn't even know what missile IS, organizing missile strike at Hogwarts is as alien for him as going on a diet."

"That's a good description of Ron."

"So what else have you got planned?"

"I didn't have anything planned, but if I was Lord Nabilius or someone from his inner circle I would wait for a week or two and inform Daily Prophet about true identity of Lord Nabilius, after all such a powerful dark lord would be very popular, something that Ronald always wanted."

"What about Black and Potter holdings? What have you planned to do about them?"

"Uhm... nothing?"

"So you are going to let Ministry and all the families to get away with that?" Andromeda was visibly angry at this.

"Listen, Andromeda, I do not even know WHAT those holdings were. As for planning something for them I simply couldn't, everything was based on a tight schedule in both preparation and implementation, I didn't have enough time to plan something for them."

"I am sorry for snapping like that, you have shown great skill worthy of Salazar himself. I forgot that by overextending your plan you could risk everything."

"I hope you will keep this to yourself, I'm not very good with memory charms..." Harry made sure for the threat to be seen.

"Do you think you could take me on?" Andromeda was curious, she knew that Harry didn't get proper training while in Hogwarts, she on the other hand was trained by best dueling masters, perks of being born Black.

"In a honest magical duel? Not a chance, on the other hand before you can stun me I will shot you with this." In that moment in Harry's hand appeared silenced handgun aimed at Andromeda.

"I concede." This impressed her, Harry played to win. Black family needed lord like this." It was mere curiosity on my part and I do not plan to inform Dumbledore or Ministry about your actions."

"So what brings you here?"

"Besides my curiosity? Did you know that you are new Lord Black?" Harry nodded and Andromeda continued. "I want my daughter to be able to return to Magical Britain and work here, I want for her son to grow up without fear that some crazy pureblood will grab some friends and kill him for being half-breed and finally I want child I carry to not have to fight her own sister in a civil war that could be avoided if one idiot in power did the right thing."

"Why are you telling this to me?"

"I want you Harry to use wealth you gathered and political power of house Black and Potter to fix the hellhole known as Magical Britain."

Author notes continued

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