Well, with "Oh, Zap!" having been deleted(due to references to the Misadventures author in that universe, essentially making Misadventures a fanfic within a fanfic, though I guess the admins never got that), I thought I'd make a quick story involving the Kombatants living with Parsek and Markus X. The topic: their first Halloween. Hope you enjoy these next few chapters of humor.



It had been less than a week since myself, Skarlet, and the Protector of Earthrealm had first stayed at my boyfriend's house, and though there originally seemed to be very little for us to do other than making love, Markus seemed to have a surprise up his sleeve.

As he poured a box of sweet cereal into a bowl, my boyfriend looked up, a smile on his face. "I have some good news, babe."

"What would that be?"

He grinned. "It's only one week until my favorite holiday of the year, aside from Christmas."

"Which one?"

He raised a fist in the air. "HALLOWEEN! The one night where I can go out dressed in my armor and look normal!'

Making her way to the table, Skarlet stopped and turned to look at him. "What's Halloween?"

Entering the room, the god of thunder gave an answer. "Halloween is a holiday in which men and women dress in various costumes, go to late night parties, and typically visit various 'haunted attractions' in order to scare themselves. Why they do such masochistic things, I do not know."

I gave a quick Tarkatan grin before sinking my massive maw into the bowl of dry cereal. it was sweet and crunchy, a far cry from the human flesh I was used to sinking my teeth into during my time as Shao Kahn's daughter and loyal assassin.

"Mmmmmm... Tasty..."

"Anyways," Markus continued, "I was thinking we could go get some Asian food for lunch. There's a hibachi restaurant about a quarter mile away. We could all walk there, I suppose..."

"Sounds good to me," Skarlet responded. "I'm getting more used to digesting the food you guys have around here... Haven't needed a blood pack for a whole day.

"I would like to try some Asian food." My response was sincere. Outworld food and drink admittedly was poorer in quality than that of Earthrealm.

"While I do not need any physical sustenence, I believe a good walk would be quite calming." Raiden's response came off with an edge of superiority.

"Alright then... Sounds good to me. Get dressed, ladies and gentleman. Tonight, you eat at a restaurant."


The four of us looked... somewhat normal as we walked down the street. I was wearing a grey nanotech collared shirt with khaki cargo shorts, while Mileena had gone for a magenta tube top. The only way anyone could tell that something was different about her was her irises, still a glimmering yellow. Skarlet likewise had her crimson irises, but they were easily ignored considering the halter top and black jean shorts she wore, and Raiden... He was still wearing his ordinary attire, but oddly enough, no one seemed to really notice as we entered the restaurant.

The waiter who escorted us to our seats was a kindly gentleman, with graying strands of hair forming a small beard below his chin. His features clearly showed him as being from Asia, though I'd yet to ask him where he was from.

"Right this way, please."

I turned back to the party. "This is Fujin. He owns the place. He and I have been tight ever since I fixed his deep-fryer that kept catching on fire."

Chuckling, the kindly old man responded. "Indeed he did. The only thing he has never done is give my machines a thorough cleaning. I see the burn marks every day."

Seating us at a table across from a family enjoying an outing, a family which had already been served, thankfully, Fujin gave a quick bow. "What can I get for you And your friends, Markus?"

"I'll take a water with lemon."

Skarlet had looked over the alcoholic beverages. "Does the Bloody Mary have real blood in it?"

Fujin raised an eyebrow before chuckling to himself. "No, Miss, but I believe it would be more enjoyable for you if you kept blood out of the equation."

Mileena gave her drink order next. "Sake, please."

Raiden's order itself was rather unorthodox. "White tea, please. The way I like it."

I was rather surprised at Fujin's response: instead of a short bow and a smile, he gave a deep bow that revealed no grin on his face as he went to get our drinks.

Turning back to the table, I looked at Raiden. "I've been going here for years and I've never seen Fujin do that before. What did you do to him?"

"I merely remind him of someone, Markus. That is all."

After a quick while, Fujin returned with two serving trays: drinks on one, soup and salad on the other. "Here you go. Now, what will you be ordering this fine afternoon?"

"I'll take my usual Shrimp and Scallops. Mileena?"

My girlfriend raised a hand to her chin. "Steak. Medium rare, please."

Skarlet gave a small smile before ordering herself. "I'll take what Markus is having."

Raiden was assumedly going to order, but instead, he simply nodded at Fujin, who responded in kind as he left the table once again. I looked in befuddlement at the thunder god, not getting it.

"Um... Is there something important I'm missing?"

If I didn't know any better, I'd have sworn I saw a smile on his face...


I began to drink in the soup as we began to eat our appetizers. The food here was good, if a bit tangy.

After a while, the chef who was cooking our meal came out. Dressed in a black chef's outfit, he wore a yellow apron as he looked at us, a distinct glimmer in his eye.

"Greetings to all of you... My name is Jubei Hanzo Hasashi, simply Jubei to my friends, and I am glad to be able to cook for all of you today."

Quickly reconfirming our orders, I couldn't help but notice that Mileena had a certain look at him that I couldn't really explain.

"I once had an ex-boyfriend whose name was Hanzo."

The chef turned and looked at the ruler of Outworld. "Interesting..."

With ninja-like precision, Jubei began to twirl his spatula-like cooking utensils around, clearly to demonstrate his excellent sense of awareness. However, what Mileena did next was something I knew he did not expect.

With a lightning-fast movement, Mileena grabbed the handle of one of the spatulas and pulled it away from the chef as it rotated around his arm. I heard Markus gasp, his eyes wide open as he stared at both Jubei and Mileena, who were both staring at one another as well.

"You have excellent reflexes." Jubei gave a respectful nod.

"You're not so bad yourself." I detected a distinctly sultry tone in Mileena's voice as she said that, Jubei gently grabbing the spatula from her hands as he began to cook the food.

Over the next fifteen minutes, lunch was served to us, one course after another. This being my first experience at an Asian restaurant, I quickly scarfed down the food, enjoying every last sliver of it. Scrubbing the grill clean, Jubei gave us a bow before returning to the back of the restaurant.

"Well... That was interesting." Markus breathed a sigh of relief. "For a moment there, I thought our cover was going to be blown."

Mileena gave a sigh as she brought her hand to her cheek, leaning on it as she smiled. "Jubei reminds me so much of Scorpion... If only he was not employed here. I would gladly bring him back to Outworld and train him to be a warrior."

"He's new here," Markus noticed. "I've been coming here long enough to know the various chefs, and I've never seen Jubei before. Something isn't right here..." The Earthrealm warrior turned to Raiden. "...and I think he knows something about this that we don't."

The thunder god turned to look at Markus. "Indeed I do, but you will have to wait before the truth is revealed to you..."