Markus was gracious enough to let me stay at his already crowded house. It felt strange, being given food and residence by a former foe, but it was a better option than returning to my sisters.

Sitting down on the couch, I chose to finally reveal my identity to the Earthrealmer, pulling out a blade I knew he would recognize quite well. "I believe you claimed this as a trophy at one time?"

He stared at the Demon Fang for a short while before giving me an answer. "You're a demon. I can't kill you permanently, that I know... But it still doesn't explain what you're doing on my world."

"Quan Chi has sent us four to scout the area, in preparation for invasion, but truthfully, I came here to enjoy the Halloween festivities. As you said, this is the only time of the year I can come to Earthrealm in my ordinary attire."

I glanced over my skin. The markings that connected me to my sisters and the Brotherhood of Shadow were gone, though I still carried out Quan Chi's orders. "Perhaps my change in appearance made you slip up..."

He nodded, agreeing with me for now before scrunching his face into a confused look. "Don't they have contractions where you're from?"

"They do, but we rarely use them. If my master has to be so formal, why shouldn't I talk the same way?" The use of a contraction helped soften his demeanor.

Markus stood up and began to talk to himself. "What have I gotten myself into... We have two reptiles, a demon, my girlfriend and her blood-based bodyguard, the son of an undead ninja, and two beings with god-like power all under the same roof. I'm lucky you guys haven't torn my house down already..."

Fading out, I thought about the soulless shell that Noob Saibot, the man who had once shown mercy on me when he was alive. He cared not for love or affection anymore... Only for ruling the entirely of the Netherrealm, even if he had to eliminate all life there before doing such a thing. Despite his being a wraith, however, he was still my first love, and I found him hard to simply abandon to Quan Chi's employment.

And yet, as I listened to Markus ramble on about his woes, I found myself thinking about something as far away from spying as one could possibly get...


Yes, it was late in the evening, but I had to try and regain some sort of normalcy in the house. As such, I dialed a number I was told never to call unless there was an absolute emergency...

"Sonya Blade here. What's the situation?"

"Well, where do I begin? My house is so full of kombatants that I'm afraid they're going to blow their cover in a big way. My bodyguards showed up, some wind god named Fujin showed up with some Shirai Ryu guy named Jubei Hasashi, and now, we have a demoness, or a female demon, or whatever you call her, sleeping on a pallet on the floor."

"Damn... You are in a situation... I'll see what I can do. If you can keep everyone occupied for the evening, I think we can handle it tomorrow."

I shook my head as I hung up the phone. A whole night's worth of this? I guess we at least needed to find a way to waste some time when the trick-or-treaters came a running.

"Yo, Mileena! Skarlet! I hope you have those teeth sharpened, because we have some little kids to scare. I've tried everything I can think of to stop them from coming to my front door, but it won't work. Maybe you can pursuade them otherwise..."

"Very well..." My girlfriend's human-like mouth quickly shrouded itself in a purple haze, dissipating to reveal a pair of lovely Tarkatan teeth as she put her mask on.


Eyeing through the peephole, I spotted a pair of teenagers coming towards the door. Markus gave me a gentle shove as he looked for himself.

"The Johnson twins... These two do all sorts of stupid stuff, and their parents do jack to control them. Make them take a dump in their pants with how scary you'll be."

I nodded as he stepped back, the doorbell ringing. Instinctively, I opened it rather slowly to reveal a pair of white-armored young men.

"Hmm... Yo Chris, who's this chick?"

"Hell if I know, Andrew... She's smoking hot though."

"Yeah... Yo babe, mind giving us our candy so we can hit some more houses up?"

I silently smiled at them before giving them a sultry reply. "How about a kiss instead?"

The two hormonally-active youths looked at each other and nodded, taking their helmets off to reveal their true faces as they waited for the inevitable kiss. However, they would not receive what they wanted for so literally...

With their eyes closed, I removed my mask and pecked each of them lightly on the cheek. Right after I did so, they opened their eyes, getting a personal look at my painfully sharp teeth.

Then they screamed.

Running out of Markus's yard, they were stopped by a geyser of blood, out of which came Skarlet, weapons at the ready. "Why leave so soon? We've only just started the fun..."

Regardless of whichever way they turned, Skarlet and I were there to block their escape.


Slipping forward, I ran a finger underneath Andrew's jugular. "Oh, but this is no prank, Andrew... In fact, the only way this could be better is if I was able to finish you..."

Both brothers gulped, their eyes traveling to the crotchplate of their armor. "Oh God no..."

"...but unfortunately, my boyfriend forbids it. Now, leave this place and never return! Go!"

The twin brothers seemed almost relieved as they ran away from Markus's house as fast as their legs could take them.


Curiously enough, very few people came to our house. Perhaps our display with the Johnsons made almost everyone else take a hint. We went through the routine a few more times before the night ended and the influx of little kids trick-or-treating finally ended.

Curling up on my bed, relaxing as the soft and fuzzy covers wrapped around my body, I thought about the next logical step. Would we be getting answering machines? Everyone in Earthrealm had a phone, after all.

I turned to Raiden, his eyes still open. "Raiden, what now? With Halloween over, we've got nothing to do for the next few weeks!"

"Patience, Skarlet. I believe from what Markus has told me that you will be enjoying a gift of his very soon. Now please, go to bed. You wore yourself out guarding the property from little children dressed in costume."

Nodding, I closed my eyes and went to sleep. It would be a mighty fine few weeks...

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