Hello everyone! :D I'm sorry that I've been gone for so long; I had a family emergency . My grandpa got cancer and it was really rough for a while, but after intense chemo he beat cancer to a pulp and will be okay. :) My grandpa is awesome 3 So, thanks to everyone who was super supportive and waited patiently for me. You have no idea how much that means to me, so I'll try to make the long (LOOONG!) wait worth it!

Anyway, this is a short chapter. Only the prologue! I'll add the first chapter when I have time (to those of you that already know me, you know what to expect) :) So, I really hope you enjoy it because, after my hiatus, I'm super excited to write it! And that's all I really want to say...Thank you!

Stay awesome beautiful people!


It started out as a normal day. It started out perfectly fine.

Jack tore through the forest as fast as his legs would carry him, but the snow seemed to drag down his feet and the branches whipped past his face like fingers trying not to let him go.

When did everything go so wrong?

Jack gritted his teeth, kept on running. He couldn't remember, but why? Why?

How did...?

Suddenly something slammed into a tree trunk just inches from his face. With a yelp Jack fell backward, the tip of his staff getting tangled in the branches. Snow fell onto him like falling stars, each dimmer and heavier than the last. For a moment, and only a moment, Jack Frost simply wanted to lay there, to rest. But something stirred inside of him like a beast screaming to be released, a clawing sensation that curled in his thin chest and made his hands shake.

He wanted to live.

Jack's body reacted as him numb mind tried to keep up, and soon he was running again. He could hear their footsteps behind him, could practically feel their drive to destroy him. He just stopped by Santoff Clausen, just a small visit, but the next thing he knew they attacked him.

"It's all your fault!"

Jack raised his head; the white branches above wavered in and out of focus like a heavy fog settled in his sapphire eyes. He didn't know what he did wrong, couldn't remember. So all he could ask was, why? Why were the Guardians attacked him? Did his family give him up? Did they realize that he wasn't as good as MiM wanted them to believe? But why now? Why today? Why not tomorrow, or the next day, or never?


Suddenly the ground gave out beneath Jack, and the next thing he knew he was falling into the pale ground. It was a tunnel, a dark and cold tunnel , with ice layering its frost-bitten sides. But Jack didn't care; all that mattered is that he didn't have to run anymore, that he was safe for the moment as he slid down. He could hear the other Guardians shouting above him; North was asking 'ver did he go?' in his Russian accent and Bunny responded 'Well, don't just stand there mate!'. Their voices echoed down the tunnel, echoed down and down and down and down. . .

Without warning Jack slammed onto hard ground, bruising his already bruised shoulder, and skidded a good ten feet on ice. He tried to stand, but his legs weren't cooperating, so he simply lay there trying to keep his erratic breathing under control.


He squeezed his eyes shut, as tight as they would shut, and hugged himself hard. The Guardians - Tooth, Bunnymund, North, Sandy - tried to kill him. They saw him, and. . . and even though they went through so much together, even though they had promised that they would always be together as a family, they tried to kill him.


Jack wasn't sure how long he lay in the cold dark, wasn't sure if he fell asleep or stayed awake, and though he wasn't sure how much time had passed in this frozen underground land he knew he had to get up. Something wasn't right, and the more he thought about it the more he was convinced that something was wrong. The Guardians wouldn't try to kill him. . . well, maybe Bunnymund would, Jack thought, but not like that! He wouldn't do that!

Suddenly his pale eyes widened, their blue almost luminous in the shadows. Maybe it was Pitch? he wondered. Yeah. . . yeah, maybe Pitch messed with their minds or something. Jack stood, feeling a little stronger. His hand clenched around his staff almost desperately. Yeah. It was definitely Pitch. He placed a steadying hand on the cavern's frozen wall with his eyes focused on some point in the distance.

He'll pay.