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Pitch Black sneered at Jack from across the snow, his features hushed in the gentle snowfall. Jack's piercing blue eyes stared right back, their sapphire hiding his true emotions in stone. His fragile, fragile heart - like the surface of a frozen pond from so long ago - was cracking. Breaking. Shattering.

Once Pitch had told him that he was a failure, that the Guardians would never be able to accept him. Pitch was right. Jack had done horrible things, horrible things he couldn't explain away or even understand why he did it.

Maybe that's why the Guardians attacked me, he thought, his small heart breaking in two. Maybe they saw it coming. Maybe they knew it all along.

Gentle snow fell from the sky and brushed against his face like gentle fingers. The temporary comfort was shattered what Pitch Black was suddenly running up towards him, black sand morphing into a huge scythe. Jack's eyes widened and he tucked; the sharp midnight blade brushed against his snow-white hair. He shivered; he could practically feel the malice emanating from the sharp edge.

"Can you hear it, Jack?" Pitch shouted, slamming the scythe on the ground. Black sand rippled onto the ground, coating the white with black. "Can you hear their screams of all the people you hurt?"

Jack inwardly flinched. Screams. He instantly remembered when he turned the roads to ice and watched, watched with a smile as cars slammed into each other, rolled and flipped down the street to hit anyone in its way. A mother blocked her child. An old man fell into the road right when a car came; the last thing Jack saw was the white of the man's eyes as he saw death rushing towards him at 60mph. How the screams reached the sky those seconds. Looking back, the seconds seemed to drag on for years.

Pitch smiled and cocked his head slightly. "So you do, don't you? You remember it all."

"You did something to me!" Jack shouted back. "You - !"

"I control nightmares, Jack," Pitch interrupted, "and nightmares haunt sleep. They can't turn a person evil. That -" Pitch added with a smile, "-was entirely you."

Jack felt like he swallowed ice; not his ice but shards of ice that ripped his throat to shreds on their way down. "You're wrong." His voice wavered. That wasn't good. He was supposed to sound strong and confident now so that, just maybe, he would actually believe it. He repeated, "You're wrong." It came out better; not perfect, but better.

Yet Pitch only laughed, unaware of the pain he was inflicting on the winter spirit. "I'm wrong?" he asked. "Tell me Jack, what have I done wrong?"

Jack swallowed thickly, the ice cutting deeper. He didn't have an answer. That wasn't right; Jack always had an answer. He always knew what to say, whether it was tossing comebacks with Bunnymund or comforting Jamie when -


"Where's Jamie?" Jack demanded. "He was here a second ago and -"

Pitch's smile widened. "I think you would know better than anyone."


Suddenly they weren't in the park anymore but in the forest, standing on a pond. There was a hole in the ice. Sophie was there wearing ice-skates, her eyes round with her too-big beanie falling on her head. Jack turned to the direction she was staring and felt his heart, his breaking heart, freeze solid.

There was a hole in the ice.

Jack could hear Pitch whisper, "It could have happened to anyone." But Jack was already running, running towards the hole in the ice with his heart in his throat and his staff falling to the ground and his mind repeating, He fell, he fell, he fell, he fell, he fell, he fell...

Behind him, Sophie began to scream. Pitch's laughter hung in the air. "It could have happened to anyone. Why you, Jack?" he sneered, repeating a question Jack asked himself so many times. "It should be, Why not you?"

"Jamie!" Jack was on his hands and knees, screaming at the frigid water that gently lapped against the jagged ice. He could see a tuff of brown hair as light reflected off of it in gentle arcs. "Jamie!"

"Why won't you go in, Jack?" Pitch whispered, suddenly at Jack's side. He placed a slender hand on Jack's shoulder. "Why can't you go it?"

Jack tried. He really did. He tried to force himself in the water, tried to tell himself that he was immortal and wouldn't drown. But now that his memories were back, the thought of his head submerged in the dark liquid terrified him. What if it happened again? What if he couldn't control his ice and the top would freeze up, and then he would be stuck there forever? What if it happened again and he forgot everything?

But what if Jamie died while he only watched?

That thought alone somehow got Jack into the water.

The first thing he realized that he wasn't cold, but his lungs screamed for air anyway. He resisted the urge to claw his way to the surface and instead kept his vision focused on a small blur in the distance. He could dimly see out a colorful scarf in the dark water and stretched out his hand to grab him until something brushed against his foot. Jack cried out, bubbles of precious air drifting to the surface, and felt his power well inside of him until he realized that it was only a fish.

Only a fish.

Lungs burning, Jack reached out and grabbed Jamie. His eyes were cold, mouth half open, skin pale and cheeks white instead of a rosy pink. Jack felt the bottom of the lake and felt moss squish between his toes, a sensation that sent shivers down his spine, and he kicked out, following the bubbles to the surface.

Then suddenly hit against something hard. Panic sunk in as he realized that he couldn't find the hole. He lost it. It all looked the same; the ice blended with the sky, the water blurred the edges of the cracks.

Jack panicked, lungs burning to the point where he couldn't take it anymore, with Jamie limp in his arms. He couldn't help it. He gasped for air, but only felt water being sucked back in. Jack choked, losing consciousness, yet unable to die.

Pitch's laughter echoed in the water. He won. He won and he knew it.

Jack feebly stretched out his hand towards the surface. He tried to kick out, to swim, but they felt heavy. He tried anyway. It hurt. He choked on water. He swam. Pale fingers brushed against cold ice as he blindly groped about with one arm wrapped around Jamie.

His mind thought back to the Guardians, to North and Bunny and Tooth and Sandy. He secretly made up an entire family to replace the one he no longer had. North was his father; Jack would never tell him of course, but he liked how North always seemed to take the time to be with him. Like when they first met; North showed him what a Center was and helped Jack find his own without him even asking. Tooth acted like how Jack pictured a mom would act; she was always there for him and always willing to help... especially when it came to dental hygiene. Bunny was like the annoying older brother; there to pick on you and there to always have your back in a fight. Sandy was like a grandpa; old, wise, and still managed to speak the loudest even without a voice.

It was strange, actually. It was almost as if Jack could hear their voices right now, whispering to him, talking to him, worrying about him. Pitch's voice was fading away and the pale ice seemed brighter now, somehow a bit warmed. Jamie, once still in his arms, moved slightly.

Maybe this nightmare was beginning to end.

North turned to Bunny. "Thees is not normal," he said with a tinge of a Russian accent. "I tell you it is not normal, but you listen? No."

"Clam it," Bunny replied, peering over the bed. "Now, how long did you say that Jack has been asleep?"

North thought for a moment. "Eh, three days. Give or take a few."

Tooth sighed. "North."

"Fine fine. Five. But I thought that eet was simply teenage sleeping habits," he argued. "I meen, I've seen many children through my days and let me tell you, they can sleep forever."

"Well, not literally!" Bunny nearly shouted. He couldn't believe it. He knew that North lived in the North Pole 364 out of the 365 days out of the entire year, but he couldn't believe that he could be such a numbskull. "So, tell me again; when did this happen?"

"Right after we got back from dee battle with Pitch," North replied. "Jack said that he was tired from dee battle and poof. Down he went. Phil, my yeti, carried Jack to dees room and he's been sleeping ever since."

"I should have been here," Tooth lamented. Sandy nodded his head in agreement, then moved closer to Jack. He knew that the boy was having a nightmare, but the manifest content was hidden from him. It was as if a barrier was around Jack's thoughts, but it didn't feel like Pitch created it. It was almost as if Jack didn't want to let anyone into his mind, which begged the question where he learned how to do that. But, then again, Jack had been on his own for four hundred years. Maybe blocking yourself from the world came naturally after going through such loneliness.

"But North,I told you to call me during an emergency." Bunny scowled. " Jack falling asleep ain't an emergency, mate. The kid is tired. Let'im sleep."

"But 'ee has been like dees for several days!" North argued, then turned to Tooth. "And dees is a emergency, right Tooth?"

Tooth furiously bobbed his head up and down in agreement, then moved to hover over Jack. She loved the way his skin was so pale and smooth, almost as if he had been cut from marble. The first time she saw Jack Frost was after the yeti's tossed him out from their red bag. He looked so irritated and upset back then, and Tooth wondered if he was truly made to be a Guardian. But, after the battle with Pitch, no doubt was left in her mind. In fact, she come to love the way Jack smiled with that crooked smile of his, or the way he frowned when he didn't like something - the same way he frowned when an elf came up to him holding a firecracker. She especially loved his teeth; so naturally pearly white, and she couldn't help but wonder what they would look like if Jack actually took the time to take care of them. They looked perfect with his smiles.

But, now that he's sleeping, she wouldn't get to see them again. That was an emergency.

Suddenly Bunny turned to North. "Ey. Sandy. Wake'im up."

Sandy scowled and pointed to his head, where a moon, angry face, stars, and several other icons were exploding in golden sand.

"Who cares if he'll be a grump when he wakes up," Bunny said, rolling his eyes. "Look mate; North called us all here because there was an emergency; Jack took a nap. Well, let's just wake him up shall we?" When Sandy didn't reply, Bunny scowled and said, "Well, if you ain't gonna, I will."

I have to get Jamie out of here.

It had been several minutes after all but the thing was, Jack didn't know how. In fact, it was a wonder that he wasn't unconscious yet. The dark water stirred around him and tussled his white air, but no matter how many times he pressed his hand against the ice, it wouldn't go away. He couldn't find the hole in the lake either, and though his body ached to just give up his mind screamed that he couldn't. Not yet. Not yet. Not yet.

He squeezed his eyes shut. Help me.

Suddenly it felt as if someone was lifted him out of the water, almost as if someone scooped him up with massive hands. He closed his eyes as he broke through the surface of the ice and gasped for air when a gust of wind brushed against his face. He drifted in the air for a few moment, gasping and choking up lake water, before he was gently set back down on his feet. Jamie stirred once again and opened his eyes - another miracle. Jack blinked his sapphire eyes as water streamed down his face.

Miracles were happening a lot today.

"Jamie," Jack whispered, throat raw. "Are you okay?"

Jamie nodded. "Yeah," he whispered. But suddenly Jack wasn't seeing Jamie anymore. He was seeing himself through his eyes; brown eyes stared back at him and wet brown hair fell limp over a tan forehead.

"Do you regret dying?" his other half asked.

Jack's mind effortless accepted what was happening; Sophie and Jamie had long disappeared from his mind. "I did," he replied, "but not anymore."

Jackson smiled, then closed his eyes and suddenly turned to white snow, white snow that blew away with the slightest gust of wind. Jack watched it blow away feeling a strange calm set in place, almost as if all of the broken fragments inside of him were being put back in place one by one. He leaned back onto the snow, his pale hand wrapping against the hard wood of his staff.

Stars danced in the sky. He watched them flicker for a moment, wondering if every star was a wish pinned against the night, before he took a deep breath of cold mountain are and closed his eyes.

When he opened them again, familiar faces stared back at him. Bunnymund was holding his fist and looking quite pleased of himself while Tooth shouted at him. North had a pained look on his face that melted away when he saw Jack. Within moments big, warm arms were wrapped around his slender frame and he could hear words repeated over and over again in his ear, but they were in Russian so Jack couldn't understand them. But, that didn't matter. Nothing mattered - he was home.

Jack closed his eyes as emotion covered him like a warm blanket.

The nightmare was over.

This is the last chapter of Jack Black. Yes, this entire story is set in a nightmare - hence all of the random stuff. Makes a little more sense now, huh? Kudos (Coodos? Koo-dohs?) to those of you who figured it out! I was completely impressed - especially since this particular person didn't know English very well! :D

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