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Srsly, this idea has been bugging me for like a week now, and I've spent the last three days working on this chapter because it was cock blocking my other stories with it's writer's block curse. I've found it's better to just follow your muse until you can get back on the horse with something else, it's never good to force a story, it'll end up like crap in the end... So to make this perfectly clear this is HIGHLY experimental...and I put emphasis on the mental part... I don't know if I'll do another chapter of this unless people are genuinely interested in the idea, speaking of...

I got this idea from watching/listening to the song of the day. Basically, it's a clip from an anime called Girls und Panzer, where girls in high school practice in a martial art known as "Sensha-" or in English...'Way of the Tank...' You heard me... Teenage girls... in high school... Driving tanks as a martial art...

You cannot make that shit up, if you don't believe me go watch it on crunchy roll or something.

Basically the history guy who helped in creating Strike Witches and Upotte worked on this anime, so if you liked EITHER of those shows, you're probably going to like GuP.

Well I'm only focusing on the Russian team of the show, the Pravda high school team, basically because of the song that inspired this story... and also because Russians are badasses and you all deserve some love from a personal fan, I love your accents 3

Basically this is a Girls und Panzer X Naruto cross, but it has elements of Broken sky which is a novel series by Chris wooding (Not to be confused with the homosexual romance movie of the same name...) Basically I'm turning a WWII era anime and a Ninja anime into a WWII era magic-tech ninja-punk story...

Yeah...I'm out of my fucking mind...

Oh well, it's better than being sane...that get's terribly dull after awhile...

Now, my knowledge of WW1 and WW2 is a tad shaky at best, but I've done my research for most of this, and there WILL be some MAJOR divergence from history, so this world is AU from ours the fact that I'm crossing this with Naruto should be obvious for that point. Oh, also...North and South America along with Greenland? Don't exist in this story...sorry to my N/S America brohams, and Greenlandic homies but Naruto's continent is taking up our airspace in the foreseeable future of this story, now let's get to it!

Song/vid of the day: Stalin's singing schoolgirls full Katyuhsa edition. Google or youtube that and you cant miss it, it's basically over an hour long loop so enjoy.

Fic o the day: Hope of the Senju Clan by Aragon Potter. This is a story that needs no introduction, if you haven't read it then either shame on you or you're not a Naruto fan :/ and if so, why are you reading this story...?

At a whopping 3200+ reviews this is a story with a big shadow to try and watch up to by other writers and it's basically Tsunade giving birth to Naruto as opposed to Kushina, Naruto as the last male Senju and shit just keeps going downhill from there. My advice? Enjoy the ride!

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, Girls und Panzer, Broken sky or any other movie or game I might or might not cross with this story. I don't make any money off it either so enjoy my free shit!





Chapter 1: Some things change, some stay the same.

3rd day of August 1492: The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria set sail for the New World, to find a quicker way to the east and the riches of Asia after the Christian city of Constantinople fell to the Ottoman empire, closing off trade of eastern goods to the west. Their adventure ended sadly, one month later as a squall scuttles the three ships, killing all aboard. Failing to hear back from their charges the Spanish Empire ceases all exploration to the west and instead focuses on internal affairs, this proved to be a boon as it would soon lead to Spain grabbing the reins of it's waning power and instead began to field a vast armada of ships, raising an army that could rival that of the British and french fleets, allowing the waning empire to once again claim it's title as one of the strongest.

Interim, 1493 - 1913: This was a golden age of development in the world, as instead of developing foreign policy or discovering new territory, the nations of Europe instead focused on internal affairs with the occasional war over lands in Africa and the middle east. A few daring sailors had tried to follow in the failed footsteps of Christopher Columbus in trying to find an easier route through to the east but most would fail to even get the funds to start a voyage, even fewer would be able to set out once they did, and none would ever make it across the vast ocean that separated the Eurasian continent from the western unknown. For the rest of the years following tensions rose and declined on the whims of the nations, the veritable pissing match between the 5 current world powers of the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Russia and Germany keeping most new discovery at a minimum

28 July 1914: The tensions of the continent come to a head as war is declared. The allied powers of France, The United Kingdom and The Russian Empire ally against the Central powers of The German Empire, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.

1914-1916: War breaks out across the continent dragging in countries like Japan, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Belgium, Greece and Portugal to the Allied side while Bulgaria joins the Central powers. Pushed back by the massive overwhelming might of the combined allied alliance, the Central powers go on the defensive; thus marks the beginning of trench warfare in battle, forcing a stalemate between the combined armies.

September 15, 1916 at Flers-Courcelette: British forces field the first game changing war engine known as the 'tank.' Thanks to the tanks groundbreaking ability to break trench fighting, production of the weapon was increased in the coming months of the war.

December 31, 1916: The Central powers are forced back along the western front, German forces field Anti-tank weaponry, working furiously on their own tank designs to combat the Allied threat. Having captured several Allied tank designs, Plans were drawn up and quickly adapted, allowing the Germans to field their own tank design on the battlefield.

January 23, 1917: Allied advance is completely halted as the German counter attack pushes tank against tank, causing casualties throughout both armies.

February, 1917: Morale drops as Russia leaves the Alliance, taking pressure off the eastern front due to a internal revolutionary war that disposes of it's Tsar ruler. One week from the deposing, a cease fire was signed by both Russian and German representatives taking Russia out of the war.

March, 1917: Now free on the eastern front, the German forces along with their allies counterattack the Allied forces, pushing them back to home territory. During this time The allies form a defensive line between France, Germany and Italy.

April 23 - November 11, 1918: After over a year of intense fighting, both sides of the war were growing tired of the stalemate. Leaders from all sides of the war called a cease fire, allowing each nation to send their representatives to a neutral nation in the conflict to discuss a peace treaty. The talks lasted many months, neither side agreeing with each other until November 11th, 1918 when the representative from the United kingdom presented a ground breaking idea at the time. He explained that the tank had become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, with many of the nations in the war having their own version of tank to field. The representatives' idea was to create a challenge of sorts, a game if you will. This had peaked the interest of several of the Central power representatives, they urged him to continue with his explanation.

The British representative went on to explain that the competitors would battle it out in pitched battles between teams using nothing but tanks in a tournament style battle system, where the winner and runner ups of the tournament would be paid a sum of money along with the host country by a betting pool started by each country. This would ensure that all war reapportions would be paid out to the winners and that the competition itself would draw the attention of the citizens of the participating nations which would increase the flow of money around the continent. The winning nation of the tournament would then be crowned champion of Eurasia and would not be attacked by the losing countries as long as the winner didn't break a non-aggression pact outside the Tank tournament itself.

The Central powers nearly jumped at the idea, after four long years of constant fighting, Billions of dollars spent and many millions of casualties; each of the world powers just wanted the war to end, if they could do so by having an annual tournament that would do nothing but boost their own economy from the purses of their enemies, then so much the better.

June 28, 1919: Treaty of Versailles signed. Germany and it's allies relinquish some of the conquered territory as a show of good faith all the while gaining strength for it's intended clash with the the other nations in the tournament.

August 23, 1919: First International Tank championship. 6 nations compete for the title of Champion of Eurasia; The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Japan and Italy.

Each country sent one team to represent them; each team consisted of four medium tanks and one light tank. The rules were simple; Disable the opposing teams tank and or crew. Thankfully for most of the participants the shells used in the tournament were designed to disable tanks only; surprisingly, there was only one casualty during the entire thing and that was from one of the drivers accidentally flipping their tank causing one of their crew to strike their head on a sharp corner of the cockpit. After a week long match it was actually a surprise to find that the Brit's had come out victorious with the Germans coming in a close second, while Japan came in third due to their extremely maneuverable tank designs. In fact it was due to the Japanese being the underdogs that the newly devised war game gained its name: Sensha-dō or "Way of the Tank"

The Prize money was then split between the three countries and all the teams left with surprisingly little animosity between them, it appeared that the tournament had worked and the pent up frustrations and anger from the war were easily mitigated and dispersed over the course of the tournament and even some sportsmanship could be seen from the participants.

Thus, a period of peace began for the next 20 years. Disputes between nations could and were handled through Sensha-dō matches much like the duels of old. While the Sensha-dō tournament for the prize money and title of Champion of Eurasia was held annually on every 23rd of August. Media coverage of the so called "War Sport" Started up an industry around the surprisingly popular tournament, much like the boxing matches popular at the time; Sensha-dō became an overnight sensation covered by almost every major media source in the known world.

August 23, 1922: Russia sends it's first representative team to the Sensha-dō matches. The team wears a bloody red flag fixed with a golden hand scythe and hammer signifying the new Socialist regime that had taken control in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution. But what is more surprising are the tanks that the team controlled. Affixed to the tank itself were strange canon like tubes that replaced the standard shell firing barrels of the tank, what appeared to be barrel shrouds were affixed along the length of the tube and a large, hollow concentric ring capped off the tube. When demonstrated the other teams and most of world was shocked to see a strange, almost invisible force of energy emitted from the barrel. When questioned, the team commented on it being a new type of energy weapon developed from the research notes of the Russian mystic, Gregory Rasputin.

The judges of the tournament begrudgingly accepted the new weapon into the matches as they weren't lethal, they usually only flipped the tanks over onto their backs and or disabled the treads of the tank, incapacitating the tank teams. The new weapon turned out to be the deciding factor for the USSR team as they won first place that year, and a couple years afterward for that matter before the Germans were able to take home the prize by disabling the tracks of the Russian teams tanks.

1924: The General Secretary Joseph Stalin rises to power over the USSR, rapidly culling his enemies and non-supporters. In just a few short months the man gains complete control and devotes almost all of his time into researching the new power source and weapons used in Russian Sensha-dō tanks.

1926: Stalin Devotes all his time and energy into a breakthrough his scientists have discovered with the energy source of their tanks. The Energy source; a small, natural stone that was discovered in the deep snows of the frigid north of Russia. The Russians called them the Dukh kamnya or "Spirit Stones." and were a psycho-kinetic amplifier that when heated created massive amounts of energy. The scientists were able to devise a way to create these stones in a lab; It was slow going, barely 5 stones could be created in a month, but the scientists found that when implanted into a human being the stones granted them super human abilities. Stalin viewed this as a huge boon to his burgeoning empire and wanted a battalion of the soldiers bred and raised for battle. Thus the Dukh Soldat (Spirit Soldiers) were born. Stalin, in a stroke of narcissistic genius devoted all his countries time and effort into these super soldiers... using his DNA... along with early genetics to manufacture the perfect humans (In his mind), infusing them with the psycho-kinetic energies of the stones, before implanting spirit stones directly along the spines of the users.

This created humans who were stronger, faster and more intelligent than any soldier on the battlefield, they could easily lift ten times the weight of the average human and could move and react at five times their normal speed; Their minds were also super charged to where they could take in information almost instantly and comprehend it down to the smallest detail.

Ten years later on August 23rd, 1936 The Russians appear on the Sensha-dō field after nearly a decade of inactivity. The entire crew of the Russian team were merely children to most of the other nations, public outcry began that day but not many could deny the effectiveness of the children in battle. The team of five tanks, single handedly decimated all the opposing teams, taking home the Title and prize money of Eurasia's champion, back home to Mother Russia where they were treated as hero's.

1937-1939: Victory after victory was handed to the Russian team, bringing home the trophy four consecutive years. Tempers flared and many of the other teams began to hate the Russians, while the Germans began to hate the Britons for even starting the tournament, The German team had only won twice out of the twenty year period and were beginning to hold a grudge.

August 31, 1939: After a week of battle the German team loses to the Russians yet again and this sparks a fight between the German, British and Russian teams, who had placed 3rd, 2nd and 1st in that order.

The fight lasted all of 30 minutes with both the Britons and Germans sent back to their country with their tails between their legs.

The next day, September 1, 1939: Germany, commanded by the newly appointed Adolf Hitler; in a fit of anger at the Russian and British Governments invades Poland with the help of their newly designed tank, the designs stolen from Russian scientists earlier that year.

The Germans couldn't recreate the power source but they used a new energy in the form of a small, primitive energy based engine designed and created in secret from plans found in a notebook captured from the lab of a German born theoretical physicist by the name of Albert Einstein.

Poland fell within a weeks time to the power of the new Nazi Germany, the treads of their Battle tanks crushing all opposition.

September 28, 1939: Almost a full month after the war begins Germany annexes it's neighbor Austria-Hungary doubling its might overnight. The German forces form an Axis of power with Italy and Japan kicking off WWII

October 1, 1939: The Soviet government headed by Stalin makes it clear that he wants no part of the fighting between Germany and the rest of Europe, he signs a non aggression pact with Germany and begins to build his forces for Russian defense.

February 15, 1941: After a year and a half, most of the Allied Europe formed to combat Hitler falls to the focused and merciless Nazi Regime, only the large naval forces of the Spanish and the Island nations of the United Kingdom are set to oppose them.

1941-1944: Germany takes Spain after a year of hard battle and then focuses all of it's might against the British Isles. For two long years the war raged, The Advance was halted however, when the Germans realized they couldn't advance over the open ocean against the superior navy of the Britons, even when they tried to attack them with the German submarine U-boats; their forces we're still defeated by an advance web of underwater mines and depth charges. When they tried to bomb the Isles a net of anti-aircraft fire brought many down before they could get a single drop in; It seemed that the British had well and truly dug in.

September 15, 1944 - August 1, 1945: Tiring of the stalemate between the German and Briton forces; the Germans devised and implemented a weapon that would decisively win the war for them. Looking to the engines used on their battle tanks German scientists soon realized how powerful a weapon they had been driving around in all that time. The theoretical capabilities of a bomb made from the engine was unimaginably power and development soon began on the Säuberungfeuer (Censing Fire) and the Mächtigfaust (Mighty Fist) in Late September. The two bombs were completed A little less than a year later on August 1st 1945 They were then loaded onto a pair of newly designed bombers specifically built for them.

August 5th, 1945: The bombers set out on their mission run.

August 6th, 1945: Flying far higher than any radar or Anti-aircraft measures could reach them the first bomber; Schwiegermutter(Mother-in-Law), dropped her payload; Säuberungfeuer, on the unsuspecting city of London.

Later counts would put casualties at around 2.5 million in both soldiers and civilians.

The blow to The United Kingdom was massive as many of the cities government and political figures were staying in the well guarded London, protected from any assault...until now.

Now decapitated, the killing blow fell when the United Kingdoms largest weapon and tank manufacturing plant was hit by the second bomber; Wütendachs(Angry Badger) when it dropped the second bomb; Mächtigfaust, thereby crippling the British war machine, forcing the nation to either surrender or be overrun.

Nine days later. August 15th 1945: Nazi Germany reigned victorious at the end of the war, absorbing the surrounding countries until it rivaled Soviet Russia in size.

December 31st - January 1, 1945-6: The changing from one year to another was a growing point for Nazi Germany, under it's dictatorship the armies of Germany crushed any and all resistance while culling their enemies in key points to make sure that no resistance could be made. Hitler then turned his greedy eyes to Asia. In a decisive move the man issued a threat to every Asian nation; that if they didn't merge with his growing empire they would face the same consequences that London had suffered.

Out of all the countries, only Russia refused. And once again war broke out, this time it was Germany vs Russia, the two old enemies both on and off the battlefield.

January 14, 1946: With war back in full force the German war machine marched on Russia with vengeance in their hearts; With many remembering the causalities brought on by the Russians in the last war, along with their consecutive victories over the German Sensha-dō team had soured any possible relations between the Russian and German armies.

January 24, 1946: The Germans make it to the Russian border with little effort, but the moment their forces crossed the dividing line, loud WHUMP noises rang out, knocking the front line back over the back lines of soldiers, killing dozens instantly.

It turned out to be a Russian ambush using the super soldiers that Stalin had created using his own DNA and the Spirit stones' psycho-kinetic powers. His personal guard and Shock troopers: The Dukh Soldat.

To the German soldiers they moved like ghosts; hidden one moment then visible the next, plowing into them with invisible walls of pressure or knocking them over with walls of earth throwing the hapless soldiers back dozens of feet.

When the Germans brought in tanks or aircraft bombers the results were the same. Dukh Soldat modified T-34 tanks and anti-aircraft batteries shot concussive waves of energy to disable German tanks and rip the wings off planes, knocking the metallic birds out of the sky.

October 5, 1946: This repeated for nearly a year until Hitler had had enough. In a reckless and dangerous move, the man brought forth conscripts into his army, pulling any and all from his conquered territories. With a force of two hundred thousand conscripted soldiers and the four hundred thousand German soldiers behind them, the over half a million strong army marched, drove or was flown to the Russian border...willingly or not.

What met the massive invading force in the heavily wooded and snowy Taiga of Russia were fifty thousand Red Army Soldiers and the two battalions of Dukh Soldat that Stalin was able to create in the 20 years between the end of the first and the end of the second world war. Roughly 600 strong in number, they were born over a period of ten years then left to age over the next ten years. So, when faced with the enemy many of the Germans noticed that there were some that were fully grown adults and then there were children mixed within the group, they hated that child soldiers were being used but that didn't stop the children from killing them. Having been personally trained by Stalin himself along with some of the mans greatest soldiers; each and every Dukh Soldat was a trained killer ready and willing to lay down their lives for Mother Russia.

The battle rages for several weeks, for every Russian Soldier dead two of the enemy would fall before them. The same could be said for the Dukh Soldat but instead it was more along the lines of a hundred men.

But even with the massive individual training, favorable ground and previous planning; the wave that was the Nazi army broke through the Soviet defenses. Only six thousand Russians made it back home that day, five hundred of them Dukh Soldat troops. However The Nazi army took a massive loss as well, as only one hundred thousand of their original troops were alive when the defenders retreated.

Eager to push his advantage, Hitler sent in more conscripted troops along with his own, throwing as much military hardware at Russia as was humanly possible.

May 28, 1947: Seven more months of war raged over the Soviet controlled territory. Moscow had fallen during a 3 month long siege by German forces, hundreds of thousands lost their lives during the bloody battle; many of Stalin's commanders were killed during the battle as well and only a small portion of his army and the three hundred remaining Dukh Soldat were able to escape the encirclement with a rush of tank and armored transports and make their way farther east.

Fighting every step of the way, and losing countless thousands, the army made it's way across the vast expanse of Russia to the eastern coast, where a hidden Soviet base was situated at the mouth of a river feeding into the Sea of Okhotsk.

The hidden base was a manufacturing shipyard for aircraft and tank carrying vessels and were going to be used to defend from or attack Japan on open waters. But that was before The Soviet army had been put on it's heels by the Nazi's.

June 3 1947: As the German army approached Stalin looked out over his land, making his peace with whatever fate was dealt him. Stalin was not a religious man, in fact he was a hard lined atheist but in the face of certain death, the man couldn't help but give one last prayer for his country as the small remainder of his army boarded five of the large transport vessels and made their way out onto the open Okhotsk Sea.

At the lead was the Dukh Soldat Flagship: SRS Stena (Wall), Created exclusively for Dukh Soldat troops and carried the three hundred remaining troops in question along with their battalion of 30 Modified T-34 tanks and 6 Force Canon mounted armored transports on board.

Behind that was Stalin's personal Capital Ship: The SRS Krasnyy korolʹ (Red King)

The three other ships behind them were all Frigate class battleships that surrounded the two main ships in a triangle with the point set behind them

June 5 1947: The five ships are blind sided and fired upon by over a dozen Japanese warships as they pass the northern tip of Japan. The first salvo sank two of the three Battleships and damaged the Krasnyy korolʹ. Seeing that his ship was all but crippled Stalin ordered his ship along with the one remaining battleship to turn around and fire upon the approaching ships. The return Salvo from the two ships sank over half a dozen of the smaller and weaker class Japanese ships, but that didn't discourage them; like a pack of ravenous piranha the Japanese ships fell upon the two doomed vessels.

Stalin sent one final command out to the Stena and it's captain; one of his youngest biological daughters and his second in command. The command was simple: Survive.

The Stena didn't hesitate, the Flagship took off at full speed, headed east into the unknown ocean. The remaining Japanese vessels pursued the Stena for 2 days before a large storm capsized and sunk the smaller vessels allowing the Stena to escape, off into the unknown.

July 21, 1947: After a month at sea, most of that spent mourning the death of their father and leader, the crew of the Stena spots land. Almost jumping for joy at finding land at last the crew of the Stena approaches the landmass; Later that day they were surprised to see that it was a large desert, spanning out for miles in every direction. Deciding against landing on such an inhospitable spot, the ship travels for 2 days while keeping land to their portside.

After two days of traveling they come across a a swamp like area of land that was just as treacherous if not moreso than the desert. After another day on the sea they finally found a forested area and surprisingly there was a small port not much farther down where they could drop anchor.

The first steps on the new land by the crew of the Stena where done by the Captain Commander herself. A short woman by the name of Katyusha, her blonde hair and blue eyes nearly completely covered by a large tank commanders helmet while she wore the standard dark green officers jacket of the Soviet Army over an equally dark green Soviet mechanic's uniform, the legs of the mechanic's Uniform however were cropped off short up the thigh and belled out to make them look bunched up; and instead of the tall officer boots, she instead wore heavy, wool topped, dark black combat boots. Those very same boots clunked heavily on the wooden pier as her nose picked up the smell of cooking fish.

Her eyes scanned the pier momentarily before they fell on a small sign up the pier that was written in a language that sent curiosity through though her mind.

"Commander?" An older woman by the name of Nonna questioned, walking up behind the shorter woman. The taller of the two had dark brown hair and slate eyes while she wore a red undershirt underneath her dark green officers jacket like her commander but instead of cropped mechanics uniform she wore full length dark green pants that ended in standard military officers boots. Both women had a large red star pinned to the lapels of their uniforms to signify their allegiance "Do you know what it says commander?" The woman asked again.

"It's in Japanese." The younger woman replied.

The older womans' eyes widened slightly. "That shouldn't be possible..." She breathed. "We left Japan behind us and sailed straight for over a month, there's no way we could have crossed the vast ocean without hitting Africa or Europe first..."

The shorter woman chuckled quietly "I know that, but I do remember a tale from one of our history books of an explorer who sought a mythical lost continent across the sea...perhaps we've found it?"

"Intriguing... so do you know what the sign says Commander?"

The short Commander focused on the sign in thought. "It says 'Hi no Kuni port.'" She mused, before a feral smirk formed on her lips. "The Land of Fire? ...Curious."


That's it for this chapter, like I said before this story is highly experimental, I have almost no idea where to take this thing, but my muse has literally dragged me out of bed several times to write this thing, so enjoy this chapter while I brainstorm on where to go with this... I have a few ideas for the second chapter, among them the Dukh Soldat rolling up into Konoha in their tanks while singing Katyusha. (I really really want to do that...)

Also I'm a Capitalist, not a Communist, Stalinist or any other -ist... So keep any hate for that to yourself Also, I really don't want any flames or arguments about religion or politics in reviews, this world is AU so our logic does not apply. 'angry faic'

Tell me what you think so far and if I should continue this. if you're curious about what those spirit stones are you can find a link to them on my profile. I'll be using most of these in the story so don't go demanding I add any of them, kthxbye

So far we've only seen the deep red variety and pale blue so chill your nips I'll get to the rest at a certain point...

Till then, ciao.