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Chapter 3: Ambush and a Debt

The loud crunch of tank tracks drowned out the ambient noise of the forest as three tanks rolled along, three teams of ninja running behind them as they rushed through the countryside on their way back to the Dukh Kamnya battleship. A half mile back a caravan of 100 civilian workers followed the dust trail of the tanks, intent on staying well out of the way of any ninja battles that were probably going to take place.

The three tanks were traveling in a spread out wedge shape, the lead tank holding Katyusha and Nonna on the back of the tank, kneeling in a ready position should battle be forced so they could separate quickly and engage their own targets.

"How long until we get there Viktor." Katyusha asked, still tugging at the konoha head band around her neck, as uncomfortable as it was the girl actually liked the style of it, it's band was a dark green much like her uniform.

"Not much longer ma'am." The gruff response came as the head, shoulders and arms of the man in question poked up from inside the tank. He was a giant of a man, even when he was crouching in the cockpit of the tank, towering at an impressive 6'11. He was also bulky, arms corded and weathered through time and effort spent working metal, seeing as he was one of the few Dukh Kamnya who didn't have an air stone he made up for that be having two Mechanic stones and two blacksmith stones. The twin black and charcoal black stones, while hard to tell apart sang a different song which made the giant a force to be reckoned with on the battle field. He wore the Mechanic's black military uniform, a design choice so as not to show oil stains many reasoned, with a patch on his right shoulder showing the mechanics insignia; a gray wrench and gear over a white background. A similar star as his commanding officers adorning his lapel to show his former allegiance with Mother Russia while the Leaf headband he wore was positioned on his left arm like a bandage.

"Good" Katyusha nodded, She trusted Viktor, he was one of the oldest of the Dukh Kamnya, at 21 years of age, he was one of the first of the children in the spirit soldier program, as such he was subjected to larger than normal amounts of psycho kinetic energy from the spirit stones, far more than was necessary at the time but such was testing. This resulted in his current size and strength and he was easily stronger than any two of the others. But what he had gained in strength he lost in speed. Although, considering his main tool of destruction; a 3 foot long 30 pound wrench, he more than made up for this lack in sheer brute strength. Combined with his blacksmith stones, which allowed him to work hardened steel as if it were soft lead, translating that ability to combat made him a terror for any tank or armored fighter.

It was strange that the man was also frighteningly intelligent when he wanted to be. He was their head of intelligence after their previous one had fallen in battle and he was also head mechanic for the same reasons. The man was a master of all of his crafts and was a dear friend and even dearer older sibling to the tiny girl.

"General, Do you think this is wise?" The oldest of the three asked, the light catching off the rim of his glasses, his cold gray eyes flickering behind them as the draft from the tanks momentum blew his short sandy brown hair around his vision.

"What do you mean Tank Captain Viktor?" Nonna spoke up, having kept her eyes on the surrounding forest for attack, the wind catching the tails of her headband which she kept tied to her waist like a belt.

"That both you and General Katyusha chose to go on this mission at the same time ma'am?" He nodded respectfully to his direct superior. "This does not seem wise, what if we were captured or killed by these 'Iwa' ninja? Judging by the importance of a clan head and heir I would imagine losing both at the same time could be devastating to a new clan."

"You worry too much block head." An obnoxious voice rang out over the radio next to Viktor's ear, bringing a small frown to the man.

"Anya, what have I told you about yelling into the radio?" He sent a stern glare at the women in the tank behind him and to his left.

The skinny little 15 year old red head in question stood up to her full height of 5'7, her reddish brown eyes twinkling mischievously as she lifted up her large chest which strained against her dark green military uniform and blew him a little kiss.

Viktor palmed his face as the busty girl proceeded to mock him further, her elfin face getting stretched and skewed as she flashed several dirty faces at him.

"You know you shouldn't do that Anya, it's rude." A meek voice came across the radio from the only other tank there.

"Oh shush Yuri." She purred over her mic. "You just want me all to yourself." She winked at the now blushing boy across from her.

He was only a year younger and few inches taller than Anya but he always carried himself as if he were smaller, his mousy features and body slumped over and reserved only made this worse. The bangs of his wolf cut blue-ish black hair hanging over to cover his aqua blue eyes... well just one eye actually seeing as his Konoha headband was pulled over his right eye like an eye patch, much like the one he usually wore until he chose to switch. An old war wound he had called it, which still pained him from time to time.

His clothing left little to be desired as well, seeing as he was in the medical corps. The cold gray military uniform with an equally gray trenchcoat covered a pair of healing stones, which topped off the standard Mechanic and Air stones. The twin yellow orbs would glow every now and then to signify their powers were working, which when used could take the damage from another and place it upon the wielder, healing the wounds. Thankfully the stones also gave the user an enhanced healing factor, which allowed those who held them to heal themselves of the wounds they take from others and what they gained through combat.

Not like he wanted to tempt Anya into a fight or anything, seeing as she held two fire stones. The swirling blood red gems were pretty self explanatory and even if she didn't feel like deep frying him she could always just take out her cruelly edged fire axe and cut him like she usually did when he pissed her off... thank God for healing factors...

The boy rubbed the patch on his right arm that hid one of the few scars he hadn't been able to heal that she had inflicted on him during one of their spars. The patch itself was a red cross over a white background, the symbol of the medical corps.

Anya started yelling into the radio again and his hand instinctually flinched towards his weapon of choice, A Balisong with a 5 inch blade, positioned for a quick draw at his hip. He kept the black little stiletto like knife razor sharp and sterile, seeing as he used the thing during his field surgeries when his powers couldn't handle some of the more disastrous wounds.

"Enough!" Katyusha commanded through her radio, silencing Anya. "You three are tank commanders." She eyed Viktor, Yuri and Anya. "Start acting like it dammit, I want to make a good first impression on Konoha."

"Ma'am!" Came the chorus of shout's over the radio as the three tank commanders along with the crew of each tank quickly stiffened up , the ones visible to her saluting the pint sized general.

Meanwhile behind the convoy of tanks the three teams of ninja watched the interplay between the newest members of Konoha.

"Miss Katyusha handles her soldiers well." Minato mused, walking behind his three students. Kakashi Hatake, Rin Nohara and Obito Uchiha.

Tsume's barking chuckle a few feet to his left readily agreed with him. "She certainly does have a commanding presence despite her size." Her giant wolf dog Kuromaru next to her readily agreed, snickering to itself as it ran alongside it's master.

"Indeed" Came Shibi's reply, the Aburame staring intently at the Sutārin clan members through his dark sunglasses.

"So who exactly are these guys?" Obito spoke up, looking towards his sensei. "I don't think I've seen machine's like their's before."

"They're the newest clan in Konoha." Minato nodded his head to the two women on the front of the lead tank. "Those two are the new clan head and clan heir."

"What can they do?" He asked curiously. "If they're a clan then they gotta have some special powers, right?"

"It's none of our business Obito." Kakashi spoke dully. "If you want to know more about them, talk to them later, maybe they'll spar with you."

"Oy did I ask you bastard?" Obito leveled a finger in his direction a tick mark appearing on his forehead.

"That's enough your two." The only female on their team got between the two as they ran, effectively blocking their vision of each other. "We can continue this another time." She gave Obito a withering look. "This is an A-rank Mission so stop bickering."

"Yosh!" Came the reply from the self proclaimed 'beautiful green beast' of Konoha. "Our job is to keep these fair maidens and their belongings safe, so fan those flames of youth!" The pint sized Guy poured on a little more speed, pulling ahead of the other ninja by a dozen feet or so.

"There he goes again." The youngest of the Sarutobi's palmed his face, pulling a small white carton out of his chunin vest.

The woman next to him let out a little noise of disgust. "Since when did you start smoking Asuma?" She grumbled, waving the noxious fumes out of her face.

Asuma turned to his only female teammate. "Since when did you start caring Kurenai?" He pointed forward to Guy who was ahead of them, particularly pointing out the skin tight spandex behind of said chunin. "As for a reason? Because that."

One of the chunin in front of Shibi snorted, chewing on the metal senbon in his mouth. "I can understand that." Rolling said senbon around a couple times to illustrate the cathartic stress relief that certain habit's could give you.

Indeed." Ebisu pushed his glasses up with his middle finger, another habit for the odd team

"Hmm." Aoba nodded in agreement adjusting his own pair of shades with a slightly less rude gesture.

Don't you think you're rubbing off on your students too much Shibi-san?" Minato asked, as small sweat drop forming on his head.

"Not at all." He responded dryly.

"Regardless" Minato spoke up. "We're to assist the Sutārin's as they recover their ship, but that's only part of our mission." He drew his gaze across all the ninja present. "There's a platoon of Iwa nin on it's way to investigate the ship for unknown purposes, Hokage-sama has asked us to watch these people and make sure they aren't a threat to Konoha. So if you see anything suspicious tell me or your Jonin Sensei."

A small chorus of 'Hai's' answered him.

The convoy rolled along for another ten minutes before Katyusha ordered the three tanks to a halt. The ninja following behind stopped as well, slowing down just short of passing the tanks.

"What is it Sutārin-san?" Minato asked the pint sized clan head, who had a deep frown on her face.

"We've got company" She nodded her head forward. "A little over 3 kilometers ahead of us."

Minato's eyebrows rose slightly. "You can sense someone that far away?"

A small twitch appeared on the woman's head at the question. "My powers have to do with earth." She explained. "I can can get a feel for the earth out to 5 kilometers but I need complete concentration which is why I've been sitting here the entire time." Her eyes narrowed in thought. "There's at least forty of them. Most are male, some are female. One of them is very large and another of them is small. They've set up an ambush point near a choke point where the ground is raised on two sides in a natural valley, there's also several pitfall traps in the middle of the road."

Minato blinked. Did she just give an accurate description of the number of the enemy forces, their genders, possibly heavy hitters and specialists along with terrain and traps all from a casual sensory ability? Color himself impressed.

Viktor held his hand up to get Katyusha's attention. "If you will, ma'am?" The girl nodded and the older man faced the three teams of ninja. "From what I've gathered these Iwa shinobi are usually masters of earth related techniques like General Katyusha's. Am I correct in that assumption?"

A round of nods answered him.

"Good." The man adjusted his glasses like the three other spectacled ninja there, drawing a smirk from two of them, the other you couldn't see his face to tell. "We're outnumbered 2 to one at least and the enemy already has a trap set and we know only a casual amount of their skill set" The man rubbed his temples in thought with the tips of his fingers, mulling over what he knew about the enemy. "But, this is the fastest way to our ship and it would be better to face them now on our own terms then have them chasing us."

"So you want us to walk into the trap?" Minato reasoned.

"It's not a trap if you know it's coming." He replied dully. "I have a plan but I need your cooperation on the matter."

The yellow haired jonin glanced between his ninja of fellow rank and got a nods from both of them. Turning back to the large man he nodded. "Very well, what would you have us do?"


A shadow landed next to an equally shadowed man. "They're coming."

The mans superior, a man by the name of Ittan watched the incoming caravan cautiously. He knew that there were several teams of shinobi with the caravan from scouting them out from a distance but this seemed all too easy to the man. He hadn't survived fifteen years on the battlefield without trusting his gut. Worriedly the man watched the tanks move closer from his vantage point in the trees overlooking the valley that the road was positioned in, it was basically the perfect choke point for an ambush and they had chosen it for that very reason.

But now something was off...he just couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong...

The tanks rolled forward, unknowing of the danger in the road only a few dozen meters ahead.

That's when everything went to hell. The lead tank turned it's turret perpendicular to the walls surrounding it, just a couple meters from the pitfall trap and lined up almost perfectly with the ambush team.

Then the ground began to shake, the earth underneath the tank raising the machine up to eye level with the several teams of Iwa ninja on that side of the valley.

Ittan's eye widened when he noticed the energy building in the tank's barrel. "MOVE!" He all but screamed, too little too late... He would have been dead right there had he not been pushed by the ninja that had reported to him not moments before. Unluckily for his squad and one other the rippling pulse of energy tore through the trees and ninja alike. Ittan nearly gagged when he noticed how the attack killed his men. It didn't knock things out of the way like one would assume. No, the rippling wave of force struck, then seemed to just explode its target, violently shattering the meat and bones like a giant hammer smashing it against a rock.

In an instant six of some of his best ninja had been reduced to nothing but a pulpy mess, the rest had been knocked out and away from their teammates. Ittan turned back to the machine that had done this much destruction to see a young black haired girl with a leaf headband around her waist make her way from the top of the tank, an even younger girl with blonde hair joined her on the top of the tank a moment later, a Konoha headband round her neck.

"Nice shot Nonna, put just a bit to much power in it don't you think?" He heard the younger girl ask.

"It wasn't that much." The girl replied blankly, drawing her sword. "I believe it is time for the counter attack."

And true to her words the other half of the Iwa platoon on the other side of the valley launched their attacks. Several Doton attacks and kunai flew towards the girls. The small one only held up one of her hands, the eerie humming he'd heard just before the canon fired had returned, then the girls fist closed. A large wall of earth rose to that gesture, stopping the kunai cold while meeting and equaling the other Doton attacks stopping them as well.

"Anya!" The blonde girl yelled, from the top of one of the other tanks another girl hopped out, landing on the roof of it. With a howl the girl threw her hands forward, the hum again filling the area. The searing hot flames that followed the noise tipped Ittan off to what element she was using.

Like a spark catching a cloud of gas fumes, the trees surrounding the Iwa team on the other side of the valley caught fire, flushing the teams out of the tree line and out into the open.

Where they met a hail of Kunai.

And then a yellow flash...

Ittan's eyes widened yet again as he saw this, he knew what that meant and he didn't want to stay around long enough to see if the rumors were true. Standing up he grabbed the nearest of his men and issued an order to retreat. Only for a wrench the size of a good sized war club to smash the mans face in, splattering Ittan's face with blood and gore.

Ittan looked up to see the scowling face of one of the largest men he had ever seen before. The man literally towered over him and the deep set of the mans eyes, hidden only by the slight glare in his glasses made him seem just that more ominous. on top of that, the leaf headband on the mans arm only made that feeling worse

Then the humming started up again.

Ittan's eyes widened as the man raised his wrench prepared to finish him off only for his wrench to meet a large iron club being wielded by an even larger man.

"Monga." Ittan gasped. "I thought you were dead."

The larger man grunted in pain as the giant wrench of his opponent bent the war club he was using, pushing him back. "Can't say I'm in much of a better spot." He grunted again, using his Doton nature transformation to strengthen his muscles and force the larger man away. Turning the large man grabbed his friend and comrade. "We need to leave Ittan, the Yellow Flash is here."

"Yeah I know, but first we need to take care of this guy." Ittan nodded to the the giant of a man behind them, getting back to his feet.

"Don't worry, I got this. The muscular Iwa nin went through a couple of handsign's and clapped his palms together. "Doton:Rock Armor" From the ground around the man's feet a swirling mass of brownish red earth was pulled onto his body, forming a several inch thick skin of stone on the outside of his body, the only place open being a small grill like face plate to see out of. "Watch my back." The man growled, the layer of stone over his head muffling the sound.

And like a human boulder the man rushed Viktor, plowing into the larger man.

Viktor let out a small gasp of pain as the now heavier man ground his stone covered fist into his gut. But that stopped a moment later as Viktor got his second wind, bringing his heavy wrench down upon the other man's shoulder.

Monga's eyes widened as he felt the shoulder nearly give out under the blow. Leaping back a dozen kunai sailed around and past his body, homing in on Viktor's vulnerable body.

Only for those knifes to bounce harmlessly off his body.

Ittan's eyes widened yet again as he witness the impossible. One of his kunai landed by his feet and the man noticed that the tip had been completely bent, like the metal had just completely collapsed on itself.

"My turn." The spectacled Dukh Kamnya spoke smoothly, bull rushing Ittan, preparing to end him quickly to focus on Monga.

"Not a chance you bastard!" Said Iwa nin got in front of his comrade throwing every ounce of Doton chakra into his defenses.

Viktor didn't stop for a moment, he brought his wrench around in a whirling underhand strike, smashing the wrench into the mans crossed arms and beyond into his chest.

Monga's eyes widened as he was launched back into a tree, Ittan barely leaping out of the way into the tree line.

A small amount of blood filled spittle flew from Monga's mouth as he struck the tree, the weight and speed he was traveling knocking the poor sapling over like a stack of dominoes. Feeling like every inch of his arms and chest was on fire the man's vision began to blur only for a shadow to fill his vision. "" He gasped out, seeing the calm emotionless face of his opponent looking down on him.

"The stone on your body has trace amounts of iron and alkali in it, which gives it that reddish color. It was child's play to change the make up of it when I struck you. The larger man adjusted his glasses. "I didn't defeat you, it was the very earth you use that betrayed you."

The Iwa nin chuckled, a small bit of blood on his lips. "Damn steel release shit, same as the damn Kazekage."

"Quite." Viktor replied simply, preparing to land the finishing blow on the man.

Instead a loud explosion along with one of the brightest flashes the man had ever seen filled his vision.

"Arg!" He reared back, instinctively his stones began to hum, activating his anti-metal skin. And none too soon either as he felt several steel kunai bounce off his body yet again, his stones weakening the hardened metal into something chemically similar to sodium, the now soft metal bending like a cheap paperclip and landing several feet away.

When sight had returned to the tank commander he found that both his opponents had fled. Tisking at his luck the man turned back to rejoin his team.

Several hundred yards away, the two Iwa nin were tree hopping back into neutral territory... well Ittan was tree hopping, the other, larger man was thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and it was only through Ittan's innate Doton skill that he could heft the large man, thankfully he met several of his fleeing comrades on his swift run out of the battle zone.

Running through the battle in his mind Ittan knew one thing above all else from that short but brutal sortie. 'I need to report this to Lord Tsuchikage-sama, Konoha has some new toys that we need to find out more about.' The rest of the trip would be devoted to him memorizing all that he had seen during that battle. From the strange machines to the four strange warriors that he and his men had fought.

Yes, they'd need to find out more about these new shinobi of the Leaf


Blood splattered across the ground as Minato cut through the last Iwa shinobi he had been fighting. Taking a moment to catch his breath the Jonin took stock of the carnage.

It wasn't pretty, but thankfully he didn't see any of his friends or their students in the ring of death he had created with his jutsu. Getting the bitter taste out of his mouth at killing so many people in such a short amount of time, one of the downsides to being able to kill a dozen people in the blink of the eye, you had to be able to stomach the looks of horror on the faces of the people you killed in short order. Thankfully he swallowed the sickened feeling to see to the welfare of his comrades. "Is everyone alright?" He called, getting the attention of al the Konoha shinobi there.

"Hai, we're fine." Tsume waved her hand in his direction, wiping the blood off her claws on the ninja she had slain, Kuromaru doing the same. Her team meanwhile was retrieving all they could from the battlefield.

"We are fine as well." Came the Aburame's reply, his team doing much the same as Tsume's.

"Minato-sensei!" Came a frantic cry from the only woman on Minato's team as she approached her sensei.

"What is it Rin." He grabbed the girl by the shoulders, holding the out of breath girl.

"Obito's hurt!" She all but shouted. "I've done what I can but..." She turned her head away, saying all she would on the matter.

Minato's eyes hardened. "How did it happen?" He asked dragging the girl in the direction she had run from.

"An Iwa nin blind sided Kakashi-kun." Rin's eyes started to water. "He...he took the hit for him." The girl moved faster than her sensei so that she could lead him to where Obito was laying. The boy was in a small clearing in the forest and breathing shallowly, a large amount of bloodied gauze over his chest which wrapped from the top of his right shoulder to the base of his left hip. Minato noticed a dead Iwa nin with a bloodied sword only a few feet away and assumed that was what had injured his student.

"All that blood." Minato grimaced. It had probably cut through several arteries around the shoulder which would explain all the blood. From the angle of the strike it had also probably cut through the bottom portion of the liver and gallbladder. An altogether fatal strike that would kill the boy in a few hours unless he was on the operating table right now with Tsunade herself working on him.

Minato would have tried to comfort the boy in his last hours as they moved him to the Sutārin's ship, but a foot to the side of his face stopped that train of though cold.

"Out of the way tall, blond and spiky!" The fiery red head that was Anya drop kicked the man out of the way, making room for Yuri and two other of her siblings to crowd around the boy.

"You think we can handle this, Tank Captain Yuri?" One of the two other siblings asked, both of them were several years younger than Tank Captain, some of the newest of the Dukh Kamnya to be born and they were lucky enough to have a healing stone implanted into them as their third stone.

"Yeah, this looks like a fatal wound sir." The other boy, who appeared to be the twin of the other boy, agreed, staring down at the wound looking slightly green in the face.

"It doesn't matter." The older of the three boys growled, for once deadly serious. He was in his Zen, the operating room was no time for meekness and it was the few places he could be firm and serious.

Sure, they were in the middle of a forest but this was as good an operating room as they had at the moment. He placed a hand on Obito's chest drawing a strangled groan from the boy. Then the sound of humming filled the air around them. After a few seconds the teen nodded, satisfied with his scan. "You." He pointed to the first twin. "You take the liver, it's partially bisected just below the ribs." He nodded to the other of the two twins. "And you take care of the laceration from the shoulder blade down. It seems to have cut through the clavicle and nicked the subclavian artery as well so I'll be handling that."

Rin who had been listening for the past minute or so gasped. "Y-you can save him from that kind of wound Yuri-san?"

The boy grunted a positive in response, eyes set on the shoulder and the large amount of blood there. 'This is going to suck.' The teen sighed to himself, removing his shirt, much like the twin who was about to work on the cut.

"What are you-?" Rin was about to ask when her eyes widened. On the bodies of each of the boys were numerous scars and marks that could only come from battle wounds. The ones on Yuri were small and not that noticeable, but where the wounds were situated would have killed a normal human, one over his heart was particularly sobering. Rin watched as Yuri and one of the boys wrapped gauze around their bodies in the area where the wounds were situated on Obito, which confused the poor girl.

That is until the humming started again. From her vantage point she could see the line of stones in the spines of the three boy's, set between the vertebrae in the middle of their backs.

The yellow gems were glowing a radiant gold as the boys placed their hands on the area of the wounds that they were responsible for, not a moment later the gauze on Yuri and the other twin began to darken red in the spots that Obito would have had them at, which raised eyebrows and widened the eyes of everyone present, including a frowning Minato who had come back from his heel induced exit to watch the three boys work on his student.

After a few minutes the glowing of the stones ceased and two of the three boy's laid back on the ground, not moving a single muscle. Yuri was grimacing but he was leaned against a tree while talking with his sister.

"Get General Katyusha, she need's to be notified of this." He leaned further back against the tree as his sister nodded, running off to get the woman in question.

"Just what did you do." Rin asked in wonder as she noticed the blood seeping out of the now wounded trio of boy's.

Yuri laughed pitifully, wincing in pain as the bandages on his neck were soaked through. "Remove the bandages from your teammate there and you'll have your answer."

Rin turned back to Obito, unsure of what to do when her sensei chose for her. Walking over to Obito Minato took out one of his Hiraishin kunai and started cutting the bloodied fabric away from the middle of the wound over his ribs, just enough to check the cut that had hit there.

What he found answered the question perfectly alright.

Smooth skin, pink in color, somewhat soft to the touch and new as the day he was born.

"Kami." Rin breathed. "It's a kinjutsu for trading injuries. Shouldn't this kind of stuff be forbidden?"

"Heh." Yuri chuckled again, in too much pain to really care if he was acting like his normal mousy self or not. "We heal really fast, anyone with a single healing stone heals dozens of times faster than a normal human, those two will probably be healed by nightfall, since I have two I'll be healing much much faster, however I took the worst injury so I'll probably be out till then as well"

"Regardless of if it's a kinjutsu or not I owe you a debt of gratitude for saving my students life." Minato bowed low to the three boys, two of which only twitched slightly in acknowledgement and Yuri just nodded his head.

"It's nothing really." The boy waved his hand at the man. "Though, if you have anything to help with blood loss it would be much appreciated."

Minato nodded, rising back to his normal stance and started digging through his ninja pouch, pulling several small red pills out. "Blood tablets." He muttered, feeding one into the boy's mouth. "Chew."

Yuri bit down into the iron tasting tablet with a grimace before swallowing the wad of bloody mucous like medicine.

Minato moved on to the other two boy's who each had a similar reaction. A minute later Katyusha walked into the small clearing to collect her men, being stopped for a moment by Minato.

"Katyusha-san. I owe you and your men a debt of gratitude for saving my students life." He bowed again to the woman. "Thank you."

"Like Yuri probably already told you, it's nothing, really." The girl lifted the mans face, even in his stooped posture he was just a hair taller than her. "I and my family were born and raised to do this sort of thing, your thanks is appreciated but I don't owe you anything more than what you would owe a doctor at your village, it's Yuri's job to help people, just as it's my job to lead them." She pushed the man back to a standing position before spinning on her heels, leaving the unbalanced man to catch himself. However, the girl couldn't help but throw a little wave over her shoulder. "Just make sure we can get out stuff back to our new home and we'll call it even." She walked off without another word.

Minato watched the woman leave, his face blank as he ran through their conversation, looking for any bit of deception on her part. It was a mission given to him by the Hokage himself to make sure that Katyusha and her men weren't a threat to the village... but just hearing the way the girl said 'new home' with an almost undetectable hint of sadness in her voice made it more than clear that these people weren't a threat to the village. No, they were just children. Children thrown too early onto a battlefield. Forced to watch as their country burned around them. Forced to watch their father die after they were driven from their homeland. No, they weren't a threat.. they just wanted a place to call their own, a home.

Minato turned back to his team, noticing Rin off in the distance hugging Kakashi who was... was he crying?" Minato blinked in shock, the otherwise stoic Hatake was actually shedding tears for his teammate. A small smile made it's way onto his face, it seemed the hard headed Uchiha had wormed his way under Kakashi's stony skin enough to get the boy to at least feel grief, or in this case tears of happiness.

Yes, he vowed to himself. If the Sutārin wanted a home to call their own, he owed it to them to make sure that happened... one way or another.


Well now, that was a fun chapter. The battles may have been short but those were just some meat on what the Sutārin clan can do. Speaking of which... How do you guys like the three OC's so far? I plan on making a few more to fill some other roles in the group dynamics of such a large clan and I hope you enjoy how I do it :D

As for the abilities in this chapter... I kinda had to change a few things around for some of this stuff to work. First I changed the color of the Fire Stones since they're oddly colored in the book so I went with a more reasonable color than "Various colors" as what it's described as. Second, the Blacksmith stones don't really work that way but I'm going by the unspoken Fanfic Writer's Golden Rule here. That being "My story, my rules" Plus I think it's badass that anything metal they throw Viktor's way gets turned into what is essentially salt. I think that is both badass and hysterical, don't you? The healing stones, air stones and earth stones pretty much work the way they do in canon, though with a few artistic liberties taken of course. I might come up with a few OC spirit stones for new powers just to mix things up as well but that's a maybe for the future.

Also no, this isn't going to be a Minato x Katyusha fic, Minato already has Kushina back home, and she'll be getting knocked up sooner or later with Naruto. So no, I'm not going to have her paired with Minato... UNLESS and this is a BIG maybe. I 'COULD' make it a KushinaXMinatoXKatyusha story. It's up to you guys. You can also make a few suggestions for pairings for the OC's and Nonna if you wish, I'll take them into consideration if I do start making pairings in this thing. Personally, I'm not trying to work on any relationships in this fic but if people want to see them then I'll be more than happy to try.

Till then.