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Chris was on a really hot date with this sexy ass blonde girl that he met on Craigslist and he had condoms in his car because he was pretty sure he was going to need them! The show ended 3 days ago and everyone went the hell home for once. This meant that for the first time in a VERY long time Chris Mclean was going to have sex with a hot girl. Chris had on his tacky blue suit from season 2 and his amazing sunglasses that he stole from some guys car yesterday.

"Yeah baby, I host the show all the time." Chris told the hot girl "These kids would be dead or drug addicts without my guidance through life."

"Wow!" the hot blonde grabbed Chris's hands "You're so lucky you get to inspire children like that! You're like...Zeus!"

"Yeah...Uh-uh." Chris gave her a strange look "Okay, you're hot and like celebrities and I'm a host of a TV show and I'm really horny! Do you want to have sex?"

"OMG!" The hot girl told him "I would like ya know like love to!"

"Yes!" Chris was really happy because he was going to get laid. He grabbed the really got blonde girl and took her to his car throwing a large wad of cash on the table and rushing out the door. The two of them started making out and Chris had managed to unhook her bra and had it on the floor of his car.





"You're phone is ringing." The blonde girl told Chris as she started to unbutton his pants.

"I know, I'm not deaf." Chris told her "Just ignore it!"












"Maybe you should answer that." The blonde girl told him. "It might be important."

"They can leave a voicemail." Chris told the girl as he removed her panties.









Chris was now annoyed. Whoever this was called him at least 5 times! Chris decided that he was going to answer it just so this person would stop calling him and he could have sex with the hot blonde.

"WHAT?!" Chris yelled into the phone loudly.

"It's about time you answered!" Courtney yelled into the phone at Chris. "I need you to come and get me at my lawyers office."

"No!" Chris yelled at her "The show ended 3 days ago! How the hell did you even get my number?!"

"That's irrelevant" Courtney giggled into the phone "I just need you to come and get me! You and I really need to talk."

"I'm hanging up on you Courtney!" Chris told her.

"I wouldn't do that!" Courtney laughed "Trust me, you'll want to know what I have to sayyyyy!"

"I could care lessssss!" Chris mocked Courtney as the Blonde girl was kissing his neck "I'm really busy!"

"It's about Total Drama." Courtney informed him.

"Not caring." Chris told her.

"It's about the contract!" Courtney told him in an almost mocking tone.

"Still don't care." Chris told her.

"It's about you." Courtney told him.

"Okay. Now I'm slightly curious..." Chris admitted now pushing the blonde girl away.

"I found something in the contract that you aren't doing!" Courtney told him "If you aren't doing it I get to sue you! You can lose that pretty little job of yours..."

"Where are you at?" Chris sighed and asked her.

"My lawyers office is in downtown Mainville!" Courtney told him "I'll be waiting!"

"I'll be there in 5 minutes." Chris hung up the phone and looked at the blonde girl "Okay, You're really hot and I'd love to screw you, believe me I would, But I have a 16 year old bitch who has won at least 5 lawsuits threatening me! So, I'm sure you understand when I say this that I mean this in the nicest way possible...GET OUT NOW!"

Chris pushed the blonde girl out of the car without giving her back her shoes, panties or bra and went way over the speed limit to see what Courtney knew that he didn't know.

Chris drove to downtown Mainville where that bitch Courtney said she would be. Why did he have to meet her here? She completely ruined his day. She of course was right where she said she would be with a big smile on her face. Chris pulled up to where she was and opened the car door.

"Get in." Chris instructed her.

"Thanks for agreeing to meet me on such a short notice." Courtney smiled "Well...Start driving!"

"To where?!" Chris asked her "You said you wanted to show me something about me in the contract! So show me or get out."

"I'm going to show you." Courtney told him "You're going to drive me home while I show you."

"Why would I do that?" Chris asked her "Where do you even live? How did you get here anyway?"

"Because it's in your contract, Jamestown about an hour from here and I took the bus." Courtney told him "Anymore questions?"

"Yeah!" Chris told her "Let's back up to the part about me driving you home because it's in my contract?"

"Yeah, that's what I wanted to tell you!" Courtney told him "Ya know how you made us sign those stupid contracts?"

"Uh-Uh..." Chris looked at Courtney knowing this wasn't going to be good.

"Well when we signed these contracts you stated that you owned us until we were 18." Courtney continued to read to him. "The contract states that as long as we have contracts with you that you will be providing transportation to every place we go!"

"On the show!" Chris yelled at her "For world tour and shit like that!"

"The contract doesn't state that." Courtney smirked at him "It just says that as long as I have a contract with you that you'll be providing me with transportation to every place I go! That means that you get to personally drop me off and pick me up every single place I go! If you don't obey the contract then I get to sue you and you lose your job! I guess you should have worded that contract better huh?"

"Okay, so if I take you home you'll shut up?" Chris sighed and asked her.

"Yep." Courtney agreed and Chris drove her home.

It was the longest hour of his life and Courtney wouldn't shut up. Finally they got to Courtney's house and Courtney went to get out of the car.

"You sure saved me a lot of money on gas." Courtney told him.

"So, you're telling me that for the next 2 years I have to drive you all over the fucking place?" Chris glared at her.

"Yes." Courtney told him "It's actually in everyone's contract."

"Thank god they're all too stupid to realize this." Chris sighed in relief for a minute.

"They were." Courtney smirked "That's why I called them all and told them about it! They were thrilled especially when I sent a copy and highlighted the part of the contract! I also gave them your house number and your cell phone number! I hope that's okay!"

"Courtney, I really really hate you right now." Chris told her.

"If you hate me now then just wait until next week when you and I have a bunch of errands to run!" Courtney slammed Chris's car door shut and then it started. his phone kept ringing and ringing and ringing.

Okay, so that's the start of it! Eventually I plan for Chris to get a Minivan! Chris has to drive them everywhere now! This is going to be amusing. It's going to be even more amusing when I shove more than one person in that car at a time! Fighting and long car trips will occur! You guys can throw ideas my way and if I like them I'll use them. I ironically inspired myself from reading one of my own stories. I'm going to be sending people to the dumbest places at the oddest hours! It's gonna be really fucking epic! So, you may just wanna fav this. ;)