Hey guy's, I'm here with a new story, I just got the game Hitman: Absolution, and decided to write this, anyway, disclaimer time!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Hitman, Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto and Hitman belongs to IO interactive, if I owned them, Naruto would be strong, Sasuke would be dead, Sakura would have never passed the academy and I wouldn't be on this website.

It was a calm night in Konoha, aside from the fact that a poor, defenseless and bloody Naruto was being beaten by several drunken villagers slurring out things such as, "Kill the deamon!" or, "Let's finish what the Yondaime started!" When suddenly, there was the sound of a bottle breaking. All of the villagers took a break from beating Naruto and asked, "Who was that? Show yourself!" And they walked over to investigate. When they saw that it was nothing they went to continue beating Naruto, but he was gone.

As the villagers were yelling in confusion, as they broke the 'deamon's' legs, so he couldn't get away, a scared Naruto was trying to ask for forgivness, as he didn't know what he did wrong, however, he couldn't speak, as there was a bald man, with a barcode on the back of his head, wearing a black suit with a red tie, holding his hand over Naruto's mouth, and suddenly, he took his hand away from his mouth, and shot all of the villagers from the mob with two silenced silverballer pistols so fast that not even the ninja in the group could react.(Point shooting, for those of you not familliar with the game)

Naruto looked on in awe, and fright, as they all fell to the man's strange objects.(He had never seen guns before, as the hidden villages are not as technologically advanced as us) Naruto asked in fright, "W-who are you?" The man simply looked at him, and in a deep voice said, "Follow me, I will explain everything when we get to our destination." As they were walking, the man was silent, and Naruto was staring at him, still slightly frightened. Eventually, they got to a place that Naruto recognized, the hokage tower.

As the Hokage sighed, continuing his large stacks of paperwork, he suddenly realised that the door had just been opened, and he saw a strange bald man wearing a suit and a red tie standing in front of him. Just as he was about to question him, he heard a familliar voice shout out, "Jiji!" He then replied, "Naruto? How are you my boy? Would you mind introducing me to your friend?" Naruto then realised that he didn't know the man's name, so he asked, "Umm, what's your name mister?" The man said, "Where I was raised, we weren't given names, you may call me, 47."

So the Hokage said, "Well then, 47, what brings you here with little Naruto?" So 47 told the Hokage what happened, needless to say the Hokage was disappointed in the village, who have been practically spitting on the grave of Naruto's father, the Yondaime Hoakge. 47 then asked, "Lord Hokage, if I may, I would like to adopt young Naruto." The Hokage was shocked, needless to say. He replied, "Yes, yes of course, I'll fill out the paperwork right now." He then proceeded to pull out a rather thick stack of papers, and 47 said, "I will be taking Naruto away from the village to train him, and will bring him back when he's 10 to become a shinobi." The Hokage, reluctantly, agreed, and with that, they were off, and Naruto was never heard from for 10 years.

Sorry for the short chapter, but this is just a test to see if you guys will like it, I haven't seen any cross overs of these and I wanted one, so I decided to write it, let me know if I should continue it.